Health Tip: Building Your Bones

It's never too early to start

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(HealthDay News) -- Most youngsters, particularly girls, aren't doing enough to ensure healthy bones, the National Bone Health Campaign says.

To avoid problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis when they grow older, girls need plenty of calcium and lots of weight-bearing physical activity every day:

Calcium content varies, even among different brands of the same food. Check food labels to see how much calcium is in the product you're about to buy or eat. Choose fat-free or low-fat versions of these foods most often. Aim for 1,300 milligrams, or 130 percent of the recommended daily value, every day.

Also, be sure to engage in weight-bearing activity -- any exercise in which your body works against gravity, so your feet, legs, or arms are supporting or carrying your weight. Jogging, walking, stair climbing, dancing, and soccer are some activities you can do alone or with friends.


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