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Siblings Deeply Affected By Child's Cancer Death

Many kids reported feeling more mature, compassionate

New Canadian Guidelines Also Support No Routine Mammograms Until 50

Advisory mirrors controversial recommendations issued by U.S. panel in 2009

FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer

Drug isn't safe or effective for women with metastatic disease, agency says

Tender Breasts From Combo HRT Linked to Higher Cancer Risk

Symptom is significant in estrogen-progestin treatment, not estrogen alone

Cancer Doctors Still Not Great With Patients' Pain

It remains under-recognized and under-treated, survey finds

Healthy Heart Habits May Also Guard Against Cancer

Good cholesterol, blood pressure levels and more appear to reduce tumor risk, study finds

Side Effects May Spur Men to Drop Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer

Weight gain, loss of sex drive common complaints, study finds

Alcoholics More Likely to Die of Cancer: Study

Alcohol itself and poor lifestyle choices both increase risks, researchers say

Could Women's Use of 'the Pill' Raise Men's Prostate Cancer Risk?

New finding is highly speculative and doesn't demonstrate cause-and-effect, expert says

Drinking Risky for Women With Family History of Breast Cancer: Study

Risk of breast disease rose with alcohol consumption

Breast Cancer Chemo Tied to Memory Troubles

Study adds credibility for women who report symptoms of 'chemo brain,' experts say

High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer

Review of studies suggests cereals, whole grains deliver health benefits

Computer 'Pathologist' Could Help Assess Breast Cancer Survival

Model under study may someday help, not replace, physicians, researchers say

New Treatment May Boost Survival in Advanced Lung Cancer Cases

Patients on 'epigenetic' combo lived an average of two months longer than expected in small, early study

Use Vanity to Reduce Young People's Sun Exposure: Task Force

Focusing on looks rather than skin cancer has more effect on youth, U.S. researchers find

More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Shields Against Cervical Cancer

Coverage against precancerous lesion called 'excellent' in large, multinational study

Vaccine to Treat Breast, Ovarian Cancers Shows Promise

Patients with less advanced disease might benefit even more, small study suggests

Judge Blocks FDA Plan for Graphic Cigarette Warnings

Images of diseased body parts are designed to be part of packaging

Erbitux Approval Expanded to Include Head and Neck Cancer

Most common in men, people older than 50

Common Breast Cancer Gene Test May Be Flawed, Study Says

Researchers found high rate of false-negative results for HER2 gene

More Targeted Treatments Key to Progress in War on Cancer: Report

Major cancer organization also calls for streamlined clinical trials

Home-Based Test Can Detect Cervical Cancer Virus: Study

The HPV self-test is good alternative to Pap smears for women in poor regions of the world, expert says

Too Much Sitting Raises Odds for Cancer: Study

Sedentary hours at workplace as bad as couch-potato lifestyle at home

Radiation Plus Hormone Therapy Extends Life in High-Risk Prostate Cancer

But, surgery might even improve survival more, expert says

Obese Women Face Higher Complication Risk After Breast Surgery

Post-op inflammation is 20 times more likely than in non-obese women, study finds

'Mini' Stem Cell Transplant May Help Seniors With Blood Cancer

One-third of study patients over 60 had improved overall 5-year survival, researchers report

As Few As 3 Drinks a Week May Up Breast Cancer Risk

But exposure is cumulative, and occasional drinkers shouldn't worry, expert says

Cancer Risk Doubles After Organ Transplant, Study Finds

But benefits still far outweigh the risk, say experts

Not All Women at Higher Risk in Families Carrying Breast Cancer Gene

New research refutes earlier findings, should assure women, experts say

Could Listening to Mozart Help Doctors Spot Colon Polyps?

It may temporarily boost mental skills used while performing colonoscopy, researchers say

Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Colon Cancer for Those at High Risk

People with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary form of cancer, might benefit from 2 tablets a day: study

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomies May Be Right for Some

Women who undergo procedure to ward off cancer may be among those best suited, study finds

Too Much Drinking May Raise Lung Cancer Risk: Study

Research also found extra pounds, black tea and fruit might all shield against the disease

Ovarian Tumors May Develop Years After Fertility Therapy

Risk of nonfatal growths higher than usual in women who had in-vitro fertilization, study finds

HPV Vaccine Might Help Prevent Anal Cancers: Study

Research in gay and bisexual men suggests it reduces infections, lesions

X-Ray Screening Doesn't Prevent Lung Cancer Deaths: Study

Researchers found no reduction in mortality among those who got chest X-rays

U.S. Health Officials Back HPV Vaccine for Boys

The sexually transmitted virus causes a range of cancers, including cervical, penile and oral malignancies

Drinking More Fluids Could Lower Men's Bladder Cancer Risk

The association was not as strong in older males who typically drank less water, study finds

More Evidence Links Tanning Beds to Higher Skin Cancer Risk

Rates of 3 types of malignancies rose along with frequency of use, new study finds

Daily Coffee May Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk

Researchers find association between caffeine consumption, basal cell carcinoma

Study Casts Doubt on Hot Dogs' Link to Colon Cancer

U.S. mandate to cut wieners' nitrite levels hasn't led to lowered incidence of the disease

Experimental Vaccine Shows Promise for Lung Cancer: Study

Combined with chemo, the shot appears to slow progression of non-small cell form of disease

Breast Reconstruction Boosts Women's Emotional Well-Being: Study

Surgery using abdominal tissue led to rapid psychological recovery, but had physical side effects

Weight Gain Might Raise Endometrial Cancer Risk

Extra pounds put on after menopause could up the odds, research suggests

Can NSAIDs Cut Colorectal Cancer Deaths in Older Women?

Consistent use of aspirin, ibuprofen associated with about 30% lower death rate, study found

Breast Cancer Risk May Rise With High Hormone Levels

Women with elevated estrogen, testosterone and other hormones likelier to get breast disease, study finds

Femara May Beat Tamoxifen at Preventing Breast Cancer's Return

Estrogen-sensitive cancer responded better to Femara in study funded by drug maker

Cell Phones Don't Raise Brain Cancer Risk, Study Says

One of the largest, longest looks at possible dangers found none, researchers report

Rise in Vulvar Precancers Leads to New Guidelines

Fourfold increase in three decades especially prevalent among women in 40s, experts say

Breast Radiation After Lumpectomy Saves Lives: Study

Recurrence rate halved compared to those who undergo breast-conserving surgery alone, research shows