Health Tip: Wearing Flip Flops

Buy a new pair when they appear worn

(HealthDay News) -- Flip flops may be comfy footwear, but they also make your feet more susceptible to injury.

The American Podiatric Medical Association offers these flip flop safety suggestions:

  • Invest in a new pair of flip flops each year or whenever they look very worn.
  • Take care of any irritation between the toes from the toe thong, which could otherwise lead to a blister and a possible infection.
  • Since flip flops don't offer much arch support, opt for sturdier footwear when you're walking a long distance.
  • If your foot hangs off the end of a flip flop, invest in a bigger pair.
  • Never wear flip flops to do yard work, especially when cutting grass.
  • Don't play sports in flip flops.
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