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Feb 9, 2016
Pregnant Women Benefit From Tamiflu at First Sign of Flu: Study
During pregnancy, risk of serious complications and death from the illness intensifies
Feb 2, 2016
For Super Bowl Fans, Flu Can Be an Unwanted Catch
Study finds spike in deaths among seniors who live in areas with teams in the game
Feb 2, 2016
Less Than Half of U.S. Babies Receive Flu Vaccine: CDC
Many parents don't realize how deadly flu can be, expert says
Jan 24, 2016
Flu Season Stays Mild, With Slow Uptick in Activity
CDC expert says infections are expected to pick up, and it's not too late to get vaccinated
Jan 18, 2016
Women May Have Better Flu Defenses
Study might explain why men often seem harder hit by the virus
Jan 16, 2016
It's OK to Snuggle Your Pet When You're Sick, Doc Says
Dogs, cats can't catch your cold or flu, and aren't likely to transmit viruses
Jan 15, 2016
Flu Season Continues to Be Mild, CDC Says
But infections are expected to pick up, and it's not too late to get vaccinated
Jan 8, 2016
U.S. Flu Activity Remains Low: CDC
It's not too late to get vaccinated, expert says
Jan 8, 2016
Protect Yourself From Colds and Flu This Winter
FDA offers prevention tips, and backs flu vaccination
Jan 3, 2016
New Rules for Mammograms, Tanning Beds Top Health News of 2015
Female libido pill, measles outbreaks and vaccine controversy also made headlines
Dec 30, 2015
It's Not Too Late to Get a Flu Shot
Influenza activity usually peaks in January or February, FDA says
Dec 23, 2015
Get Your Flu Shot Before the Flu Is Widespread: CDC
Almost everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated, experts say
Dec 15, 2015
Many Americans Dubious of Flu Shot's Effectiveness
Poll finds a third of adults don't believe the vaccine will protect them; infectious disease experts disagree
Dec 15, 2015
Majority of U.S. Hospitals Don't Require Flu Shots for Staffers: Survey
Only 1.3 percent of VA hospitals mandate the shot for health care workers, researchers find
Dec 6, 2015
How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season
Expert offers tips on ways to avoid catching colds, the flu
Dec 4, 2015
Get Your Flu Shot Before the Flu Is Widespread: CDC
Everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated before holiday trips and gatherings, experts say
Nov 25, 2015
FDA Approves First Flu Shot With Added Ingredient to Boost Immune Response
Vaccine can be used in seniors, who are often hit hardest by illness
Nov 23, 2015
Ah-Choo! Sneeze 'Cloud' Quickly Covers a Room, Study Finds
Videos of sneezers show droplets are of varying sizes, move at high velocity
Oct 29, 2015
Prepare Yourself for Cold, Flu Season
Doctor offers tips on avoiding infection, battling illness if it strikes
Oct 29, 2015
Statins May Dampen Protective Powers of Flu Vaccines
Research suggests cholesterol-lowering meds linked to lower levels of influenza antibodies in seniors
Oct 19, 2015
It's Time for Your Flu Shot
Everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated, CDC advises
Oct 16, 2015
Study Links Flu Vaccine to Short-Term Drop in Stroke Risk
Research only sees an association, not a cause-and-effect connection
Oct 5, 2015
Flu Vaccine May Also Protect Against Pneumonia
Study suggests about 57 percent of hospitalizations for flu-related pneumonia might be prevented
Sep 30, 2015
Colds, Flu Up Odds for Stroke in Kids, Though Risk Is Low: Study
Researchers also found children who had all of their vaccinations were less vulnerable
Sep 17, 2015
This Year's Flu Vaccine Should Be Better Match: CDC
Americans 6 months of age and older encouraged to get vaccinated
Sep 14, 2015
Flu Shot a Must for Moms-to-Be
Getting the flu early in pregnancy doubles risk of birth defects, according to March of Dimes
Sep 10, 2015
Other People's Flu Vaccines Help Shield Seniors, Too: Study
Reduction in sickness is even greater when older folks also get immunization
Sep 8, 2015
New Guidelines Call for Kids, Health Care Workers to Get Flu Shots
Pediatric group pushes seasonal vaccine as essential for these groups
Sep 3, 2015
Early Treatment With Flu Antivirals May Shorten Seniors' Hospital Stay
Study found it also cut need for more care after discharge
Aug 26, 2015
Flu Vaccines Offer About 6 Months of Protection, Study Finds
Early fall seems to be best time for immunization, researchers say
Aug 25, 2015
Flu Vaccine Protects Nursing Home Residents, Study Finds
Despite debate on effectiveness in elderly, it saved thousands of lives, prevented hospitalizations
Aug 24, 2015
Scientists Get Closer to Long-Lasting Flu Vaccine
They're targeting part of a protein that attaches to all influenza subtypes
Aug 7, 2015
Online Program Boosts Hand Washing, Cuts Infections
Study finds risk of flu-like illness dropped 20 percent
Aug 6, 2015
Bigger Families Mean More Infections, Study Finds
Study finds the more kids in the family, the longer viruses are present in the household
Jul 21, 2015
Scientists Test Universal Flu Vaccine in Mice
If finding bears out in humans, new vaccines might not have to be developed every year
Jun 25, 2015
Virus Mutation Explains Poor Performance of Last Season's Flu Shot: Study
Strain of H3N2 virus that was circulating did not match strain used in vaccine
Jun 5, 2015
CDC Tweaking Flu Vaccine for Better Protection
Next season's shot includes last year's missing strain
Apr 22, 2015
Bird Flu Poses Little Threat to People: CDC
Genetic analysis indicates public shouldn't be alarmed, 'cautiously optimistic' health officials say
Apr 21, 2015
3.8 Million Chickens To Be Killed After Bird Flu Outbreak at Iowa Farm
Experts stress this strain poses little risk to humans
Apr 16, 2015
Dog Flu Outbreak Unleashes Warnings From Veterinarians
Pay attention to where cases are occurring
Apr 10, 2015
Too Few Kids With Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy Get Flu Shot: Study
But they are more likely to develop flu-rated complications
Apr 3, 2015
Could Household Bleach Raise Kids' Risk for Flu, Other Infections?
European study shows 'modest' effect, but cause-and-effect not clear
Mar 11, 2015
Bird Flu Spreads Across China, Posing Threat to People: Report
Second outbreak, with 318 human infections and 100 deaths, twice as big as first outbreak
Mar 5, 2015
Seniors Bear Brunt of This Flu Season
CDC says 60 percent of hospitalizations, 79 percent of deaths were among those 65 or older
Mar 3, 2015
Typical Adult Over 30 Gets Flu Twice Every 10 Years: Study
Infection hits younger people more often, maybe because they mingle in larger groups, researcher suggests
Feb 27, 2015
Seasonal Flu Vaccine Even Less Effective Than Thought: CDC
And nasal version appears to provide no protection at all for young children
Feb 24, 2015
A Doctor's Advice, a Patient's Race Influence Flu Shot Rates
Blacks less likely than whites to get immunized, survey shows
Feb 17, 2015
Seasonal Flu Vaccine May Protect Against Deadly Bird Flu
Study reveals protective response to rare virus strains
Feb 13, 2015
Flu Sending Record Numbers of Elderly to the Hospital: CDC
But the worst seems to be over as season continues to wind down, officials say
Feb 6, 2015
Many States Still in Flu's Grip, But Some Areas Report Declines
CDC expects to see high activity for several more weeks
Feb 3, 2015
Just Half of Nursing Home Staff Getting Flu Vaccine
Lack of immunization may put nursing home residents at risk, researchers note
Jan 30, 2015
Tamiflu Cuts 1 Day Off Average Flu Bout, Study Finds
Researchers reviewed collected data on the influenza medication
Jan 29, 2015
Flu's Grip on U.S. Starting to Weaken: CDC
Some areas are starting to see a decline in infections, official says
Jan 22, 2015
Health Tip: Could You Have the Flu?
Here are possible symptoms
Jan 20, 2015
Pneumonia Raises Heart Disease Risk for Years: Study
Findings underscore value of preventive vaccines
Jan 15, 2015
Only 23 Percent Protection From This Year's Flu Vaccine
CDC urges early antiviral treatment if symptoms appear
Jan 9, 2015
Tips for Steering Clear of Flu
It's not too late to get vaccinated, doctors stress
Jan 9, 2015
Bad Flu Season Continues to Take Toll, Especially Among the Young and Old
Not too late to get a flu shot, health officials say; antiviral meds strongly recommended
Jan 5, 2015
Bad Flu Season Getting Worse, CDC Says
43 states reporting widespread influenza activity and 21 child deaths
Jan 2, 2015
FDA Shares Advice to Avoid Colds and Flu
Influenza virus is spread by sneezing, talking and touching contaminated surfaces
Dec 30, 2014
Flu Now Epidemic in U.S., With 15 Child Deaths Reported
But it's too early to know if this year's strain is more severe than usual, CDC says
Dec 30, 2014
Health Tip: Taking Care of Someone With Flu
Suggestions to keep yourself well
Dec 22, 2014
Rapivab Approved to Help Treat Flu
Intravenous drug inhibits viral enzyme
Dec 18, 2014
Many Flu Infections Aren't Good Match for Vaccine: CDC
But health officials still urge people to get inoculated because the shot should offer some protection
Dec 18, 2014
Frail Elderly Might Benefit From High-Dose Flu Shot
Ramped-up vaccine elicits greater immune response, study finds
Dec 15, 2014
Vaccinating Schoolkids Cuts Flu in Communities: Study
Infection rate went down among other population segments, such as preschoolers and adults
Dec 11, 2014
Scientists Find Gene They Say Affects Flu Shot Response
Discovery could lead to way to boost immune response to vaccine, researchers suggest
Dec 11, 2014
Many Americans Still Haven't Gotten a Flu Shot
Health officials cite reports on the vaccine's potentially limited effectiveness
Dec 4, 2014
Flu Shot May Offer Less Protection This Winter: CDC
Vaccine not a good match for mutated strains circulating now, officials say
Dec 4, 2014
Kids Who Were Preemies More Vulnerable to Flu Complications: Study
Current guidelines don't identify them as a high-risk group, but they should, researchers say
Nov 21, 2014
Flu Season Off to a Slow Start ... for Now
Get vaccinated, health experts say, because it takes about two weeks for protection to kick in
Nov 17, 2014
Could Flu Raise Risk of Fatal Artery Tear?
Preliminary research suggests a connection between the two
Nov 7, 2014
Oct 20, 2014
Ebola or Not? Rapid Test for the Virus Not Here Yet
With flu season approaching, finding an accurate, speedy screening method will become more important
Oct 8, 2014
U.S. Life Expectancy Hits Record High of Nearly 79 Years: CDC
Lifestyle changes cited as reason for gains, researchers say
Oct 7, 2014
Sep 25, 2014
Health Tip: Help Keep Germs at Bay
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
Sep 22, 2014
Study Suggests Why Pregnant Women Get Sicker From Flu
An aggressive immune system response may worsen symptoms, researchers say
Sep 22, 2014
Pediatricians Urge Flu Vaccine for All Kids 6 Months and Older
Nasal spray vaccine can be considered for many kids 2 to 8, doctors say
Sep 22, 2014HDTV Article
Get Ready for Flu Season
New Seasonal Flu Vaccine Recommendations for Children and Adults
Sep 21, 2014
Get a Flu Shot During Checkup, Doctor Says
Vaccination in October may give you the best chance of avoiding influenza this season
Sep 19, 2014
Avian Flu In Harbor Seals Could Infect People
Mutations to the virus might allow it to spread, researchers say.
Sep 18, 2014
Almost Everyone Needs a Flu Shot: CDC
Vaccine is safe, effective for those 6 months and older, experts say
Sep 8, 2014
Single-Dose, Injected Flu Treatment Shows Promise
Two studies found peramivir shortened symptoms
Aug 20, 2014
Study Ties Colds, Flu to Rare Risk of Stroke in Kids
Cause seems related to inflammation of the arteries, researchers say
Aug 19, 2014
All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says vaccination helps mother and baby
Aug 13, 2014
High-Dose Flu Vaccine May Better Protect the Elderly: Study
It might also reduce flu hospitalizations and complications, researchers say
Aug 4, 2014
When Colds, Flu Lead to Complications in Kids
About a third of children admitted to hospital for these infections develop respiratory issues, study finds
Aug 4, 2014HDTV Article
Children and Flu Complicationsh
1 in 3 children with the flu is at risk for severe complications, new study finds.
Jul 17, 2014
Study Finds Many Flu Patients Not Treated Appropriately
Antivirals underprescribed for high-risk patients, researchers say
Jul 11, 2014
CDC Issues Tough Report on Anthrax Scare
Agency places moratorium on transfer of dangerous germs from its high-level labs
Jun 26, 2014
For Young Kids, Nasal Spray Beats Needle for Flu Immunization
CDC says getting seasonal vaccine via the nose confers better protection for those ages 2 to 8
Jun 11, 2014
Current Bird Flu Has Pandemic Potential
Just a few changes are needed for circulating strains to become contagious to humans, study finds
Jun 5, 2014
People Under 65 Hard Hit by Flu This Year
H1N1 strain predominated in season that peaked early; CDC recommends inclusion of H1N1 in next year's vaccine
Jun 3, 2014
Antibiotic Lowers Death Risk for Elderly Patients With Pneumonia: Study
But azithromycin boosted chances of heart attack slightly in this vulnerable population
Apr 30, 2014
Vaccine Against Bird Flu Readied, Just in Case
U.S. officials want to be prepared, but some doubt H7N9 will become pandemic
Apr 15, 2014
Younger Adults Hit Hardest This Flu Season
Although H1N1 strain predominates, previous exposure prevented pandemic
Apr 11, 2014
Swine Flu From 2009 Pandemic Also Struck Sea Otters: Study
Scientists say finding shows marine animals may be yet another host of flu viruses
Apr 10, 2014
Report Questions Effectiveness of Flu Meds
'Hidden' trial data reveals that some Tamiflu claims were unfounded, researchers say
Mar 19, 2014
Tamiflu Saved Lives During Swine Flu Pandemic, Study Confirms
Best to start treatment within 48 hours, experts say