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Could 'Phone Care' Ring in New Approach to Pain Relief?

Study finds significant improvement in patients assigned to 'telecare' management

Yoga May Not Help Ease Asthma, Study Suggests

But ancient practice not harmful and can improve overall health, experts say

Laughter May Work Like Meditation in the Brain

Study monitored brain waves of people watching different types of videos

Massage May Improve Blood Flow While Easing Muscle Soreness: Study

Benefits seen among inactive people, those who exercised

Oil-Swishing Craze: Snake Oil or All-Purpose Remedy?

Some people swear by the practice, but little research exists to back up health claims

Yoga Big on West Coast, Chiropractors Popular in Midwest

U.S. study shows geographic trends in use of complementary and alternative medicine

Experts Warn About Skin Cancer 'Treatments' Sold Online

Scarring, more disease recurrence seen when patients use unproven skin salves

Medical Marijuana Pills May Ease Some MS Symptoms: Review

Researchers also found some evidence to support use of other alternative therapies

Timing Is Key to Massage's Benefits for Neck Pain: Study

Two or three one-hour sessions a week reduced pain, improved functioning

Meditation May Help Teens Cope With Cancer

Practicing mindfulness lowers odds of depression, small study suggests

More Stress, More Headaches, Study Says

Tension-headache sufferers in particular may benefit from relaxation techniques, experts suggest

Making Acupuncture Even Safer

Researchers recommend improving needle quality

Health Tip: Practicing Guided Imagery

Try to eliminate possible distractions

Health Tip: Employing Art Therapy

It may help people with physical and mental challenges

Alternative Therapies Widely Used for Autism

Study finds many parents use them alongside conventional treatments to try to manage symptoms

Probiotic Drops Might Ease Colic: Study

But more research is needed to assess any other effects on newborns, experts say

Health Tip: Performing Mind-Body Exercise

Here are possible benefits

Meditation May Reduce Mild Depression, Anxiety

But effect appears small to moderate, researchers add

What Yoga Can and Can't Do for You

Sure, it's a stress-buster, but it also helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia, back pain and other ills, experts say

Yoga More Than a Crutch for NYC Man Who Suffered Devastating Leg Injury

Ari Steinfeld credits the discipline with his recovery from physical and mental pain

Experts Lay Out Options for Menopause Symptoms

Evidence grows that antidepressants can help, new guidelines say

Ear Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Weight Loss

But small study doesn't prove it works, expert says

Yoga Fails to Cool Hot Flashes, But May Aid Sleep

Expert says longer study might have found more benefit for menopausal women

Herbal Meds, Cosmetic Surgery a Bad Mix: Experts

Despite risks, nearly half of patients take some kind of supplement before facial procedure, study found

FDA Sends Warnings to Makers of Illegal Diabetes Treatments

Products make false claims, could be unsafe and may delay proven therapies, agency says

Soy Won't Prevent Prostate Cancer's Return: Study

But an expert says findings are inconclusive

Common Supplement May Help Patients Fight Heart Failure

Coenzyme Q10 appeared to reduce death rates, hospitalizations in study

Fish Oil Pills Might Cut Diabetes Risk, Researchers Say

Higher blood levels of a beneficial hormone seen in those who took the omega-3 supplements

Favorite Music May Ease Anxiety in ICU Patients

Those who heard well-loved tunes in study needed less sedation medicine

Yoga May Help Ease High Blood Pressure, Study Finds

Numbers were lowered when people engaged in a few sessions per week

Creative Arts May Help Cancer Patients Cope

Review shows participation in dance, music, art or writing can soothe anxiety, depression and pain

Modest Cardiac Benefit From Chelation Therapy Not Enough to OK Use: Experts

New study shows slight effect, but arduous 'leaching' treatment has side effects, doctors say

Study: Mega Vitamins Won't Help After Heart Attack, Chelation Treatment Might

But modest gains from arduous 'leaching' therapy aren't enough to OK it at this time, study author says

Acupuncture May Help Ease Hay Fever

Study found patients who had treatment for 8 weeks fared better with symptoms

Tai Chi Might Help Stroke Survivors Avoid Falls

Small study suggests the ancient art helps maintain physical balance

Genes Changes Seen in Alzheimer's Can Be Found in Infancy: Study

Prenatal brain development may influence psychiatric risk later in life, researchers say

Supplement Use Widespread Among Americans

But perception rather than solid evidence appears to drive demand, researchers say

'Worm Therapy' Might Help Ease Colitis, Monkey Study Shows

Unappetizing as it sounds, the treatment relieved symptoms in primates and might help humans

Gene-Tweaked Tomatoes, Probiotics Aim to Lower Your Cholesterol

Mouse and human trials show nonpharmaceuticals have beneficial effect

Controversial Alternative Heart Treatment Shows Hint of Benefit

But this is the first rigorous study of chelation therapy and more research is needed, experts say

Acupuncture Might Ease Fatigue Linked to Breast Cancer

Women in study had less physical, mental fatigue and better quality of life

Hypnosis May Ease Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women

It reduced the frequency of the symptom by nearly three-fourths, study found

Spirituality Central to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Study Finds

Strong body-mind connection to good health is core belief

Marijuana Extract May Help Ease Muscle Stiffness in MS: Study

Pain, spasms and sleep quality also improved in those given drug vs. placebo

Complementary Medicine May Help Soldiers With PTSD: Study

Healing touch, guided imagery eased symptoms, improved quality of life

Cooking-Oil Combo May Improve Blood Pressure

Mixture of sesame and rice bran oils has heart-healthy effects, preliminary study suggests

More Evidence Acupuncture Can Ease Chronic Pain

Ancient technique outperformed 'sham' acupuncture in large review

Ginkgo Won't Prevent Alzheimer's, Study Finds

This is the latest finding in debate over herb's ability to keep dementia at bay

Vitamin D May Thwart Kids' Winter Colds

But whether children without vitamin deficiency would benefit remains unclear, study finds

Honey a Sweet Treatment for Kids' Night-Time Cough

Given before bedtime, study found this home remedy improved symptoms of common cold