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Self-Exams of Feet Can Catch Early Melanoma

Stay a step ahead of cancer with check for moles, freckles or spots, surgeons' group says

Frequent Prostate Screens Fail to Improve Aggressive Cancer Diagnoses

2- and 4-year PSA tests equally effective at detecting larger disease, study finds

Smoking Boosts Risk for Head, Neck Cancers

Habit is even more dangerous for women than men, major study finds

Insurance Impacts Laryngeal Cancer Detection

Less or no coverage meant tumors were spotted later, study found

Cranberry Could Juice Up Ovarian Cancer Treatment

In lab experiments, it boosted drugs' killing power 6-fold

Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk

Lab tests show altering anthocyanin molecules could lead to new treatments, study says

Healthy Lifestyle Key To Cancer Prevention

Obesity, tobacco cause half of all cancers, presidential panel says

Scientists Create Breast Tumor Stem Cells

Achievement could spur research into cancer's spread, experts say

Female Cancer Survivors Lack Frank Sex Talk From Docs

2 of 3 women say physicians never counseled them on disease's impact on romance

Cancer Society's Virtual 'Relay for Life' Begins Friday

'Second Life' fund-raiser mirrors real-world relay race, organizers say

Agent Orange May Boost Vietnam Vets' Hypertension Risk

Federal report also revisits risks for a number of cancers

Myths About Cancer Risk Abound

Misconceptions linger around smoking, cell phones, other factors, Cancer Society survey finds

Very Low Cholesterol May Bump Up Cancer Risk

But the effect is small, and people shouldn't abandon lifesaving statins, experts agree

One Billion People Don't Get Enough Vitamin D

Expert suggests recommended daily intake be boosted to help prevent disease

Natural Cancer-Fighting Protein May Also Slow Aging

Mice with extra p53 lived longer, even after factoring in cancer deaths, study finds

CT Heart Scans Raise Cancer Risk

Study suggests the tests be carefully matched to patients' need, risk

Chemical 'Paint' Helps Surgeons See Cancer's Borders

Removing all of the tumor is key to preventing recurrence, researchers say

No Evidence Tomatoes, Lycopene Cut Cancer: FDA

The agency lays out details behind its decision to bar health claims

Study Compares Colon Cancer Drug Regimens

Starting off with single agent works as well as combo approach, experts say

Straight Talk From Docs on Grim Prognoses Works Best

Knowing the facts helps, even when outlook is poor, new research shows

Inflammatory Genes Raise Lung Cancer Risk

2 variants alter immune system's response to infection, cell damage, study finds

Genetically Altered Cold Sore Virus Fights Cancer

Herpes simplex strain showed no side effects in early trial, study says

Diagnosis Delays Tough on Kids With Cancer

Little research done on how often these potentially dangerous problems occur, experts say

Breast Cancer Survival May Run in Families

Daughters of women who succumb to the disease have heightened risk of dying if they develop it, Swedish study finds.

Bisphosphonates Linked to Jawbone Disorder

Medications tied to bone deterioration in about 5% of cancer cases, study finds

Drug From Sea Squirt Treats Rare Sarcoma

Tumors either disappeared or shrank in half of patients, study found

Study Probes Whether Diet Can Cut Colon Cancer Risk

Trial to compare Mediterranean diet with U.S. Healthy People 2010 guidelines

Turning an Anti-Tumor Gene Back On Could Fight Cancer

The next step is to develop drugs that can do so, scientists say

Cancer Risk From Environmental Arsenic Can Last for Generations

Chilean study finds rates for malignancy were still high decades after clean-up

Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk: Study

Women who took nearly three times the recommended amount reduced risk by 60 percent

Stem Cells Can Be Cancer Cell Lookalikes

Whether they help drive malignancy is still not clear, scientists say

New Biomarkers Classify Outcomes of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers

Protein patterns in tumors, blood serum predictive of who would fare better, studies find

Ethanol Injection Helps Thyroid Cancer Patients

Alcohol cut tumor volume 50% in bone metastasis cases where radioiodine was ineffective

Drug Boosts Adrenal Cancer Survival

Mitotane marks advance against rare, tough-to-treat cancer

Cancer Drugs Appear to Boost Long-Term Memory

Mouse study hints at treatments for Alzheimer's, other brain diseases, in humans

Drug May Help Combat 'Chemo Brain'

Small study found modafinil effective for women with breast cancer

Disagreement With Doctor on Health Hurts Cancer Patients

Those with advanced lung, colon cancers more likely to die if disconnect exists, study found

Disparities Persist in Cancer Care

Studies show racial, socioeconomic gaps continue with breast, childhood cancers

Gene Has Strong Ties to Stomach Cancer

Discovery brings better understanding of one form of the disease

New Treatments for Tough Cancers Show Promise

Studies found radiation, additional drugs slowed spread of lung, head/neck malignancies

Ginseng, Flaxseed May Help Cancer Patients

But another study dampens enthusiasm for the use of shark cartilage against lung tumors

Heart Disease Marker May Predict Prostate Cancer's Course

Patients with higher levels of C-reactive protein fared worse, study found

Most Errors in Pediatric Chemo Make It to Patients

Dispensing, administration mistakes were most likely cause, study found

Man's Best Friend Joins the Fight Against Cancer

New canine tumor tissue bank will help save dog and human lives, experts say

Tips to Keeping the Barbecue Cancer-Free

Marinating, precooking can deny tumor-causing compounds a plate at the table

Robotic Procedure Improves Survival for Prostate Cancer Patients

It leaves fewer stray cancer cells after prostate removal, study shows

Supplements Don't Cut Lung Cancer Risk: Study

Taking multivitamins, C, E or folate conferred no statistically significant benefit

Green Tea May Offer Protection From Bladder Inflammation

Herbal agents used were at levels found in normal dietary intake, study says

Gardasil Guards Against Vaginal, Vulval Cancers

Researchers found cervical cancer vaccine reduced risk of lesions by 49%

Many Americans Confused About Cancer: Survey

1 in 4 think there's not much you can do to prevent it