Health Tip: When Knee Cartilage is Torn Beyond Repair

A meniscal transplant may be the best option

(HealthDay News) -- Sometimes, the cartilage in knee (meniscus) gets torn through exercise or injury, and the only alternative is to replace it with tissue taken from a donor.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says prime candidates for this procedure are usually physically active and under 55.

Usually, this is recommended only when half the meniscus is missing, either through injury or surgery or because of a tear that can't be repaired.

When a meniscus is torn, it's usually treated by knee arthroscopy. By contrast, a meniscus transplant replaces the torn cartilage in a knee.

Other surgeries, such as ligament or cartilage repairs, may be performed at the time of the meniscus transplantation or with a separate surgery.

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