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Researchers Spot Potential Bile Duct Cancer Drug Targets

Mutations in two genes found in tumors appear to fuel their growth

Avastin May Be Helpful Before Breast Cancer Surgery

However, it's not clear which patients would benefit, studies find

Women Can Take Steps to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Regular Pap tests, HPV vaccine go a long way in warding off the disease, experts say

Gene Mutations May Boost Ovarian Cancer Survival: Study

Women with BRCA1, BRCA2 have higher risk for the disease, but prognosis might be better

Drug May Slow Early Prostate Cancer: Study

Typically used for an enlarged prostate, it could prevent need for aggressive treatment

Study Shows How Stress Triggers Immune System

Conflict fires up molecules related to inflammation, researchers report

Only 1 in 4 Young Teens Uses Sunscreen Regularly, Study Finds

Sunburn in childhood a major risk factor for skin cancer, experts note

New Genetic Clues to Breast Cancer?

Researchers say they've identified three more genomic regions associated with the disease

More Evidence for Oxaliplatin as Colon Cancer Chemotherapy

Adding the drug to standard regimen improved survival in new group of patients

Breast Cancer Before 50 Linked to More Distress

Personalized treatment might improve health-related quality of life in younger patients

Tanning Salon Tax No Deterrent: Study

Bans for people under 18 and fines may be more effective than tax, researchers say

Many Breast Cancer Patients Uninformed About Options: Study

Survey of survivors found that only about half were asked their preference for type of surgery

Study Hints That Statins Might Fight Breast Cancer

But laboratory finding on tumor suppression hasn't been proven in real-world setting, researcher said

Melanoma Drug's Link to Other Skin Cancers Identified

New study suggests ways around the risk for patients

Voraxaze Approved to Treat High Levels of Chemo Drug

Blood amounts can rise due to kidney failure

Experimental Drug Might Help Some a Bit With Colon Cancer

Drug extended survival by one month in those with advanced disease

Blood Test Shows Promise in Spotting Pancreatic Cancers Early

Another study suggests a similar test for those at risk for esophageal tumors

Drug Duo May Help Fight Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer

Response rate increased with two-drug approach, researchers report

Many Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Face Eating Problems

Poor throat function, depression and pain are common, study finds

Drop in Melanoma Deaths Limited to Educated Whites: Study

Rates not declining in skin cancer patients with less schooling, researchers say

Experts Urge Public Action to Aid Cancer Prevention

Cancer society's new guidelines for diet and exercise stress community support

DNA Damage From Chemo May Help Spur Leukemia's Return

The treatment can achieve acute myeloid leukemia remission, but better options needed, experts say

Music May Ease Anxiety, Pain in Prostate Biopsy Patients

Men who listened to Bach with headphones during procedure seemed less stressed, study says

Does Deodorant Ingredient Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

Small study finds suspect chemical even in women who never used the product, further muddying the debate

Scientists Identify Inherited Prostate Cancer Gene

Men with the mutation are at 10 to 20 times increased risk of prostate cancer

Americans Living Longer, Report Finds

Better treatments, screening for many diseases may explain trend, experts say

Tests Might Someday Help Spot Early Lung Cancer

Tissue samples, sensitive blood analyses show promise for early diagnosis, treatment

Mixed News on Tough-to-Treat Lung Cancer

One drug made little difference, another showed promise in mice with genetic mutation

Low-Dose Aspirin to Prevent First Heart Attack or Stroke? Not So Fast

Modest benefits might not outweigh bleeding risk, evidence review suggests

Researchers Look at Genomes of Nonsmokers With Lung Cancer

Never-smokers may have different mutations in genes than smokers, suggests small, early study

Anti-Estrogen Treatment Shrank Lung Tumors in Mice

Preliminary study exposed animals to cancer-causing agent in tobacco

Most Parents Tell Kids About Test Results for Breast Cancer Genes

Children can handle the information, study suggests, except very youngest

Researchers Identify Liver Cancer Risk Factors

Hepatitis C, obesity contribute to rising rates, new studies find

PSA Test for Prostate Cancer Doesn't Save Lives: Study

But findings are irrelevant, one expert says

Resolve to Take Colon Cancer Test, Experts Say

Screening can catch precancerous growths at early, treatable stage

Many Teen Girls Mistakenly Think HPV Vaccines Cut Risk for All STDs

Doctors should stress limits of protection to patients, researcher says

Gene Mutation Linked to Chemo-Resistant Colon Cancer

Finding could help identify which patients would benefit from specific chemotherapy, researchers say

Gene Mutations Linked to Thyroid Cancer Risk: Study

Changes in 'PTEN' gene appear to raise children's risk

U.S. Blacks More Likely to Die of Colon Cancer Than Whites: Study

This gap in survival is widest among those diagnosed with advanced disease, research shows

Health Care Reform Battle Tops Health News for 2011

Debates over cellphone safety, cigarette-pack images also grabbed headlines

Gene Mutation May Be Key to Familial Pancreatic Cancer

Research may lead to a screening option for those who might be at hereditary risk

Avastin May Help Some With Ovarian Cancer: Studies

Survival without disease getting worse rose slightly, but benefit on overall survival remains unclear

Breast Cancer Radiation Linked to Raised Heart Risk

Risk was higher for women with left-sided breast cancers, but overall risk still small, research shows

Cancer Survivors Should Take Steps to Keep Healthy During Holidays

Avoid stress and try to relax, expert urges

Obesity Linked to Higher Esophageal Cancer Death Rates

Findings could lead to new treatment strategies for overweight patients, researchers say

Breast Cancer Patients Face More Imaging Tests Today

Study finds multiple visits common in pre-op period, urges better coordination

Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommended for Adults With Diabetes

Shared blood glucose monitors, finger-stick devices pose infection risk, experts warn

As Obesity Rises, More Suffer From Acid Reflux

GERD symptoms have been linked to cancer of esophagus, researchers say

Widowers Who Stay Single Might Face More Mental Health Woes

But it's unclear why some men find new relationships and others don't, researchers say

Research Sheds Light on Gene Mutation's Role in Rare Tumors

Findings could spur new treatments for more common cancers, study suggests