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Feb 10, 2016
Flu Shot May Guard Against Irregular Heart Rate: Study
Vaccination was associated with fewer cases of atrial fibrillation, but more research is needed, authors say
Jan 13, 2016
Study: Tissue Heart Valves Seem Best for Middle-Aged Patients
They wear out faster but don't carry the clotting risks that metal valves do, research shows
Jan 11, 2016
Exercise May Lower Heart Disease Risk in Depressed People: Study
Regular activity linked to reduced inflammation and less blood vessel stiffening
Jan 4, 2016
Newer Blood Pressure Drugs as Good as Older Ones: Study
Analysis indicates ACE inhibitors and ARBs are equally effective, researchers say
Dec 21, 2015
Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not Be So Sudden
Study found symptoms showed up a month before attack in roughly half of all cases
Dec 16, 2015
Heart Disease Now Kills 1 of Every 3 Americans
Heart attack and stroke are leading causes of death worldwide, too, report finds
Dec 15, 2015
Shingles Linked to Raised Heart Risks for Seniors, Study Finds
Chance of stroke, heart attack increased most in the first week after diagnosis of the painful rash
Dec 11, 2015
A Newborn's Heart Attack Shows Heart Can Regrow, Recover
This case and animal research demonstrate regeneration of cells is possible, researchers say
Dec 4, 2015
Sense of Purpose in Life May Boost Longevity, Heart Health
Those who felt useful to others were 20 percent less likely to die during study period
Dec 3, 2015
Too Few Americans Are Taking Needed Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: CDC
Only half who should are using medications to help prevent heart disease
Dec 1, 2015
1 in 8 American Adults Still Have High Cholesterol: CDC
Many don't meet targets, and expert says even those targets aren't good enough to prevent heart attacks
Nov 25, 2015
Smog Raises Heart Risks in Those With Diabetes, Study Says
Long-term study showed prolonged exposure linked to heart disease, stroke
Nov 25, 2015
Heart Disease Doesn't Take a Holiday
Don't forget to take your meds with you when you travel, expert says
Nov 13, 2015
Arm Artery Access Safer for Angioplasty, Review Finds
When compared to using the groin artery, there were fewer bleeding events, death rates
Nov 12, 2015
Scientists Pinpoint What Level of Vitamin D Promotes Heart Health
Though it is lower than traditionally thought, many people still deficient, researchers say
Nov 11, 2015
Angioplasty May Not Boost Survival for Some Heart Disease Patients
Most people should try medication plus lifestyle changes first, experts say
Nov 10, 2015
Heart Valve Patients Who Manage Their Own Blood Thinners May Do Better
Study found self-monitoring was linked to a lower risk of death after 5 years
Nov 10, 2015
Football Linemen at Higher Risk for Heart Troubles, Study Finds
Having to bulk up makes them more vulnerable than other players, experts say
Nov 9, 2015
Fewer Americans Than Ever Sticking to Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, Study Finds
Less than 6 percent of adults tracked in long-running research are keeping critical risk factors at bay
Nov 3, 2015
Rheumatoid Arthritis May Shorten Life Span: Study
Heart, respiratory problems were main contributors to early death, researchers found
Oct 26, 2015
Studies Reveal Gender Gap in Heart Care
Younger women less likely than men to be warned of risk, get same treatments or survive after heart attack
Oct 19, 2015
Poor Patients May Be More Likely to Die After Heart Surgery: Study
Higher death rates apparent even with equivalent medical care
Oct 16, 2015
Positive Outlook May Help Heart Disease Patients Heal
Study found optimists more likely to take meds, exercise and eat healthy
Oct 8, 2015
Whistle … and Walk … While You Work
Small study found a short stroll restored blood flow in legs after hours of sitting in a chair
Oct 6, 2015HDTV Article
Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular Disease
A short walk around the office may reverse some of the damage from prolonged sitting, new study finds.
Sep 29, 2015
Dieters: Don't Replace Saturated Fats With Processed Carbs
Study found those who turned to whole grains and healthy fats saw a drop in heart risks
Sep 28, 2015
Medical Costs Soar for Smokers Who Develop Artery Disease
More likely to be hospitalized for related leg problems as well as heart disease, heart attack, study finds
Sep 23, 2015
Not All Trans Fats Harm the Heart, German Study Contends
Those found naturally in dairy, meat products may help, while low levels of artificial trans fats might not hurt
Sep 22, 2015
Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?
Patients who got reminders on healthy living saw improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight
Sep 22, 2015
Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Power in Heart Patients
Researchers say dietary nitrate could help these patients climb stairs and get out of a chair
Sep 17, 2015
New Blood Test May Help Predict Heart Disease Risks in Obese Black Teens
Girls seemed most prone to increased levels of inflammation
Sep 15, 2015
Diabetes Takes a Toll on Women's Hearts
Studies find up to a 40 percent greater risk of coronary problems in females
Sep 10, 2015
Too Much, Too Little Sleep May Harm the Heart
Sound slumber 'recharges our batteries,' cardiologist explains
Sep 2, 2015
Younger Women With Diabetes More Vulnerable to Heart Attack: Study
Smoking another risk factor for this age group, researchers say
Aug 31, 2015
Cold Weather May Up Risk of Stroke, Severe Heart Attack for Some
But more study needed to determine what strategies might cut those risks
Aug 31, 2015
Wireless Pacemaker Shows Promise in Early Trial
Though it can be placed in heart without surgery, unlike tradtional devices, some safety concerns remain
Aug 21, 2015
9 Factors You Can Control May Be Key to Alzheimer's Risk
Healthy lifestyle important but no guarantee against most common form of dementia, researchers find
Aug 19, 2015
Only 1 in 10 With Heart Failure Sent to Rehab Programs
Younger patients and men more likely to be referred than older patients and women, study finds
Aug 13, 2015
Could Your Smartphone Help Boost Your Heart Health?
Special apps, trackers may boost weight loss, exercise, quitting smoking, early studies suggest
Aug 12, 2015
Jury Still Out on Whether Saturated Fat Is Bad for You, Researchers Say
But clear link seen between trans fats and heart troubles, early death
Aug 11, 2015
Screen Teens With Depression for Heart Disease, Experts Say
New recommendations note these adolescents not recognized as high-risk group
Aug 10, 2015
More Evidence That Southern Cooking Boosts Heart Risk
Avoid diet heavy in fried food, processed meats and sugary drinks, experts advise
Jul 31, 2015
Stand, Don't Sit, to Get Healthier, Researchers Say
Even if you exercise, sitting for long periods linked to higher blood sugar, cholesterol levels
Jul 15, 2015
Hospitalization Rates Jump Near 'Fracking' Sites: Study
Researchers suggest exposure to toxins, high noise levels may help explain link
Jul 9, 2015
Uric Acid May Limit Stroke Disability In Women
But study found no benefit for men, and plan further research
Jul 8, 2015
Breast-Feeding Tied to Healthier Arteries in Middle Age
But it remains unknown whether these women will have lower rates of heart attack, stroke as they age
Jul 7, 2015
Chronic Ills May Add Up to a Shortened Life Span
Study finds combination of diabetes, heart disease and stroke can cut up to 15 years of life expectancy
Jun 30, 2015
A Healthy Body Often Equals a Healthy Brain
Experts stress that exercise, good diet help maintain memory as much as mental challenges do
Jun 24, 2015
Half of U.S. Hispanics With High Cholesterol Unaware They Have It: Study
And two-thirds who are aware don't get treatment for condition that raises risk of heart disease
Jun 18, 2015
Can U.S. Health-Care System Afford New, Improved Cholesterol Drugs?
Medications may cost as much as $12,000 per person each year
Jun 16, 2015
Herpes Virus Tied to Angina Risk, Study Suggests
But researchers note that only 1 percent of people has the virus strain hidden in their DNA
Jun 15, 2015
Seeing Their Clogged Arteries Can Spur Healthy Changes in Patients
Group shown images more likely to stop smoking, eat healthier foods and take meds, study found
Jun 11, 2015
FDA Advisers Recommend Approval of 2nd New Cholesterol Drug
Trials show they slash levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol, and could benefit those who don't tolerate statins
Jun 9, 2015
FDA Advisers Recommend Approval of First of 2 New Cholesterol Drugs
Trials show they slash levels of 'bad' cholesterol; could be used by people who don't respond to statins
May 27, 2015
Poorer Blacks May Face Higher Odds of Heart Disease
For black women, study finds risk is doubled among those with lowest income
May 27, 2015
Don't Give Heart-Healthy Patients Blood Pressure Drugs Before Surgery: Study
But those with three or four heart risk factors may benefit from getting beta-blockers
May 14, 2015
Botox: An Rx for Irregular Heartbeat After Cardiac Surgery?
Preliminary trial found the drug effective against potentially fatal atrial fibrillation
May 7, 2015
Americans' Blood Triglyceride Levels Dropping: CDC
About one-quarter have high levels of this heart-disease related blood fat, but experts say many people still at risk
Apr 29, 2015
Knowledge Is Power for Patients With Heart Failure
Death rates may be higher for those lacking clear grasp of doctor's instructions, study suggests
Apr 27, 2015
New Drug Class Slashes 'Bad' Cholesterol, Review Finds
If approved, medications could be used by people who don't respond to statins
Apr 14, 2015
To Protect Your Aging Brain, Start With Exercise
New report also suggests quitting smoking, managing health conditions and socializing
Apr 8, 2015
Genes May Leave Short People Prone to Heart Disease
Researchers suggest a link between stature and cardiovascular risk
Apr 8, 2015HDTV Article
Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Physical Activity
Incidence of sudden cardiac arrest during sports activities is relatively low among physically active middle-aged adults.
Apr 2, 2015
More People Dying of Heart Disease, Stroke Worldwide: Study
Growing, and aging, population behind the trend, and death rate is actually dropping
Mar 31, 2015
Heart Groups Issue Updated Blood Pressure Guidelines
Aim is more flexibility for those with heart disease, doctors say
Mar 27, 2015
Kidney Patients Living Longer on Dialysis, Study Shows
Better treatments, tighter management of disease may explain promising trend
Mar 23, 2015
Secondhand Smoke May Put Kids at Risk for Heart Disease as Adults
Children of smokers nearly twice as likely to have plaque buildup in carotid arteries years later, study says
Mar 20, 2015
For Mexican-Americans, Heart Risks Can Rise Even If Not Obese
High blood pressure, poor blood sugar levels common even in those of normal weight, research shows
Mar 20, 2015
Blood Fats Hold Vitamin E Captive, Study Shows
Less than one-third of antioxidant makes it to where it's needed
Mar 17, 2015
Kids' Bad Diets May Mean Worse Health as Adults
Cholesterol levels, weight results troubling for many children, study finds
Mar 16, 2015
Smokers Fare Worse After Heart Procedures, Study Finds
They had much higher risk of heart attack, stroke or death than nonsmokers or those who quit
Mar 16, 2015
Some Older Heart Patients Might Benefit From Aggressive Treatments
Those who suffered milder type of heart attack or unstable chest pain did worse if only given medication
Mar 16, 2015
CT Scans Might Spot Heart Risks More Clearly in Patients With Chest Pain
Study found they changed treatments, lowered chances of later heart attack more than standard care
Mar 13, 2015
Salt May Be Bad for More Than Your Blood Pressure
Study found damage to organs and tissues, even with no sign of hypertension
Mar 5, 2015
Veggie-Rich Diets May Mean Lower Heart Risks
Study found people who ate more plant foods than animal products less likely to die from heart disease
Mar 5, 2015
Stress May Undermine Heart Benefits of Exercise
Study found teens who lacked coping skills faced raised heart risks that physical fitness did not counter
Mar 4, 2015
Another Study Finds Mediterranean Diet May Cut Heart Risks
People who followed it closely were 47 percent less likely to develop disease
Feb 27, 2015
Global Blood Pressure Program Could Save Millions of Lives, Experts Say
Improving access to care, treatment is key, especially in lower-income countries
Feb 23, 2015
Study Ties Saunas to Lower Risk of Death From Heart Disease
More frequent use, longer times per session decreased odds even more, but cause-and-effect link not proven
Feb 17, 2015
Newer Blood Thinner Beats Heparin for Certain Heart Attacks
Swedish study finds fondaparinux is effective, and reduces bleeding risk
Feb 17, 2015
'Calculators' Doctors Use May Overestimate Heart Risks, Study Says
Such assessments should only be starting points for predicting risk, researcher explains
Feb 10, 2015
U.S. Advisers Rethink Cholesterol Risk From Foods: Report
Trans fats are a bigger threat to heart health, doctors and dietitians say
Feb 10, 2015
Low Vitamin D Levels in Childhood May Raise Heart Risks: Study
Chances of artery hardening were higher in those who did not get enough of the vitamin when young
Feb 10, 2015
Preterm Delivery Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke Risk in Mothers
But study didn't prove cause-and-effect relationship
Feb 4, 2015
Implanted Device May Improve Hard-to-Treat Chest Pain
Small trial shows Reducer brings relief to those with refractory angina
Jan 30, 2015
Some With Kidney Stones Might Have Calcium Buildup in Blood Vessels: Study
These patients might need closer monitoring for further signs of pending heart trouble, researcher says
Jan 27, 2015
Watch Upper Number on Blood Pressure for Younger Adults: Study
Systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg or more raises risk for heart disease in later life, researchers say
Jan 27, 2015
Blood Transfusions During Heart Surgery May Up Pneumonia Risk
But study found overall rate was under 4 percent
Jan 23, 2015
Eczema Linked to Other Health Problems
Study finds higher risk of heart disease, stroke in people with the skin condition
Jan 22, 2015
Realistic Targets May Boost Exercise Rates, Experts Say
For those who are inactive, any activity may be better than none
Dec 23, 2014
When Heart Docs Are Away, Their High-Risk Patients May Fare Better
Intensive procedures ordered less often, survival rates higher during cardiology conferences, study found
Dec 23, 2014
Number of Americans Taking Statins Keeps Rising: CDC
Even more should be taking them to cut risk of heart attack and stroke, cardiologist says
Dec 15, 2014
Timing of First Period Tied to Women's Later Heart Risk: Study
Getting it earlier or later raised chances of trouble, experts think childhood obesity might be at play
Dec 11, 2014
Poor Sperm Quality May Signal Health Issues, Study Finds
Medical conditions or treatments may affect fertility, researchers say
Dec 5, 2014
Obesity-Related Ills May Shave Up to 8 Years Off Your Life: Study
Excess weight also shortens the time you live free of chronic diseases that lower quality of life, researchers say
Nov 20, 2014
Kids Born to Overweight Moms May Face Higher Heart Risks as Adults
But researchers add that eating behaviors mothers pass on might play greater role than genetics
Nov 20, 2014
A Bad Marriage Burdens an Aging Heart
Older women in unhappy relationships seem especially vulnerable, researchers say
Nov 19, 2014
Home Exercise Boosts Heart Patients' Frame of Mind
But in-hospital workouts didn't produce same results, study found
Nov 19, 2014
Coordination of Heart Attack Care Trims Time to Treatment: Study
Survival rates were boosted even when just minutes were saved getting blocked arteries opened
Nov 18, 2014
Early Heart Disease May Lead to Impotence, Study Says
Researchers find higher levels of artery plaque can affect a man's sexual health