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HPV Vaccine Lowering Infection Rates Among Girls: CDC

Extent of protection from sexually transmitted virus higher than expected, suggesting 'herd immunity' is at work, experts say

Health Tip: Surviving With Cancer

Learn to accept a new 'normal'

Pets Battling Cancer Can Join Clinical Trials Too

Vets, physicians say a new system may speed up drug discovery for dogs, cats and humans

Endoscopes Not Always Cleaned Properly: Study

Used to examine patients' gastrointestinal tracts, dirty devices might pose infection risk

Which Women Might Benefit From Drugs to Prevent Breast Cancer?

New research suggests it depends on certain gene variations

Scientists ID Gene Linked to Aggressive Liver Cancer

Finding, though preliminary, might lead to better treatments

Mammography Doesn't Reduce Breast Cancer Death Rates: U.K. Study

But U.S. expert cites flaws in study, notes other research came to different conclusions

Chronic Illness Afflicts Most Childhood-Cancer Survivors, Study Finds

Treatment-related lung and hearing problems common at age 45

Cutting Unneeded CT Scans in Kids Could Lower Future Cancer Risk

Reducing radiation dosage would also help, study found

Tweaking Dietary Fat Mix Might Boost Prostate Cancer Survival

Men who subbed vegetable oils, avocados, nuts for animal fats fared better in study

Healthy Grilling Tips for Summer Barbecues

Enjoy outdoor cooking while keeping cancer risk to a minimum, expert urges

Experts Dispel Common Melanoma Myths

Think you're safe because your skin rarely burns?

Gene-Based Blood Test Might Help Spot Colon Cancer

Early study found it had high accuracy, but experts say it won't replace colonoscopy anytime soon

Low Breast-Feeding Rate Linked to Early Deaths, Illnesses: Study

Cost to U.S. is $17 billion a year, researchers say, but experts question findings

Tumor in Bone Shows Neanderthals Got Cancer Too

Discovery sheds light on history of tumors in humans, researchers say

Almost Half of Cancer Doctors Report Symptoms of Burnout: Survey

Along with career satisfaction, many cite emotional exhaustion

Anxiety Often Plagues Cancer Survivors and Their Loved Ones

Partners even more likely than survivors to experience fear and worry over long term, study finds

Cancer Patients Often Shy Away From Talking About Costs

Yet discussing financial concerns with doctors may help lower expenses, study suggests

Many Young Breast Cancer Patients May Opt for a Mastectomy

Disease stage and genetic factors may be related to women's treatment decisions, study shows

Pace of New Drug Advances May Be Slowing, Study Finds

Research discovers decrease in dramatic breakthroughs from clinical trials

Daily Sunscreen Helps Middle-Aged Skin Stay Young: Study

After 4 years, less 'photoaging' seen among regular users in sunny Australia

Many Black Women Prone to Gene-Driven Breast Cancer: Study

Researchers say finding underscores need for DNA screening

Fine-Tuning Breast Cancer Treatments: What Works Better?

Studies compared side effects with different Taxol schedules, and between radiation and surgery

Michael Douglas Blames His Throat Cancer on Oral Sex

Experts say the claim is probably correct, because tumors caused by HPV virus much more responsive to treatment

New Drug May Help Fight Certain Advanced Lung Cancers

In trial, ganetespib extended survival for people with a very common form of the disease

U.S. Cancer Patients Suffering From Drug Shortages

Survey of oncologists finds frequent treatment delays, changes

Experimental Drug Shows Benefits Against Melanoma in Early Study

Lambrolizumab activates body's immune system to kill cancerous cells, researchers say

New Drug May Slow Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Study found it prolonged remission after chemotherapy almost six months longer than a placebo

Avastin May Boost Survival in Advanced Cervical Cancer: Study

Women who got the drug plus standard chemo lived about 4 months longer on average

Drug May Work Against Advanced Thyroid Cancer

Sorafenib appeared to delay disease progression, shrink tumors in early study

Immune-Based Drug Shows Promise Against Advanced Melanoma

In preliminary trial, nivolumab shrank tumors in 30 percent of tough-to-treat patients

Doubling Time on Tamoxifen Cuts Odds for Breast Cancer's Return: Study

10 years on the drug did increase side effects, but survival gains may be worth it, researchers say

Experimental Drugs Show Promise Against Prostate Cancer

Tumor growth suppressed in lab tests; human trials still needed, study authors say

Scientists Gauge Radiation Dose From Trip to Mars

253-day journey would expose astronaut to amount equal to 40-50 whole-body scans, study says

Prepping for a Colonoscopy: Why It's a Necessary Evil

Though new techniques are on the horizon, doctors say colon-cleansing is here to stay

Delaying Colonoscopy Puts Man in Grave Danger

A little 'short-term hassle' may have prevented stage 2 cancer, Wisconsin resident says

Sunless Tanners Still a Tough Sell, Survey Finds

Despite health risks associated with tanning, many young women still prefer the real thing

Most Docs OK With Medical Marijuana: Survey

Majority would give a prescription to an advanced cancer patient in pain

U.S. Imports Scarce Nutrition Drugs for Sick Babies

Ingredients for intravenous feeding in short supply after company closure, FDA says

Campaign Urges Smokers to Enlist Doctors' Help in Quitting

Physician advice, assistance greatly boosts success of cessation efforts

Black Prostate Cancer Patients More Likely to Delay Treatment: Study

They're also less likely to undergo prostate cancer screening, research shows

As Summer Approaches, Experts Offer Tips on Preventing Skin Cancer

Sun protection, regular skin checks help lower your risk

Low-Income, Minority Parents More Open to HPV Vaccine for Girls, Study Says

White, middle-class parents less accepting of the cervical cancer shot, researchers contend

Modified Polio Virus May Help Fight Brain Tumors, Study Suggests

Treatment is harmless to normal cells but attacks cancer cells; finding is preliminary, researchers say

Scientists Can't Replicate Surprising Finding on Alzheimer's Treatment

Skin cancer drug had no effect on brain plaques in mice, three separate research teams report

Chronic Heartburn May Raise Odds for Throat Cancer: Study

But simple antacids appear to lower the risk, researchers report

CT Scans Reduce Lung Cancer Deaths, Study Confirms

But questions remain about widespread screening

American Cancer Society Celebrates 100 Years of Progress

One million cancer deaths avoided since 1990s, group says

Children Who Have CT Scans May Face Higher Cancer Risk

Those exposed before age 5 are most vulnerable, study finds

Age, Other Illnesses May Make Prostate Cancer Treatment Unnecessary

For older patients with hypertension, heart failure, different problems will likely cause death, study finds