Health Tip: Risk Factors for Bladder Cancer

Some, like smoking, can be controlled

(HealthDay News) -- While the exact cause of bladder cancer is unknown, certain habits and traits can raise a person's risk of contracting it.

Here are common risk factors for bladder cancer, courtesy of the American Cancer Society:

  • Smokers get bladder cancer about twice as often as those who don't light up.
  • People who work with certain chemicals -- including those used to produce dyes, printing inks, and paints -- may be at higher risk.
  • Whites are twice as likely to contract bladder cancer as blacks or Hispanics. The risk of bladder cancer also rises with age.
  • Chronic bladder illnesses, including kidney stones and bladder infections.
  • Personal or family history of bladder cancer.
  • Birth defects of the bladder.
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