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Health Tip: Treating Jumper's Knee

Answer may lie in strengthening thighs

(HealthDay News) -- Too much jumping, running or bicycling could lead to patellar tendonitis, a condition some call "jumper's knee." Improper alignment of the legs, knees, or feet can also cause this type of pain.

The University of Michigan Health System says the condition is best prevented by strengthening the thigh muscles. It also suggests avoiding activities that could aggravate the patellofemoral joint, such as squatting, deep knee bends, excessive bending, sitting "Indian" style, sitting back on your heels, kneeling directly on knee caps, or excessive stair or hill climbing.

In addition, to prevent injury when you exercise, wear shoes that fit properly and are right for the activity. Also, gently stretch before and after exercising.

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