Health Tip: Safe Snow Shoveling

Take extra precautions

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(HealthDay News) - Along with winter weather comes the possibility of shoveling heavy snow.

Here are some snow shoveling suggestions, courtesy of the National Safety Council:

  • People who have had a heart attack, or who have been diagnosed with heart problems, shouldn't shovel snow without a doctor's permission.
  • People who rarely get physical activity should be especially careful.
  • Snow shoveling is exercise -- warm up, stretch out, cool down and don't strain yourself too much. Stop immediately if you feel pain in your chest, or you're getting out of breath.
  • Avoid eating a big meal or smoking right before shoveling.
  • Be extra careful with wet snow that has been on the ground for a while. Try to shovel when it has just fallen and is likely to be more light and powdery.
  • Push the snow instead of lifting and carrying it. When you do have to lift the shovel, lift with your legs instead of your back.


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