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Health Tip: If Your Child Breaks a Bone

Symptoms and what to do

(HealthDayNews) -- After a fall, some kids cry out that they've broken a bone in their arm or leg. But how do you tell whether a bone actually is broken?

According to The Nemours Foundation, a break may have occurred if your child heard a snapping sound when he fell, if there is swelling, bruising, and tenderness, or if it's painful to bear weight on the injured area.

If you suspect a bone's been broken, here's what to do:

  • Remove clothing from the injured part.
  • Apply a cold compress.
  • Place a splint on the injured area by keeping the limb in the same position in which you found it. Position soft padding around the injured part; place something firm next to it; keep the splint in place using first aid tape.
  • Get medical help and don't let your child eat -- in case surgery is needed.
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