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Hospitals Not to Blame for Most Opioid Addiction: Study

Outpatient prescriptions for spinal and orthopedic disorders identified as common triggers

'Smart' Robot Technology Could Give Stroke Rehab a Boost

State-of-the-art harness shows promise in early trials

Lower Back Injuries Plague Many Athletes

Surgery should be a last resort for 3 common conditions, orthopedic expert says

JFK's Long, Silent Struggle With Back Pain

Kennedy's private journey to fix his spine illustrates 'unfortunate pattern of treatment and outcomes'

Don't Let Summer Strain Your Back

All that yard work and traveling can lead to injury, so spine experts offer safety tips

Seniors Get Good Results From Herniated Disc Surgery

Age is no reason to avoid the operation, Norwegian researchers report

Is One Round of Radiation Enough for Spine Pain in Cancer Patients?

Study suggests it works as well as a full week of treatments

Chiropractors Not Magicians When It Comes to Back Pain

Review suggests there's no quick fix for this common ailment, with only modest relief seen in most cases

Scientists Restore Leg Movement in Paralyzed Monkeys

Wireless connection allowed brain to send signals to spine, but human trials still a long way off

Back Surgery Doesn't Knock All NFL Players Out of the Game: Study

Nearly two-thirds of players continue to perform after spinal disc operation, researchers find

1 in 10 Stroke Rehab Interruptions May Be Preventable

Dehydration, urinary tract infections force patients to return to hospital, study finds

'Brain Training' Helps 8 Paralyzed People Regain Some Movement

Combination regimen jump-started reconnection between mind and body

Early Rehab May Help Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Better physical functioning reported after one year, study finds

Exercise to Boost Spine Muscles Can Ease Back Pain, Study Suggests

Clinical trial review shows motor control exercise helpful for lower back

Paralyzed Man Walks Using Technology That Bypasses Spinal Cord

Brain signals travel through a computer that sends the message straight to the legs, researchers say

Back Pain Patients Seek Pain Relief First, Mobility Second

Nearly 80 percent of patients chose easing discomfort over greater movement, research shows

Boy, Girl Newborns Show Spinal Differences: Study

Researchers suspect changes in females' backs are meant to help in pregnancy

Noninvasive Stimulation Gets Legs Moving After Spinal Cord Injury

Device compares favorably to surgically implanted option, researchers say

Spinal Cord Injuries Drop Among Young, But Rise Among Older Americans

Falls are the major cause among the elderly, researchers say

Quadriplegic Uses Thoughts to Control Robotic Arms

Research is still preliminary, but implants have worked for several patients

Surgery Not Better for Spine Narrowing, Study Finds

More conservative treatments worked just as well to ease back and leg pain

Ecstasy Use Tied to Rare Spinal Blood Vessel Problem in Teen

Drug can spike blood pressure, making existing blood vessel conditions worse, study authors say

Group Doctor Visits May Benefit Muscle Disorder Patients

Those who attended their annual neurologist visit with peers reported slightly better quality of life later

Richard III's Curved Spine Had Little Impact on His Mobility: Study

Examination of long-dead monarch's bones suggest no evidence of a limp

FDA OKs Artificial Arm That Does Complex Tasks

DEKA Arm System allows user to multi-task, agency says

Sleep Apnea Common After Spinal Cord Injury, Study Finds

Injured patients should undergo evaluation for diagnosis of the breathing disorder, researchers say

Falls Top Car Crashes as Leading Cause of U.S. Spinal Injuries

Rates rising fastest among seniors, study finds

Oxygen Treatment May Help Some With Spinal Cord Injuries: Study

Researchers found it allowed those with less severe nerve damage to walk farther and faster

Tongue Piercing Helps Paralyzed People Drive Wheelchairs

Although not yet on the market, magnetic technology may let users move with greater speed, ease

Infections From Tainted Steroids Ranged in Severity: Update

CDC study looked at meningitis, other conditions in 6 hardest-hit states

Spinal Injuries to Soldiers Much More Common in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

About 11 percent of U.S. combat wounds now involve spine, study finds

Braces Seem to Benefit Many Kids With High-Risk Scoliosis

Study suggests that surgery to correct curvature of spine can be avoided for most of these patients

Spinal Fluid Test May Aid Early Detection of Parkinson's Disease

New study findings also might help predict how quickly the disease will progress, researchers say

Backpack Safety Tips for Back to School

It's not only how much weight a kid totes, but also how it's packed and distributed

Spinal Surgery Complications More Common in Medicaid Patients: Study

Rate was 68 percent higher than for people with private insurance

Spinal Injury Causes Permanent Damage Within Weeks: Study

New MRI technology sheds light on how quickly tissue loss begins, effectiveness of treatment

Nerve Regrowth Technique Restores Bladder Function in Paralyzed Rats

Study authors say findings may someday help people with spinal cord injury

Steroid Injections for Back Pain Linked to Spinal Fracture Risk

Study of older adults doesn't prove that steroids are to blame, but experts advise caution

Paralyzed Patient Moves Prosthetic Arm With Her Mind

Experimental robotic technology may someday help people with amputations as well, experts hope

Older Adults' Posture May Predict Future Disability

Spinal measurement was tied to whether seniors in study would need help with routine activities

Steroid Shots Disappoint in Back Pain Study

Patients who got injections saw less improvement than with surgery, other treatments

Health Tip: Dealing With Low Back Pain

Ask your doctor if medication may help

Science Reveals How Owls Avoid Stroke While Rotating Heads

Bone and blood vessel adaptations let the birds escape trauma from such movement

When It Comes to Spine Surgery, There Is No 'July Effect': Study

Arrival of new residents and fellows at hospitals was found to have minimal impact

Turning Tragedy Into Hope for Others With Spinal Cord Injury

Reeve Foundation's Alan Brown, quadriplegic for 25 years, makes case for more research and resources

Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Hand Could Be Breakthrough

Woman paralyzed 13 years from neck down can now move hand without computer assistance

Steroid Injections for Back Pain May Lower Bone Mass

Study found older women who got shots showed greater bone loss in hips six months later

Explosions Are Main Cause of Spine Injuries in U.S. Soldiers

Damage to spinal cord in 17 percent of cases among military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan