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No Time to Meditate? Do it Anyway

Experts say even quick sessions provide health benefits

Almost all health experts agree that meditation can help you combat a variety of health problems. If practiced regularly, it also can keep you healthy, according to some studies.

All that's well and good, but the same old question keeps popping up: Who has the time?

According to a Dallas Morning News story that ran in the The Detroit Free Press, you can get the benefits of meditation even if you can't block out a half hour each day to do it. The key is to do it when you can, the article says.

The right way to meditate, of course, is with eyes closed and sitting quietly. But you can also meditate while sitting in traffic, a more relaxing way to spend the time than getting aggravated at the cars and trucks piled up in front of you.

Once you learn the method, you can meditate anywhere. If you are in a really boring office meeting, take the time to meditate there, the article says. Or you can meditate while doing household tasks, such as laundry or dish washing.

To find out more about meditation, you can read this from ThriveOnline.

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