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Some Antidepressants May Thwart Tamoxifen's Effect on Breast Cancer

Women should seek alternatives to SSRIs for hot flashes, studies suggest

New Insights, Inroads Against Breast, Ovarian Cancers

Once-promising ovarian cancer test loses luster, but new breast tumor treatments called 'exciting'

U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall

Report finds 19.2% drop among men, 11.4% among women in past 15 years

Drug May Extend Life When Breast Cancer Spreads

Study funded by pharmaceutical company finds benefits in Abraxane

New Research Sheds Light on Breast Cancer Prognosis

Two studies examine protein linked to tumor growth for clues to better treatments

Many Black Women Refuse Breast Cancer Treatments

Poverty, fear play roles in skipping lifesaving therapies, researchers say

Stem Cell Study Offers Hope for Targeting Tumors

In mice, genetically engineered cells killed cancer but spared healthy cells

Poor Women Seem to Be Skipping Breast Cancer Drugs

Theories vary as to why, but experts say consequence can be severe

Ginger Eases Nausea From Chemo

Spice produced 40% reduction in symptoms among breast cancer patients

Chemotherapy Superior to New Drug for Early Breast Cancer

Standard treatment prolonged survival in older women, study finds

Healthy Behaviors Slow Functional Decline After Cancer

Diet, exercise may improve endurance in older, overweight cancer survivors, study shows

Where You Live May Affect Your Cancer Diagnosis

Risk of late-stage cancer greater in city dwellers than in rural residents, study shows

Genes Linked to Spread of Breast Cancer

Study identifies three genetic ties to brain metastasis

Breast Self-Exam Rates Go Up With Counseling

Instruction and encouragement take the worry away, researcher says

Young Women's Breast Tissue Offers Clues to Cancer Risk

Tissue density tied to chances of disease in middle-age and beyond, study suggests

Minorities to Bear Brunt of Rise in U.S. Cancer Cases

Rate among Hispanics, blacks will double over next 20 years, report warns

Gene Alteration May Affect Breast Cancer Therapy

Less toxic regimen could be sufficient for some women, study finds

Drug May Help Against Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Study shows those who respond to lapatinib survive longer

No Verdict Yet on Grape Seed Extract vs. Breast Cancer

Researchers plan more controlled study at different dosages

Soy May Not Lead to Denser Breasts

Study finds no link to condition that can increase cancer risk

Walnuts May Help Keep Breast Cancer at Bay

Study in mice finds fewer, smaller tumors in those that ate the nuts

Study Rates Breast Cancer Risks Among Races

Researchers find white and black women share certain risks; other factors more distinctive

Targeted Treatments Show Mettle Against Advanced Cancers

Progression-free survival longer when treatment aimed at specific tumor traits

Dense Breasts Complicate Testing and Treatment

Risk factor is one women can do little about, experts say

Harmless Virus May Be Deadly to Breast Cancer

Reovirus seeks out and destroys tumor cells, researchers say

Health Tip: Lumps in the Breast

Often don't signal cancer

Yale Plans Closer Look at Exercise and Cancer

Studies will chart recovery of active women with breast or ovarian disease

Scientists Identify More Breast Cancer Genes

Findings should lead to deeper understanding of the disease, experts say

Microsurgery May Cut Swelling After Breast Cancer Treatment

Technique reroutes lymphatic fluid to prevent buildup, experts explain

Black Women at Higher Risk for Aggressive Breast Tumors

Triple negative growths 3 times more likely regardless of age, weight, study finds

Soy May Help Shield Asian-American Girls From Breast Cancer

Early consumption seems most beneficial, but needs further study, experts say

When Breast Cancer Recurs, Finding Pre-Symptoms Is Key

Early stage cancers are usually smaller and more contained, study finds

Lymphedema Raises Cost of Breast Cancer Care

Painful swelling can require treatments for infections and depression

Younger Women With Breast Cancer Face Added Peril

Disease is more aggressive, requiring more radical treatments, study suggests

Wine Color Won't Change Breast Cancer Risk

Despite red wine's healthy reputation, study finds it won't lower cancer odds

Women With Breast Cancer Gene Favor Preventive Mastectomy

Most carriers view the procedure as best security against the disease, study finds

New Test May Mean Faster Breast Cancer Treatment

Genetic analysis method can be used on all women with diagnosis, study says

Men With BRCA Gene Mutations Unaware of Cancer Risks

They need to be more aware of the threats to themselves and relatives, study says

Yoga May Bring Calm to Breast Cancer Treatment

Women reported less stress, more peace after sessions, study finds

Drinking Raises Cancer Risk for Middle-Age Women

Even one drink a day poses danger, large study finds

Waiting Is the Hardest Part in Biopsies

Study finds stress hormone levels abnormal among women waiting for breast biopsy results

Technique May Let More Women Use Tamoxifen

30% of breast cancers currently don't respond to this type of estrogen-linked drug

Calcium Helps Ward Off Colon Cancer

Effect is strongest for women, study finds, doesn't extend to other malignancies

Cancer Death Rates Decline Among Blacks, But Disparities Linger

Diagnosis still comes later than for whites and survival is poorer, new report finds

One in Three Cancer Survivors on Unemployment Line

Lingering physical effects of cancer a likely cause, finds study

Menopause Drug Tied to Breast Cancer Recurrence

Dutch study of tibolone, also used for osteoporosis but not available in U.S., was stopped early due to increased risk

Hodgkin's Survivors Prone to Breast Cancer Later

Study found they were 37 times more likely to develop malignancies after radiation treatments

Experts Release Guidelines on Use of Breast MRI

The technology can supplement, but not replace, standard screening, they say

Pregnancy May Not Affect Breast Cancer Survival

But early diagnosis and treatment before birth are best, study says

Minorities Distrust Medical System More

Study finds levels of skepticism correlate with lower cancer screening rates