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Income May Influence Outcome of Knee Replacement Surgery: Study

Researchers suggest that low-wage earners may put off surgery longer and then be happier with results

Bone Drug Might Help Arthritic Knees, Study Says

But more testing is needed before U.S. approves it, one expert says

U.S. Sees a Run on New Knees Since 1990s

Over $9 billion spent annually on the operation, researchers say

Joint Replacement Boosts Heart Attack Risk Right After Surgery: Study

Experts say doctors need to cut chances of cardiac trouble before procedure

Joint-Replacement Failure Rate Higher for Smokers: Studies

Patients needing new hips, knees should be told to quit, doctors say

More Than 4 Million Americans Have New Knee

And repeat surgery is likely for many younger recipients, researchers predict

Titanium Joint Debris May Trigger Painful Inflammation

Animal study suggests that worn artificial joints might lead to bone damage

Knee Arthritis Striking at Younger Ages, But Weight Loss May Help

Studies suggest playing sports longer, extra pounds might explain trend

Need a New Hip? Someday You May Grow Your Own

Researchers say biological joints now in development could supplant today's artificial ones

Joint Replacement Risks Rise at Less Experienced Hospitals

Study finds greater likelihood of clots, death when few operations are done

Knee Replacements Still Work 20 Years Later

Study showed most recipients remained active and pain-free

Obesity, Bum Knees Robbing Seniors of Good Years: Study

Slimming down would spare hundreds of thousands of people chronic pain, surgery

Motivation May Affect Timing on Return to Work With a New Knee

Resumption of activity depends more on the patient than the type of job, study finds

New Anti-Clotting Drug May Work Better After Hip Replacement

In clinical trial, apixaban was linked to fewer blood clots than commonly used older drug

Vitamin D No Magic Bullet for Osteoarthritis

It didn't reduce pain or delay disease progression, researchers found

Gene Variations May Predict Severe Osteoarthritis

Findings could lead to drug advances, researchers say

Health Tip: Is Knee Replacement Safe?

Why your doctor may advise against it

Anesthesia's Role in Hip, Knee Replacement Infections Studied

Greater risk noted in patients who had general versus spinal/epidural method, researchers say

Artificial Legs Now a Reality for Pets

Medical advances making it possible for dogs like Cassidy to romp on all four legs

Flying With Needles and Meds Can Raise Security Flags

But experts say ways exist to ease travel for those with chronic illness or disability

Stitching Wounds May Be Safer Than Stapling

Infection rate is higher with metal staples, review finds

Knee Surgeon's Expectations May Differ From Yours

Before getting replacement joint, have a frank talk with your doctor, researchers say

High-Impact Sports Might Not Harm Knee Replacements

More active patients had better joint function, study found

New Knee May Improve Balance

Replacement joint seems to help prevent falls among elderly, study finds

Injections May Boost Knee Surgery Success

Patients with torn meniscus plus arthritis recover better when given sodium hyaluronate, study finds

Slim Risk of Death After Joint Replacement

Mortality risk highest within first 26 days after hip or knee surgery, study finds

Biomarker Could Predict Severe Osteoarthritis

Those with highest levels are more apt to have joint replacement, study finds

Knee Replacement Considered a Good Value

Study finds it appears cost-effective for those with severe arthritis

Artificial Ankle Takes Giant Step Forward

Newly approved device allows pain-free mobility, experts say

Exercise Key Player in Knee Replacement Recovery

Workouts counter functional decline, could ward off osteoarthritis, study says

A Checklist for Joint Replacement Surgery

Knowing what to expect before and after procedure aids healing, experts say

Successive Births, HRT Use Boost Joint Replacement Risks

Early puberty also a factor in increased chance of knee, hip surgeries, study finds

Gradual Exercise Best After Joint Replacement

Trying to get back in the game too soon can undo benefits of surgery, study says

Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis No Better Than Therapy, Meds

Study found results for both were same 2 years later

ER, Doctor Visits Topped 1 Billion in 2006

As America grows older, that's an average of 4 a year per person, CDC report says

Total Knee Replacement Safe for Most Patients

It's not only cost-effective but benefits even high-risk cases, study finds

Osteoarthritis Runs in Families

Siblings of those with joint condition in knees more likely to have same trouble

Squatting Can Cripple Knees

Prolonged periods of it a risk factor for osteoarthritis

Arthritis: Many Victims, Not Enough Funding

It's the disease Americans are most likely to get, but advocates say more money is needed for research