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'Magic Mushroom' Hallucinogen Might Help Cancer Patients

Study found it eased anxieties, lifted spirits in those with advanced disease

Low-Carb Diets Heavy on Meat May Raise Health Risks

But vegetable-based low-carb plans lowered death rates from cancer and heart disease, study finds

Talks With Plastic Surgeon Urged Before Mastectomy

Where woman goes for treatment may influence breast reconstruction decision, study suggests

Room Air Sometimes as Good as Oxygen Therapy: Study

Comparison found no significant difference in breathlessness levels among terminally ill

Many Americans Don't Even Know They're Fat

Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds 30 percent of those overweight think they're normal size

Diabetes Drug Metformin Linked to Lower Lung Cancer Rate in Mice

Findings reflect those of population studies in humans, researchers say

Preventive Surgeries May Be Lifesaver for Women at High Cancer Risk

Study finds removing breast, ovaries greatly lower the odds, but decision can be a difficult one

Review Finds No Statin-Cancer Link

Cancer death rates in 26 trials the same as those taking a placebo, researchers find

Can Fruits, Veggies Help Ward Off Lung Cancer?

The wider the variety consumed by smokers, the greater the benefit, study suggests

Moderate Drinking May Boost Risk of Breast Cancer's Return

But it could reduce the risk of dying from other causes, study finds

Food Better Than Supplements for Cancer Prevention: Expert

Always check with a doctor, dietician before taking supplements, she advises

Chronic Drinking Linked to Circadian Disruptions

Biological clock genes affected by too much alcohol, researchers report

Health Care Gap May Raise Rates of Colorectal Cancer Death in Blacks

Less screening, later diagnosis among black patients, researchers found

Nicotine Can Fuel Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

Taiwanese researchers show a molecular connection

Vitamin D May Influence Genes for Cancer, Autoimmune Disease

Findings could underscore why deficiency plays role in host of serious ills

2002 Oil Spill May Shed Light on Health Problems for Deepwater Workers

But expert notes several key differences in two spills

Initial Savings May Hide True Cost of Prostate Cancer Care

Some treatments might be less costly short term, but more expensive over time, study finds

Rectal Cancer Rates on the Rise in Younger Adults

Actual number of cases among those under 40 still small, but trend raises flags, researcher says

Inner Workings of Gene Tied to Breast, Ovarian Cancer Revealed

In 3 studies, scientists isolate & analyze protein produced by BRCA2

Virtual Colonoscopy Can Spot Cancers Outside Colon

Less invasive procedure raises chances of finding high-risk lesions, study finds

Drug Appears to Prolong Survival in Stomach Cancer Patients

But experts question whether high cost of treatment can be justified

Testing of Brothers May Boost Family's Prostate Cancer Rates

Increased diagnostic activity may lead to siblings finding more early stage disease, study suggests

Trial Therapy Improves Melanoma Survival

While gain was small, it marks notable advance against this deadly disease, researchers say

Palliative Care May Boost Mood, Survival

Lung cancer patients had better quality of life, longer survival, study finds

Novel Ovarian Cancer Test Shows Promise

In early experiments, new method displayed 100% accuracy, researchers say

Less Invasive Biopsies Gain Favor

Most now being done through the skin, guided by imaging, researchers say

Redheads at Higher Risk for Common Skin Cancer's Return

Better-educated, richer people also have higher odds for repeat of basal cell carcinoma, study finds

No Evidence Estrogen Causes Lung Cancer Post-Hysterectomy

Analysis found taking hormone alone did not increase risk

Docs Shying Away From Drug That May Prevent Prostate Cancer

Erroneous fear that finasteride spurs more aggressive tumors has left some physicians wary, research shows

Less May Be More When Treating Early Hodgkin's

Fewer cycles of chemotherapy, lower dosage radiation may work just as well as more grueling treatment

No Significant Esophageal Cancer Risk From Osteoporosis Drug: Study

Analysis also finds no evidence of substantial gastric cancer risk from oral bisphosphonates

Weight a Factor in Breast Cancer Risk After HRT Use

Thinner women faced higher chance of malignancies, review found

Wider Waist May Raise Death Risk Later in Life

Study suggests it increases chances of heart trouble, cancer, respiratory disease, independent of weight

Statins, Painkillers May Upset PSA Test Results

Common medications might affect prostate cancer diagnoses, researchers say

Recession Causing Cancer Patients to Quit Life-Extending Drugs

3 patients taking pricey Gleevec gave it up, prompting their tumors' return, doctors report

A New Marker to Spot Aggressive Breast Cancers?

Levels of a cellular protein seem to fall as tumor lethality rises, study finds

Patients With Hepatitis B May Face Greater Risk of Blood Cancer

Study finds twice the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Vaccine Shows Some Promise Against Advanced Cancers

But only a minority of patients benefited and more work may need to be done, experts say

Meat Compounds May Boost Bladder Cancer Risk

People with highest levels of dietary nitrite had nearly a 30 percent increase in risk, study shows

Why Cancer Screening Campaigns Can Backfire

Emphasizing low rate of prostate testing had unintended effect, study finds

Breast Cancer's DNA Yields More Secrets

Another study shows that not all tumors are alike, pointing to better treatments

Vaccine Boosts Survival for Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer: Study

But FDA-approved Provenge remains very expensive, experts note

New Drugs Eyed for Huntington's Disease

But tests on mice needed first, researchers say

Childhood Cancer May Be Linked to Later Heart Problems

27% of survivors had long-term cardiac dysfunction, Dutch study found

Women of African Heritage May Face Greater Aggressive Breast Cancer Risk

Study found they are more likely to develop triple-negative form of disease

The Longer You Sit, the Shorter Your Life Span: Study

Effect was seen even when researchers factored out obesity, exercise

Gene Therapy Shows Promise With 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Researchers report some success 10 years after treatment, although some patients developed cancer

Florida's Minorities See Unusual Melanoma Patterns

Statewide skin cancer rates for blacks, Hispanics differ from U.S. trends

New Study Finds HPV Vaccine Protects Against Genital Warts

Industry-funded research also finds the shot helps protect against precancerous growths

FDA Advisers Say Avastin Shouldn't Be Used for Breast Cancer

The drug failed to live up to preliminary promise, experts contend