Health Tip: Preparing for a Mammogram

How to get ready for the test

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(HealthDay News) -- A mammogram is an X-ray of the breasts that's designed to detect abnormalities, including possible tumors.

Doctors may compare a current mammogram with past results to learn of any changes.

The National Women's Health Information Center offers these suggestions to help women prepare for a mammogram:

  • Don't schedule a mammogram for the week just before your period, as your breasts may be swollen and sore.
  • Let the technician know before the test begins if you have breast implants.
  • Wear a skirt or pants with a top that's easy to take off. You don't have to completely disrobe.
  • The day of the test, skip applying any lotion, powder, perfume or deodorant under your arms or near your chest, as these can affect the results.
  • Bring any previous mammogram results with you.


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