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Mammograms May Boost Cancer Risk in High-Risk Women

Radiation exposures in younger women may up chances of disease, study finds

Taxol Boosts Odds of Chronic Pain

Breast cancer patients getting the chemo drug may suffer long-term neuropathic discomfort, study finds

Recent Cancer Screening Changes Leave Many Confused

But experts say science is behind reasoning that testing less is OK

Sleep Disorders Plague Cancer Patients

More than three-quarters getting chemo deal with insomnia, study shows

Women Should Ignore New Mammogram Guideline, Ex-NIH Chief Says

Dr. Bernadine Healy, first woman to head the agency, said lives could be at risk

Blood Test Could Boost Clarity of Breast MRI Results for Some

Taking menstrual cycle into account when booking exam may cut need for repeat scans, study suggests

No Immediate Changes Expected in Mammogram Coverage

Health plans say routine screening is an individual decision

Too Few Older Adults Get Recommended Screenings

Report looks to improve health of this group with better preventive care

Task Force Member Defends Mammography Guidelines

Meanwhile, three doctors weigh in on what women should do about the new recommendations

Mammography: What to Do Now?

Three doctors weigh in on what women should do about the new guidelines

Guidelines Delay Start of Mammograms to Age 50, Then Every Other Year

Cancer Society, others voice strong disapproval of federal recommendations

Gene Linked to Breast Cancer Might Boost Heart Health

When BRCA1 is deactivated, it can lead to hardening of the arteries, mouse study suggests

Lab Study Slows Breast Cancer Spread to Bone in Mice

Experimental drug may lead to therapy that inhibits metastasis, research suggests

Less HRT, Fewer Cases of Possible Breast Cancer Precursor

As hormone use declined, so did incidence of abnormal cells in milk ducts, study finds

Breast Cancer May Be Gone, But Pain Lingers

Nearly half of patients have chronic pain, researchers find

Breast Cancer Drugs May Fight Cervical Cancer, Too

Study in mice reports success with drugs that inhibit estrogen

Dense Breasts Raise Risk of Cancer Recurrence

Study didn't answer question of why this is so, however

Shorter, More Intense Radiation OK for Some Breast Cancers

Three-week course comparable to six-week treatment, researchers find

Drug Could Help Treat Small HER2-Positive Breast Tumors

Researcher urges studies to determine benefits of anti-HER2 therapies

Meditation May Reduce Stress in Breast Cancer Patients

Women report improved emotional and mental health in study

Mapping the Link Between Alcohol, Cancer

How it affects tumor cells is becoming less of a mystery, study finds.

Breast Abnormality Follow-Up Often Later in Black Women

Reasons for delay are unclear, researchers say

American Cancer Society Stands By Cancer Screening Guidelines

Group has no plans to rethink testing for breast, prostate tumors, contrary to published report

Breast Cancer Gene Tied to Diagnosis at Younger Age

Researchers concerned that disease may be developing earlier

Race Not a Factor if Breast Cancer Chemo Succeeds

All women have similar outcomes when there's no sign of disease following treatment, study finds

Mastectomy Not First Choice for Most Breast Cancer Patients

Three-fourths opt for breast-conserving treatments instead, study finds

With Hormone Therapy, Tender Breasts May Signal Cancer Risk

Symptom might warrant a reassessment of treatment, experts suggest

'Lab on a Chip' Might Speed Breast Cancer Monitoring

Device makes measuring estrogen faster and simpler, researchers say

Gene Test Might Predict Tamoxifen's Effectiveness

The breast cancer drug works better depending on particular DNA, study suggests

New Test Assesses Individual Breast Cancer Risk

Number of milk sacs, size of lobules determine findings, study shows

Breast Cancer Death Rates Continue to Drop 2% Annually

But mortality still higher among black women than white women, U.S. report says

Social Isolation Adversely Affects Breast Cancer

In mouse study, those living alone had larger tumors than those in groups

More Women Having Other Breast Removed

But experts say there's no proof that procedure extends survival of cancer patients

After-Effects of Chemotherapy May Include Memory Problems

Lack of concentration, thinking difficulties reported by breast cancer survivors, researchers say

Timing, Type of HRT May Determine Breast Cancer Risk

Starting estrogen-progestagen therapy early may up odds of disease, study shows

For Hispanics, a Unique Cancer Profile Emerges

Report finds they're less likely to die of cancer but more apt to have certain malignancies

Medications That Lower Breast Cancer Risk Carry Other Dangers

Analysis notes tamoxifen, raloxifene can up chances of other cancers, clots

Common Diabetes Drug May Fight Cancer

Metformin-chemo combination shrinks tumors, delays recurrence in mice: study

Routine Testing Would Improve Herceptin Use in Breast Cancer

Targeted drug therapy often doesn't reach the right patients, study finds

Scientists Spot Key to Breast Cancer Spread

Combination of proteins sparks disease growth, research shows

Scientists Spot Clue to Cancer's Aggressiveness

They hope molecular signature shows when disease will respond to cancer drug

Family, Friends Influence Breast Cancer Decisions

Patients' supporters often play role in treatment discussions, study finds

Chemotherapy Linked to Sleep-Wake Cycle Disruptions

Biological clock out of sync in patients being treated for breast cancer, study finds

Meat, Dairy Won't Up Odds for Breast Cancer

Two studies find no clear link; other research supports fiber to ward off the disease

Advice Helps Prevent Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery

Patients benefit from information on how to reduce risk of lymphedema, experts say

More Women Surviving After Early Breast Cancer

Still too little is known about these 'in situ' malignancies, experts say

Tamoxifen May Up Risk of Second, More Aggressive Breast Cancer

But survivors shouldn't stop taking the anti-cancer drug, experts say

Protein May Identify Deadlier Breast Cancer

Findings might help doctors determine prognosis, researchers say

Newer Drug Beats Tamoxifen for Older Breast Cancer Patients

Letrozole boosted survival and should be first-line treatment, experts say

Estrogen Plays Surprise Role in Breast Cancer Treatment

Study finds it may slow disease if anti-estrogen therapies stop working