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Cast Removal

A guide for taking off plaster casts

(HealthDayNews) -- If the doctor has asked you to remove the plaster cast from your child's broken arm before your next appointment, the Children's Hospital in Richmond, Va., offers a how-to guide:

  • Fill a bucket or basin with warm water. Add one teaspoon of vinegar, which will help soften the cast.
  • Place your child's entire cast in the water until the little knob that the doctor left starts to float freely in the water.
  • Take that knob and begin unwrapping the cast. If it's too difficult to remove, allow more soaking time. The first time you do this, it may take one to two hours to fully remove the cast, but as you get more experienced the process will speed up.
  • Don't empty the bucket or basin into your sink drain, as the plaster will clog your plumbing.
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