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After ACL Surgery, Another Knee Injury Likely, Study Suggests

Athletes who return to sports should take precautions, researcher advises

Poorer Patients Often Less Happy With Knee Replacement

Inadequate post-op rehab might be a factor, study authors say

'Mobility Shoes' May Help Those With Arthritic Knees: Study

The footwear alters gait and reduces load on the joint, researchers say

Joint Replacement May Reinvigorate Sex Life

Study shows unsung benefit of the surgery may be the ability to enjoy all aspects of life more

Therapy as Good as Surgery for Some With Torn Knee Cartilage

Study looked at osteoarthritis patients in severe pain

Diabetes Doesn't Seem to Raise Risks After Knee Replacement

Rates of infection, blood clots similar in those with and without the condition, study finds

Many Skiers Who Tear ACLs Can Avoid Surgery, Expert Says

Identifying those patients cuts health costs, recovery time

Vitamin D Doesn't Improve Knee Arthritis, Study Finds

No benefit seen in those taking supplements over those given placebo

Health Tip: If You've Got Knee Arthritis

Lose any excess weight, experts urge

Too Much or Too Little Activity Can Spur Knee Problems

High-impact exercise linked to cartilage deterioration, osteoarthritis, researchers say

Income May Influence Outcome of Knee Replacement Surgery: Study

Researchers suggest that low-wage earners may put off surgery longer and then be happier with results

Keep Moving to Ease Pain of Knee Arthritis: Review

Researchers found aerobic, water exercise reduced pain, boosted function in patients

Obese Children Struggle With Joint Pain: Study

Experts say vicious cycle of inactivity, poor diet set overweight kids up for arthritis as adults

Are Knee Injuries Tied to Menstrual Cycle?

Researchers say monthly hormonal changes may contribute to ACL tears, chronic pain

U.S. Sees a Run on New Knees Since 1990s

Over $9 billion spent annually on the operation, researchers say

Knee, Hip Replacements Don't Help People Lose Weight: Study

Evidence is inconclusive and may even point to weight gain, researchers say

Joint Replacement Boosts Heart Attack Risk Right After Surgery: Study

Experts say doctors need to cut chances of cardiac trouble before procedure

Obesity, Diabetes May Raise Complications After Joint Replacement

Lung disease can also put older hip and knee surgery patients at risk, study finds

Key to More Active, Slimmer Kids: Friends

Small study found they adjust physical activity based on their social network

Health Tip: When Your Knee is Unstable

Here are potential warning signs

FDA Panel Recommends Second Chance for New Class of Painkillers

Trials halted in 2010 after some taking the drugs may have overworked damaged knees, needed surgery

Joint Replacement Patients Face Blood Clot Risk in Hospital

Knee surgery associated with twice the risk compared to hip procedure, evidence review found

Knee Arthritis May Speed Up Process Linked to Cell Aging

People with osteoarthritis have increased cell deterioration nearest to damaged joint, study finds

Diet Might Help Those Immobilized by Knee Osteoarthritis

Substantial weight loss reduces pain, raises mobility, researchers say

Timing of Aquatic Therapy After Joint Replacement Matters

Starting within days of the operation seems beneficial for those with new knees, but not hips

Knee Pain Plagues Many Women Over 50

Overweight, previous injury, arthritis predicted persistent discomfort, researchers found

Painkiller Dependence Before Knee Surgery May Slow Recovery

Researchers suggest weaning patients off opioids before procedure is performed

Knee Arthritis Striking at Younger Ages, But Weight Loss May Help

Studies suggest playing sports longer, extra pounds might explain trend

Health Tip: Exercise for Stronger Knees

Here are potential benefits

Men Who Smoke at Lower Risk of Joint Replacement: Study

Extra pounds, vigorous exercise linked to severe knee, hip problems, research also indicates

Men Seem More Likely Than Women to Develop Hole in Knee Cartilage

Damage, which tends to occur after ACL injury, raises risk for osteoarthritis, researchers say

Health Tip: Prevent Runner's Knee

Help protect this sensitive joint

Joint Replacement Risks Rise at Less Experienced Hospitals

Study finds greater likelihood of clots, death when few operations are done

Health Tip: You Don't Have to Run to Get Runner's Knee

Here are common contributing factors

Early Rehab May Help Speed Recovery After Knee Surgery

Joint replacement patients who began therapy within 24 hours were discharged sooner: study

Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Obese patients who lost 57 pounds in 6 months saw significant improvements, study finds

Knee Replacements Still Work 20 Years Later

Study showed most recipients remained active and pain-free

Obesity, Bum Knees Robbing Seniors of Good Years: Study

Slimming down would spare hundreds of thousands of people chronic pain, surgery

Motivation May Affect Timing on Return to Work With a New Knee

Resumption of activity depends more on the patient than the type of job, study finds

Shortened Jump Training Course May Save Women Basketball Players' Knees

After just four weeks, strength and stability had improved, researchers say

U.S. Needs National Registry for Joint Replacement Devices: Study

Kaiser registry of 80,000 helps notify patients of device recalls, researchers find

Painful Knees Often Tied to Pain in Other Joints

Arthritic discomfort elsewhere may raise intensity of knee woes, researchers say

Vitamin D No Magic Bullet for Osteoarthritis

It didn't reduce pain or delay disease progression, researchers found

Quality of Care After Joint Surgery May Affect Heart Health

Certain steps seem to cut risk of angina, cardiac events, researchers found

Health Tip: Is Knee Replacement Safe?

Why your doctor may advise against it

Osteoarthritis Risk May Be Higher If Knees Point Outward

Leg alignment seems to play role in distribution of joint stress, research suggests

Early Steps Can Protect Your Knees, Prevent Later Problems

Lifestyle changes can help stave off arthritis, surgery, doctor says

Knee, Hip Replacements May Aid Weight Loss: Study

Healthier lifestyle may be an added bonus for patients following joint surgery, researcher suggests

Not Every ACL Tear Needs Early Surgery, Study Suggests

One expert says treatment of the common knee injury is best decided case-by-case