Health Tip: Be Safe During a Pedicure

Make sure the salon uses sterile utensils

(HealthDay News) -- Before you treat your toes to a pedicure, make sure you're not introducing them to the possibility of infection or injury.

The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests tips for preventing problems during a pedicure:

  • Check with your podiatrist if you have diabetes or circulation problems to see which type of pedicure is best for you.
  • Schedule your pedicure first thing in the morning when the foot baths are cleanest, or make sure they are cleaned between each customer.
  • Buy your own set of pedicure tools to take to the salon.
  • If you use the salon's tools, make sure they are properly sterilized.
  • Smooth feet with a pumice stone after soaking in warm water, and remember to always trim your nails straight across.
  • Carefully moisturize feet.
  • Push back cuticles, rather than cutting them.
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