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Health Tip: Living with Gout

How to alleviate triggers

(HealthDay News) -- Gout is sometimes referred to as the disease of kings because it has long been erroneously associated with the kind of overindulgence in food that only the rich and powerful could afford.

In fact anyone can get gout, and the risk factors vary. Fortunately, it is possible to lessen gout's agonizing attacks.

The American College of Rheumatology offers these points to remember:

  • Gout can be accurately diagnosed by identifying the characteristic crystals.
  • There are two types of treatment for gout: medications to control attacks of joint pain, and medicines that may help lower levels of uric acid in the body so that attacks occur less frequently or not at all. In some people, however, medication is necessary for the rest of their lives.
  • Weight control, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding meats and fish rich in purines are ways to help control gout.
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