Bladder Cancer News

When cancer infects the bladder, a buildup of old or damaged cells clumps together to form a tumor. In about 90 percent of bladder cancer cases, this occurs in the urothelium, or the inner lining of the bladder. These tumors can be benign, meaning they remain fairly harmless, or malignant, meaning they become cancerous, can spread and cause great risks to health. You may not experience any symptoms at first, but bladder cancer eventually leads to blood in the urine as well as painful and frequent urination. Over time, the tumors can break up and spread to other parts of the body.


Doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes bladder cancer, but things like smoking, exposure to toxic chemicals and a family history of bladder cancer can increase your risk. You also have a greater chance of developing bladder cancer if you have had it previously. Some people, however, exhibit none of these risk factors and still develop bladder cancer.

Treatment of Bladder Cancer

Though the incidence of bladder cancer is increasing, treatments are improving and survival rates are also increasing.

Treatment options for bladder cancer include surgery, biological therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The specific treatment a particular person may need will vary widely, based on criteria such as how far advanced the cancer is, the nature of the cancer and other factors. Surgery is often used to remove the tumor or tumors from the bladder, and the other forms of therapy help to kill off any remaining cancerous cells and prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

SOURCES: Urology Care Foundation; U.S. National Cancer Institute

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Researchers say finding might lead to cheap and safe way to prevent the disease

Immune-Based Drug May Help Some With Advanced Bladder Cancer

About a quarter of older patients deemed too frail for chemo responded to Tecentriq, study found

FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Bladder Cancer

Tecentriq boosted survival in small trial

Well Water a Suspected Cause of Bladder Cancer in New England

Researchers believe arsenic exposure might contribute to higher-than-normal rates

More Evidence Diabetes Drug Actos Raises Bladder Cancer Risk a Bit

But odds are small, and experts want it to remain on market, although newer drugs are available

Agent Orange Linked to Bladder Cancer, Thyroid Problems, Panel Says

Herbicide was used during Vietnam War, and vets with Parkinson's-like symptoms can file claim for the condition

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Risk of Bladder Cancer Rising for Workers in Many Industries

Odds for the disease are also climbing faster among women than men, research shows

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Study finds rate is twice as high for some cancers

Smoking Blamed for Half of Deaths From Major Cancers in People Over 35

Eighty percent of lung cancer deaths linked to smoking, researchers say

Smoking Ups Risk of Complications From Urologic Cancers: Study

Although former smokers also have higher odds of trouble, quitting does help

One in 10 Cancer Survivors Still Smoke Years Later, Study Finds

Experts say finding shows how hard it is to quit, and that doctors need to make better effort to help

Exercise Linked to Improved Bladder Cancer Survival

But smoking and a delayed diagnosis might boost the risk of dying from the disease, researchers warn

Study Claims Marijuana Tied to Lower Bladder Cancer Risk

But experts question the study's design and are skeptical of the conclusion

Heavy Smoking May Raise Odds for Lethal Bladder Cancer

Study author called for individualized treatment based on this and other risk factors

Depression, DNA Linked to Higher Death Risk in Bladder Cancer Patients

However, study did not prove a cause-and-effect link

Genes May Influence Impotence After Prostate Radiation

Preliminary research suggests genetic analysis might help men assess their risk

Another Study Links Diabetes Drug Actos to Bladder Cancer

Individual risk still remains low, however

Diabetes Drug Actos May Increase Bladder Cancer Odds

But the absolute risk of getting the cancer is small, researchers find

Chemo + Radiation Best for Bladder Cancer, Study Finds

Adding fluorouracil, mitomycin C led to significantly better survival rates

New Blood Thinner May Prevent Blood Clots During Cancer Treatment

Semuloparin reduced risk by 64 percent during chemotherapy, study found

Drinking More Fluids Could Lower Men's Bladder Cancer Risk

The association was not as strong in older males who typically drank less water, study finds

Bladder Cancer Risk Even Higher for Smokers Than Thought

Increase may be due to change in composition of cigarette smoke, researchers suggest

More U.S. Men Die From Cancer Than Women: Study

But disparity mirrors differences in incidence, not ability to fight disease, researchers say

Bladder Cancer Patients Not Getting Recommended Care: Study

Complex guidelines rarely followed in full for high-grade tumors, researchers find

Diabetes Drug Actos May Raise Risk for Bladder Cancer: FDA

The other drug in this class, Avandia, is already off U.S. market due to heart risks

Heavy Smoking Tied to Advanced Kidney Cancer

Another study finds bladder cancer rates haven't dropped even though fewer people smoke

Cancer Cells May Be Able to Urge Their Own Death

Study suggests that harnessing this trait could improve treatments

Radiation Exposure Raises Likelihood of Second Cancer

Japanese who developed a cancer after atomic bomb blast at high risk of developing another, study finds

Meat Compounds May Boost Bladder Cancer Risk

People with highest levels of dietary nitrite had nearly a 30 percent increase in risk, study shows

Study Suggests Painters Face Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer

More years spent in profession meant higher chances of developing disease

Vitamins Fail to Protect Men Against Bladder Cancer

Little is known about anticancer benefits of supplements, researchers caution

Meat Lovers Face Greater Risk of Bladder Cancer

Red meat, pork and bacon, when cooked at high temperatures, are worst offenders, study shows

New Drugs, Approaches Offer Hope Against Prostate Cancer

Experimental medicine shows promise, new test might cut unnecessary biopsies, researchers say

Medicare Cost-Saving Moves Can Backfire

Upping payments for bladder biopsies done in doctor's office boosted overall spending, study found

Ingredient in Botanicals Tied to Urinary Cancer

People who used affected Chinese products should be monitored, study suggests

Cancer Diagnosis May Tax Physical, Mental Health

Treatment, too, affects quality of life, studies show

Well Water Might Raise Bladder Cancer Risk

Study cites sun and smoke as other factors linked to the disease

Gene Studies Reveal Cancer's Secrets

Key alterations hold clues to blood, bladder and ovarian malignancies, researchers say

Common Industrial Chemicals May Not Boost Cancer Risk

Use of PFOA, PFOS as additives is already being phased out, experts note