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Milk Thistle of Little Help Against Hepatitis C: Study

Herbal extract discounted as treatment for chronic liver disease

More Proof Cranberry Juice Thwarts Infection

Popular folk remedy holds up in analysis of 13 previous studies on urinary tract infections

More Proof That Healthy Habits Fight Disease

New studies look at ways to stop smoking and fight cancer, heart disease and obesity

Ginseng Capsules Seem to Ease Cancer-Related Fatigue

Study found herb worked better than sham treatment, but only after about 2 months

Combo Therapy May Help Ease 'Ringing in the Ears'

Tinnitus can be frustrating for patients, hard to treat, researchers say

Body Building, Diet Supplements Linked to Liver Damage: Study

These products could provide a target for regulation, researchers say

Acupuncture May Help Ease Symptoms of COPD

In small study, alternative treatment plus meds seemed to help with shortness of breath

Zinc Pills May Shorten Colds, Analysis Suggests

But, benefits are slight and side effects are reported, researchers say

Aromatherapy: More Than Just a Pleasant Scent?

It's touted as helpful in relieving tension, anxiety and more, but it's not risk-free

Alternative Therapies Aren't Used as Substitutes for Asthma Meds: Study

Parents still give kids traditional treatments in addition to less orthodox ones

DNA Testing Finds Allergens, Toxins in Traditional Chinese Medicines

U.S. experts say supplements made in America are different, but neither country tests for ingredients

Herbal Remedy Ingredient Tied to Cancer, Kidney Failure

Study of Taiwanese patients found potential dangers in aristolochia

Berries, Tea May Cut Men's Odds for Parkinson's: Study

These and other foods contain 'neuroprotective' agents called flavonoids, researchers say

Personal Gene Mapping Has Limits, Study Says

Commercial genome scans no substitute for healthy lifestyle, medical check-ups

Could Soy Help Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Antioxidants in tofu, other foods might have beneficial effect, study suggests

Alternative Medicine May Help Ease Chronic Sinusitis

Study found combining it with Western treatments brought more relief to patients

Antioxidants May Not Help Alzheimer's Patients

Vitamin cocktail might even speed up mental decline, researchers say

Mouse Study Suggests Vitamin E May Weaken Bones

Still too soon to warn people off supplements, expert stresses

Health Tip: Take a Deep Breath

Practice deep breathing techniques to manage stress

No Cancer Benefit From Vitamin B, Omega-3 Supplements in Heart Patients

Taking different doses of either did not alter cancer incidence, death rates significantly, study says

Fasting Plus Chemo May Help in Cancer Fight: Study

This study was in mice, but researchers are starting to test the strategy in human cancer patients

Soy Supplements May Not Shield Against Breast Cancer

Study suggests no reduction in tumor risk, but one expert says more research may be needed

Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Here's How to Bounce Back

Adding lights, exercise can help people battling seasonal affective disorder, doctor says

Acupuncture May Boost Pregnancy Success Rates

Centuries-old therapy can help men and women alike with fertility issues, experts say

Herbal Medicines for Arthritis Not Backed by Evidence

Not only are most ineffective, some can interfere with other medications, review found

Power of Acupuncture to Ease Migraines Questioned in Study

Precise needle location may be less important than thought, expert says

Maggots Quickly Clean Up Wounds, Study Shows

Use of bagged fly larvae can be effective for standard lesions, but only within first week

Health Tip: Wind Down With Mind-Body Exercises

And enjoy these potential benefits

FDA Targets Homeopathic Weight Loss Products

Agency says there's no proof the remedies work, and associated diet may cause harm

Acupuncture Safe for Children, Review Finds

Serious side effects generally related to less well-trained practitioners

Science Probes How Probiotic Yogurts Affect Your Gut

'Friendly' microbes might affect metabolism, but whether they're good for you is still unclear, researchers say

Ginger Supplements Might Ease Inflammation Linked to Colon Cancer

But study is too small and preliminary to recommend the herb as a cancer-fighter, experts say

Saw Palmetto Doesn't Help Enlarged Prostate: Study

For users reporting benefits, it's a classic placebo effect, experts say

Movement Disorders on YouTube Not What They Seem, Experts Warn

Group of neurologists says the abnormal movements seem to be triggered by mental illness instead

Many Health-Care Workers Have Turned to Alternative Medicine

Their use of everything from herbals to massage exceeds that of the general public, research suggests

U.S. Women Using Dangerous Weight-Loss Pill 2 Years After Recall

Pai You Guo supplement contains drugs banned in U.S. for increasing stroke, cancer, heart attack risk

Colon Cleansing Has No Health Benefit, May Harm: Report

Review of 20 studies finds the popular procedure can come with serious side effects

Antibiotics Beat Cranberries at Fighting Urinary Tract Infections in Study

Protected against recurrence twice as long as cranberry extract pill, researchers say

Behavioral Techniques a Better Value for Chronic Migraine Than Meds: Study

Over time, relaxation training, hypnosis, biofeedback more cost-effective than drugs

Health Tip: The Benefits of Meditation

'Om' is where the heart is

Hypnosis Plus Local Anesthesia Might Work Well for Some Surgeries

Study found it safe as general anesthesia, but experts say more research needed

Doctors Prescribing Meditation, Yoga More Often

Study authors say earlier use of such treatments might benefit health-care system

Study Questions Giving Babies Botanical Supplements, Teas

Nearly 1 in 10 infants fed these largely unregulated products, researchers say

Meditation May Help Brain Block Out Distractions

Study focuses on a brain wave known as an alpha rhythm

Acupuncture May Help Ease Hot Flashes Tied to Prostate Cancer Treatment

Study was very small, but some men got quick relief, researchers say

Scientists Discover How Peppermint Soothes Gastric Pain

It uses a specific anti-pain channel that helps irritable bowel syndrome patients get relief

Health Tip: Yoga Can Help Your Health

Here are some of the benefits

Yoga May Also Calm a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

Small study found reduction in episodes of atrial fibrillation, which can raise stroke risk

No Good Evidence That Folk Remedies Ease Colic

More study needed on home cures such as fennel, herbal tea, sugar water, review finds

Laughter, Music May Lower Blood Pressure, Study Says

But experts disagree on whether the findings are meaningful