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Health Tip: Perform a Breast Self-Exam

Seek to identify any changes

(HealthDay News) -- A monthly breast self-exam can help you identify any changes or abnormalities early, which could lead to a better chance of successful breast cancer treatment.

The American Cancer Society offers these guidelines for performing a breast self-exam:

  • Lying down with your right arm behind your head, use the middle three fingers on your left hand to look for abnormalities using a small, circular motion.
  • Alternate between using light, medium and firm pressure.
  • Continue the exam moving up and down in imaginary lines on your breast, making sure that you examine all areas of the breast, chest and underarm.
  • Repeat the exam with your other hand and other breast.
  • Stand up and examine your breasts in the mirror, also raising your arms to inspect underarms.
  • Look for any changes in the size, shape or color of the skin, including redness, scaling or dimpling.
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