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Mar 26, 2015
COPD Takes Big Toll on Employment, Mobility in U.S.
CDC report finds a quarter of people with the illness are unable to work
Mar 6, 2015
Pneumonia in Early Childhood Tied to Higher Odds of Asthma
Lung problems before age 3 may have enduring impact, study says
Mar 4, 2015
Decrease in Air Pollution Tied to Healthier Lungs in Children
Long-term Los Angeles-area study finds kids' lungs develop better with less smog
Mar 3, 2015
Common Class of Drugs May Be Linked to Pneumonia Risk
But more research is needed before scientists say anticholinergics cause the infection
Feb 25, 2015
Viruses Increasingly Behind Child Pneumonia Cases
Bug that causes common cold, other infections often to blame, study finds
Feb 23, 2015
Troops in Middle East May Be at Risk for Lung Problems
Study found dust exposure poses health hazards
Feb 11, 2015
U.S. Smoking Deaths May Be Underestimated, Study Suggests
Each year, 60,000 more smokers die from causes that have association with smoking, researchers say
Feb 4, 2015
E-Cigarettes Seem to Dampen Immune Response in Mice
Tests show increased susceptibility to infection
Feb 4, 2015
Women Use More Oxygen for Breathing
Respiratory muscles tested in exercise show women consume more oxygen than men
Feb 4, 2015
Healthy Diet May Be Linked to Lower Risk of Lung Disease
Consuming less red meat, soda and alcohol tied to lower COPD threat in study
Feb 3, 2015
Workers May Be Afraid to Discuss Job-Related Asthma
People seem to be worried about how disease might affect their employment, income, experts say
Jan 29, 2015
Little Improvement in Children Paralyzed After Viral Infection, Study Finds
Cluster of Colorado cases may be tied to 2014 outbreak of enterovirus D68, experts say
Jan 26, 2015
Morphine After Tonsillectomy Tied to Breathing Problems in Study
Motrin, Advil a safe option for children, researchers say
Jan 15, 2015
Gene-Based Spit Test Shows Promise in Lung Cancer Detection
It was more than 80 percent correct in spotting cancerous nodules, but accuracy still needs improving
Jan 14, 2015
Health Tip: Exercising With a Lung Condition
May help ease shortness of breath
Jan 13, 2015
Asthma Tied to Higher Risk of Sleep Apnea
The longer a person had asthma, the more likely they developed the breathing disorder, study found
Jan 9, 2015
Study Suggests Link Between E-Cigarettes, Respiratory Infections
Goal was to measure devices' impact on children, researchers say
Jan 8, 2015
Cancer Groups Urge More Regulation of E-Cigarettes
Say too little is known about potential health hazards of 'vaping' devices
Jan 7, 2015
Nearly Half of Older Adults With Asthma, COPD Still Smoke: CDC
Quitting is 'challenging' and depression often plays a role, one expert says
Jan 6, 2015
About 1 in 7 Older Adults Has Some Form of Lung Disease: CDC
COPD, asthma affect many aging Americans
Jan 2, 2015
FDA Shares Advice to Avoid Colds and Flu
Influenza virus is spread by sneezing, talking and touching contaminated surfaces
Dec 20, 2014
Holiday Trimmings Can Trigger Allergies
Some tips to avoid bad reactions to the seasonal good times
Dec 10, 2014
Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk for Dementia
Study suggests low oxygen levels, less time in deep shut-eye may contribute to brain changes
Dec 4, 2014
California Infants Hit Hard by Whooping Cough Epidemic: Report
Health care providers urged to recommend vaccine to pregnant women, to protect their babies
Nov 26, 2014
EPA Issues Tougher Rules on Ozone Emissions
Health experts praised the new limits, but industry advocates said they aren't needed
Nov 19, 2014
Oxygen May Not Help Heart Attack Victims
Study ties treatment to greater heart damage, but more research urged
Nov 18, 2014
Even With a Little Weight Gain, Quitting Smoking Is Still Healthier Choice
Japanese study found that stopping the habit boosted survival, even if a few pounds were added on
Nov 13, 2014
More Than One-Fifth of High School Students Smoke: CDC
Experts say more regulation could stop young Americans from picking up the deadly habit
Nov 11, 2014
Whooping Cough Vaccine Seems Safe in Pregnancy, Study Finds
Shot helps protect newborns against potentially deadly bacteria, experts say
Nov 7, 2014
Cigars Loaded With Harmful Toxins, Study Shows
Even though they may not be inhaled, 'cloud' of smoke could be as dangerous as that from cigarettes
Oct 21, 2014
Teen Sisters Develop Ways to Measure Lung, Heart Damage
Electronic stethoscope amplifies sounds of breathing changes, thickening of heart muscle
Oct 21, 2014
Traffic Pollution May Be a Risk While Pregnant
Reduced lung function seen in children at age 4, study says
Oct 16, 2014
Esbriet, Ofev Approved to Treat Deadly Lung Disease
Drugs help slow decline of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Oct 6, 2014
Docs More Likely to Prescribe Unneeded Antibiotics Later in Day: Study
They tend to 'wear down' and prescribe more as the day progresses, researchers find
Oct 6, 2014
Fetal Exposure to Plastics Chemical Tied to Breathing Ills in Kids
Expert recommends pregnant women avoid canned foods, plastics containing BPA
Sep 23, 2014
Job Worries Can Raise Asthma Risk, Study Says
Findings support idea that work-related stress contributes to development of respiratory disorder
Sep 22, 2014
Health Woes to Worsen Due to Climate Change, Study Warns
Experts predict surge in breathing problems, infections and food shortages
Sep 16, 2014
Combo Therapy Best for COPD: Study
Researchers found two-drug regimen cut death, hospitalization rates for the respiratory disease
Sep 15, 2014HDTV Article
Antibiotic Prescriptions for Kids
Are too many antibiotic prescriptions being written for children with acute respiratory tract infections?
Sep 11, 2014
Tear Gas Health Effects May Last Weeks
Researchers worry that nearby residents may suffer harm too
Aug 21, 2014
New Drug May Fight Serious Respiratory Virus in Infants
RSV leading cause of hospitalization among infants, researchers note
Aug 20, 2014
Study Ties Colds, Flu to Rare Risk of Stroke in Kids
Cause seems related to inflammation of the arteries, researchers say
Aug 20, 2014
Seals, Sea Lions Helped Global Spread of TB, Study Finds
Research on origins of tuberculosis may shed light on how other viruses are transmitted between species
Aug 19, 2014
Hospital Discharge a Key Time to Help Smokers Quit
New study finds that follow-up monitoring and care is crucial
Aug 15, 2014
Common Respiratory Diseases Tied to Lung Cancer Risk
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia linked to risk in study, but not asthma, tuberculosis
Aug 12, 2014
Donor-Lung Preservation Device Approved
Technology may lead to more transplants, FDA says
Aug 6, 2014
Prisons That Bar Smoking May Boost Inmates' Health: Study
Rates of tobacco-related deaths 11 percent lower after long-term bans, researchers say
Aug 4, 2014
When Colds, Flu Lead to Complications in Kids
About a third of children admitted to hospital for these infections develop respiratory issues, study finds
Aug 1, 2014
Food Is a Common Choking Hazard for Kids, Doctor Says
Experts warn that children under 5 are most vulnerable
Aug 1, 2014
FDA Approves New Treatment for People With COPD
Striverdi Respimat is an inhaled spray that works by keeping airways relaxed, agency says
Jul 31, 2014
Once-Daily Inhaler Approved for COPD
Striverdi Respimat relaxes lung airways to improve breathing
Jul 30, 2014
Even Thinking an Odor is Harmful May Spur Asthma Symptoms
Study finds people's negative expectations can play a role in flare-ups
Jul 30, 2014
Annual COPD Costs To Hit $49 Billion by 2020: CDC
Each year, almost 135,000 die from smoking-related chronic lung disease, experts say
Jul 26, 2014
Don't Let Kids Drink Pool Water
Expert offers tips for spotting chlorine poisoning, bacterial infection, secondary drowning in kids
Jul 22, 2014
MERS Virus Found in Air in Camel Barn
Genetic analysis shows viral sample from barn matched strain found in barn owner and camel, study shows
Jul 19, 2014
Many Young Adults Misinformed About Hookahs' Harms
More than half surveyed said the water pipes weren't dangerous
Jul 7, 2014
Obesity May Raise Risk of COPD
Study found those with largest waist sizes more likely to develop lung disease
Jun 26, 2014
Moustaches, Home Oxygen Tanks Can Be Dangerous Match
Serious burns may be more likely for those with facial hair, researchers report
Jun 23, 2014
Smog Controls Tied to Fewer Lung Disease Deaths in N.C.
Study of 20 years of data suggests federal mandates on cleaner air had positive impact on health
Jun 17, 2014
MERS Virus Did Not Spread in 2 U.S. Cases: Health Officials
Both of the respiratory infections were contracted in Saudi Arabia, CDC believes
Jun 11, 2014
Scientists Spot New Clues to a Deadly Lung Disease
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis always fatal, but research points to possible cause, potential treatment
Jun 5, 2014
Yoga May Not Help Ease Asthma, Study Suggests
But ancient practice not harmful and can improve overall health, experts say
Jun 4, 2014
Taking Antipsychotic Drugs While Pregnant May Harm Newborns: Study
These medications linked to respiratory distress, withdrawal symptoms in babies, researchers report
Jun 4, 2014
Camels Confirmed as Source of Human MERS Infection
The animals are the Typhoid Mary of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, infectious disease expert says
May 28, 2014
Man Dies of Lung Disease After Working With Countertops, Doctors Report
But maker of product says patient could have inhaled particles many other ways
May 28, 2014
CDC: 3rd Suspected MERS Case Was False Alarm
Thorough blood tests found no sign of infection in Illinois man, agency says
May 21, 2014
COPD Patients Face Greater Risk of Heart Failure, Study Says
Blacks with lung condition were most vulnerable of all, researchers report
May 21, 2014
Diet Tied to Better Breathing in COPD Patients
Study suggests healthy eating might help improve lung function
May 19, 2014
Existing Drugs May Work Against MERS, Studies Suggest
Findings could speed access to treatment for patients who can't wait for new drugs to be developed
May 19, 2014
Windshield Washer Fluid May Be Source of Legionnaires' Disease
Study finds the potentially dangerous bacteria can exist for up to 14 months in the product
May 19, 2014
Florida MERS Patient Released From Hospital
He's a 44-year-old health care worker from Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of the MERS outbreak
May 19, 2014
Children's Asthma Linked to Air Pollution in 2nd Trimester: Study
Preliminary research finds timing of exposure an important element
May 19, 2014
Heat Waves Could Worsen COPD Symptoms, Study Suggests
Finding is troubling given predictions of rising temperatures due to climate change
May 19, 2014
2 Drugs Offer Hope for Fatal Lung Disease
Doctors have had little to offer patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
May 19, 2014
Third U.S. Man Tests Positive for MERS Virus, CDC Reports
He was business associate of health care worker diagnosed with the first U.S. case, but shows no signs of illness
May 15, 2014
Study Probes Link Between Early Antibiotic Use, Asthma
Infants given these meds may have both poor immunity and genetic risk for asthma, findings suggest
May 14, 2014
MERS Not Yet a Public Health Emergency: WHO
U.N. agency says the virus, concentrated in the Middle East, doesn't seem to spread easily among people
May 13, 2014
2 Florida Hospital Workers Who Treated MERS Patient Fall Ill
Testing for the potentially fatal respiratory infection is underway, officials say
May 12, 2014
2nd MERS Case Identified in U.S.
Like first patient, this patient had been health care worker in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak
May 7, 2014
E-Cigarette Vapor Contains Potentially Harmful Particles: Review
Raises concerns about safety of e-cig chemicals, but industry representative says they're safe
May 6, 2014
Sleep Apnea Linked to Raised Risk of Death in Pregnancy
Study found an association but didn't prove the nighttime breathing disorder caused the higher risk
May 5, 2014
1st U.S. MERS Patient May Be Released From Hospital Soon
He had recently been in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak that has sickened 400 people and killed more than 100
May 5, 2014
FDA Panel Says No to Over-the-Counter Allergy Drug Singulair
Experts expressed relief at the decision, citing safety concerns
May 5, 2014
1st U.S. MERS Patient Improving, Officials Say
He had recently been in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak that has sickened 400 people and killed 93
May 2, 2014
1st MERS Case Reported in U.S.
Patient had recently been in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak that has sickened 400 people and killed 93, CDC says
May 1, 2014
Southeastern States Have Highest Rates of Preventable Deaths
Modifiable risk factors could help combat scourges like heart disease, cancer, CDC says
Apr 25, 2014
Smoke-Free Laws May Help Prevent COPD Hospitalizations
Kentucky patients 22 percent less likely to need to be admitted in counties with stricter laws, study finds
Apr 24, 2014
FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Regulations
Opponents of the increasingly popular devices worry about their impact on children
Apr 18, 2014
Certain Sedatives Tied to Breathing Problems in Older COPD Patients
Study author urges caution for doctors prescribing benzodiazepines to this group
Apr 16, 2014
Placing Donor Windpipe First in Patient's Arm Helps With Transplant
Technique allows withdrawal of anti-rejection drugs after a year
Apr 15, 2014
Nonwhites Exposed to More Air Pollution: Study
More nitrogen dioxide from exhaust fumes, power plants could mean increased deaths from heart disease, researchers say
Apr 9, 2014
Exercise May Curtail COPD Complications
Regular physical activity could cut need for hospital readmission for lung disease, study says
Apr 7, 2014
Muscle Weakness May Persist for Months After ICU Stay
Hospitalized patients who'd been on mechanical ventilators were studied up to 2 years after discharge
Mar 27, 2014
Traffic Smog Tied to Hospital Stays for White Kids With Asthma
Among black kids in study, other factors appeared to play bigger role in asthma rehospitalizations
Mar 22, 2014
Allergy Season Springs Into Bloom
Allergist outlines ways to minimize effects of pollen
Mar 21, 2014
Lung Ultrasound Can Spot Risk of Respiratory Failure in Pregnancy: Study
Researchers recommend its use for women with complication called preeclampsia
Mar 20, 2014
For Heart Failure Patients, Shortness of Breath When Bending May Signal Problem
Newly identified 'bendopnea' might mean condition is worsening, study suggests
Mar 19, 2014
Device May Restore Speech to People on Breathing Tubes
Doctors say 'electrolarynx' eased frustration for patient on mechanical ventilator
Mar 18, 2014
COPD May Damage Aging Brain
Study finds higher odds for mental decline without memory loss in patients with the lung disorder
Mar 13, 2014
Preterm Birth May Raise Child's Asthma Risk, Study Suggests
The more premature the delivery, the higher the odds for respiratory trouble, researchers found