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Young Parents Don't Stress Over Kids' Media Use: Survey

First generation to have lots of exposure to technology not as worried about its effects, researchers report

Website All About Child Health -- in Spanish

American pediatricians address needs, concerns of Hispanic parents

Too Much Texting, Facebook Time May Lower College Women's Grades

Media use for freshmen adds up to 12 hours daily, poll finds

Are Pricey Computer-Aided Mammograms Worth It?

Early breast cancer found more often in large study, but not more cases of invasive disease

Facebook 'Likes' Leave a Personal Trail, Study Warns

Individual beliefs and even intelligence can be gathered by others, raising privacy concerns, researchers report

Many More Doctors Using Electronic Health Records

Rate doubled among family physicians between 2005 and 2011, study finds

'E-Medicine' May Not Be Cost Saver After All, Study Says

Patients with online access to medical records made more office visits

Could iPads, Kindles Be Just What the Eye Doctor Ordered?

Digital tablets improve reading speed of those with central vision loss, study finds

Smartphones Linked to Sexual Activity in Teens: Study

But whether one leads to the other isn't clear

Electronic Records Do Aid Patient Care, Study Finds

Outpatients benefit from data organization, improved communication, researchers say

Sharing Notes With Patients Empowers Them: Study

Reading doctor's remarks online also boosts treatment compliance, researchers find

Can Facebook Prolong Post-Breakup Pain?

Those who 'stalk' their ex electronically show more longing, less personal growth, study says

3-D Imaging Might Make Some Surgeries Safer

French doctors used virtual model to help them navigate patient's neck during operation

Could Internet Addiction Be Genetic?

People hooked on nicotine share same gene mutation as those overusing the Web, study finds

'Virtual' Patients New Addition to Psychiatry?

Researcher sees future for his characters in training sessions

Experts Offer Tips to Cut Kids' Screen Time During Summer

Parents urged to limit the time children spend watching TV and playing video games

More Than 1 in 4 Teens Have 'Sexted': Study

Houston-area survey finds more than half have been asked to send naked photos of themselves

Magnets in iPad2 May Alter Settings on Brain Shunt Devices: Study

Effect seen only when tablet computer was within inches of the patient's head, researcher noted

Cancer Patients Share Web Info With Docs for Insight, Advice

They are not typically challenging their treatments, study found

Nonsurgical Method to Measure Brain Pressure Shows Promise

If confirmed with further research, new technique could offer alternative to drilling into skull

People With Autism May Be Better at Processing Information

Small study suggests this ability might be an advantage in IT careers

Computerization May Not Curb Medical Tests, Costs

Doctors order more scans if they have easy access to results, study shows

Experts Offer Tips on Avoiding iPad-Linked Shoulder, Neck Strain

Users should not keep tablet computers such as iPad or Xoom on their laps, small study suggests

Many VA Patients Would Share Personal Health Records, Study Finds

Nearly 80% surveyed said they would allow spouse, others access to information

Teen 'Sexting' Might Be Less Common Than Feared

But emotional, legal fallout can still occur, studies find

New Software Might Help Predict Difficult Childbirth

Using 3-D reconstructions, program scores a mother's likelihood of normal delivery

Computer 'Pathologist' Could Help Assess Breast Cancer Survival

Model under study may someday help, not replace, physicians, researchers say

College Students Still Vulnerable to Bullying

Harassment, especially cyberbullying, can continue beyond high school

Helping Teens Fend Off Attacks by Cyberbullies

Self-confidence and understanding how the Internet works may help head off problems

Scientists Reconstruct the 'Movies in Our Minds'

Using MRI scans and computers, they interpreted brain patterns as people watched film trailers

Teen Drinking, Smoking Higher Among Facebook Users: Survey

Fans of 'suggestive' TV shows also more likely to report using marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes

Robotic Surgery Oversold on Hospital Websites, Study Contends

Like any procedure, outcome depends on surgeon's skill, expert says

Teens Who Drink Seem Drawn to Social Networking Sites

Finding reflects youths' experimenting with alcohol and the Internet, expert says

What Makes a Face Appealing to the Opposite Sex?

Those who think women prefer men to have a square jaw are in for a surprise

College 101: Cellphones, Laptops, Music Players

After giving them up for a day, students in 10 different countries were miserable, study found

Scientists Use Computer to 'Read' Human Thoughts

Technology could help disabled patients relate to world around them, findings suggest

Text Messages May Help Smokers Kick the Addiction, Small Study Finds

Brain MRIs also provide data for smoking cessation 'texts' tailored to individual's capacity for self-control

Computer Vision Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

Eye experts take different views on whether it's a serious malady

Health Tip: Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Take frequent breaks from the computer

Violent Video Games May Not Desensitize Kids: Study

Data suggests children's long-term 'emotional memory' not affected

Kids as Young as 5 Can Command a Computer Mouse

Study found practice more important than age in mastering skills

Some Docs May Use Twitter for 'Unprofessional' Messages: Report

4% of physician 'tweets' said to be sexually explicit, violated patients' privacy or were otherwise inappropriate

More Evidence That TV, Computer Time Could Harm Heart

After treadmill test, cardiac recovery worse in those with more 'screen time,' study finds

Many Parents Frown on Kids' Internet Use, Survey Says

They worry about diminished time spent with friends, family

Electronic Health Records May Not Always Improve Care

Experts say better tools needed to assess effectiveness of new record-keeping

Computer Imaging Adds to 'Nose Job' Satisfaction: Study

Rhinoplasty patients who previewed their new nose before surgery were happiest with results

Undergrads Who Twitter May Do Better, Study Finds

Social networking seemed to increase student engagement

Online Gambling Rises Among College Males, High School Girls

1.7 million U.S. males aged 18 to 22 gamble online at least once a month, researchers estimate

Health Tip: Sit Properly at the Computer

Suggestions for setting up your chair

Action-Packed Video Games May Be Good for You After All

Decision-making improves with frequent shoot-'em-up play, study finds