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Chronic Tylenol Use May Be Linked to Blood Cancer, Study Suggests

Taking it most days of the week for years might increase risk, researchers say

Most Leukemia Patients Recover From 'Chemo Brain' After Transplant: Study

But nearly 42 percent had memory, motor skills issues that lingered 5 years post-treatment

U.S. Cancer Rates Continue to Fall

Report suggests that better screening, diagnosis and treatments are paying off

Leukemia Patients Taking Gleevec Achieve 'Normal' Death Rate

Study finds they die no faster than people in the general population

Less Is More With Acute Myeloid Leukemia Drug

Study finds lower doses of cytarabine as effective, with fewer side effects, as standard dose

Marrow Donation From Teenage Stranger Saves Man's Life

Random cheek swab yields near-perfect match for leukemia victim

Cancer Cells May Be Able to Urge Their Own Death

Study suggests that harnessing this trait could improve treatments

Gene Activity May Affect Acute Myeloid Leukemia Outcome

Highly active genes in leukemic stem cells linked to poor response to therapy, raised risk of death

Docs Claim Transplant Cured Man of HIV, But Experts Urge Caution

Treatment has beat back virus for 3 years but may be too risky, impractical for widespread use

Blood Cancer Advances May Improve Survival

Drugs seem to benefit patients with multiple myeloma, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, researchers say

Gene Therapy Corrected Rare Bleeding Disorder: Study

But one of 10 boys developed leukemia, possibly from treatment, researchers say

Gene Mutations Seem to Make a Leukemia More Deadly

Study found patients with acute myeloid leukemia who had the variant were more likely to die quickly

Sprycel Approval Expanded to Include Rare Leukemia

Drug believed to hinder proteins that encourage cancer growth

Some With Once-Deadly Leukemia Can Take a Break From Gleevec

Small minority of CML patients went off the drug for 2 years with no sign of recurrence

3 or More X-Rays May Raise Leukemia Risk Among Kids: Study

But overall danger remains extremely low, researchers point out

Experimental Leukemia Drug Proves a Slam Dunk

Former basketball player, Ray Johnston, beating long odds with his rock band in Dallas

Radiation Exposure Raises Likelihood of Second Cancer

Japanese who developed a cancer after atomic bomb blast at high risk of developing another, study finds

Recession Causing Cancer Patients to Quit Life-Extending Drugs

3 patients taking pricey Gleevec gave it up, prompting their tumors' return, doctors report

Radiation for Childhood Cancer Can Boost Risk of Stillbirth Later

Study found when woman's uterus, ovaries had been exposed at young age, risk was up to 12 times greater

Gene Therapy Shows Promise With 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Researchers report some success 10 years after treatment, although some patients developed cancer

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Keeps Falling: Report

American Cancer Society statistics suggest earlier detection, better treatment paying off

Obesity Ups Cancer Death Risk in Asia-Pacific Region

But the risk conferred by excess weight is no higher than in the West, study finds

Study Clears Cell Phone Towers of Childhood Cancer Connection

Proximity during pregnancy doesn't appear to raise risk of leukemia, brain tumors, researchers say

Tasigna Approval Widened to Include Early Stages of Rare Leukemia

But users are at greater risk of heart disorder

Green Tea Compound Slowed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Researchers caution finding was preliminary, effect seen only in early stages of disease

Newer Drugs Beat Gleevec in Head-to-Head Trials

More chronic myeloid leukemia patients responded to Sprycel and Tasigna than Gleevec

Childhood Cancer Survivors Face Health Problems Throughout Life

More likely to struggle with medical issues as adults, analysis finds

Genetic Pattern May Predict Leukemia Relapse

Children could be screened, treated more aggressively if deemed at risk, researchers say

Drinking While Pregnant Tied to Rare Leukemia in Offspring

There's no safe amount of alcohol for women during this time, experts say

Imaging Costs Soar for Medicare Cancer Patients

Whether more scans are wasteful or improve outcomes isn't known, experts say

Rituxan Approved for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

A cancer of the blood and bone marrow

High Rates of Childhood Leukemia Seen in Iraq Province

Cases in Basra more than doubled over 15 years, research shows

Stem Cell, Bone Marrow Transplants Both Benefit Leukemia Patients

Little difference in survival found 10 years after therapies, study says

Some Childhood Cancer Survivors Face More Challenges at School

Radiation to head for brain and other cancers linked to educational deficits, study finds

Study Suggests Way to 'Mop Up' Leukemia Cells

Vaccine beats back cancer left behind after treatment, researchers say

Experimental Drug May Help in Brain, Prostate Cancers

Study finds that imetelstat targets mechanism that allows cancer cells to divide

Herb May Counter Liver Damage From Chemo

Milk thistle appears to reduce liver inflammation in cancer patients, researchers say

Formaldehyde May Endanger Funeral Workers

Leukemia risk is found to increase with longer exposure to embalming fluids

Leukemia Drug May Help Some Ovarian Cancer Patients

Sprycel limited the growth of cancer cells in lab study

Istodax Approved for Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

It's a disfiguring cancer affecting the skin

Arzerra Approved for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Affects some 16,000 people annually

Mother's Cancer Can Pass to Fetus

Genetic analysis is first proof this rare phenomenon occurs, scientists say

Many Childhood Cancer Survivors Never Marry

Certain forms of disease, treatment linked to greater likelihood of remaining single, study finds

Leukemia Drug in High Dose Helps Survival

Two trials find daunorubicin benefits certain subsets of patients

Leukemia Cells May Hide in Fat Tissue

Finding explains why obese children have higher relapse rates, researchers say

Treating Childhood Leukemia With Fewer Side Effects

Dutch researchers skip radiation treatments, some chemo but add corticosteroid

Steady Improvements Seen for Young Blood Cancer Patients

Survival has significantly increased, research shows

Treatment May Limit Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Problem in stem-cell transplants is common when donor, recipient are not related

Exercise May Help in Leukemia Recovery

Small study finds physical activity reduces depression and fatigue

Cancer Deaths Declining, Especially Among Young

Advances in treatment, prevention and detection behind progress, study finds