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Racial Disparities Exist in Head and Neck Cancer Outcomes

Blacks, the poor diagnosed at younger age, with more advanced disease, study says

25% of Teen Girls Vaccinated for HPV

It's a good start for new vaccine, CDC says

Drug Sorafenib Improves Kidney Cancer Outcomes

It helped older and younger patients, study says

NSAIDs Might Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Analysis of 38 studies found painkillers showed protective effect

New Advances Could Battle Cancer Cell by Cell

Flow cytometry illuminates signaling protein pathways, study says

New DNA Stool Testing Spots More Colon Cancers

Study found it detected twice as many malignancies, serious precancerous polyps

Tamoxifen Speeds Diagnosis of ER-Negative Breast Cancer

Study suggests the drug may make tumors easier to spot

Patients Benefit From End-of-Life Discussions With a Doctor

Less likely to feel distress, more likely to enjoy better quality of life, study finds

Prostate Meds Not Tied to Increased Hip Fracture Risk

But long-term effects of hormone-blocking drugs still need review, study finds

Study Suggests Red Wine May Protect Against Lung Cancer

But authors say research, which focused on men, doesn't mean it's OK to smoke

New Test Detects Rare Leukemia More Quickly

Researchers also found technique could track response to treatments

Obesity, Insulin Level Impact Prostate Cancer Survival

Heavy men with high output of the hormone had quadruple the death risk, study found

Extended Work Absences May Signal Risk of Death

Problems tied to surgery or circulatory or psychiatric troubles a red flag, study suggests

Urine Samples Could Reveal Breast Cancer Risk

High levels of two biomarkers might indicate early tumor growth, study suggests

Saliva Proteins May Help Spot Oral Cancer

Someday, easy test could gauge biomarkers for disease, study says

Computer-Aided Mammogram Reading Effective

Detection rates rival those of two radiologist readings, study says

Gene Could Link Obesity, Colon Cancer

Variant is tied to a fat hormone, adiponectin, study finds

Vitamin C Megadoses Hamper Cancer Treatments in Mice

Study suggests disruption of chemotherapy's ability to target tumor cells

Birth Size Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

Heavier, longer infants more likely to develop disease as adults, study finds

Scientists ID Gene Pathway Triggering Melanoma Spread

Finding could lead to therapeutic applications for tumor progression in other cancers

Study Suggests How Cancers Spread to Lungs

A complex signaling system paves the way for metastasis, researchers say

Scams and Shams That Prey on Cancer Patients

In some cases, unproven 'therapies' can be dangerous, experts say

Lance Armstrong's New Challenge Could Be His Greatest

His return to competitive cycling is designed to help the global fight against cancer

Anemia Drugs Linked to Stroke Study Deaths: FDA

Procrit, Aranesp already bear warning labels due to cancer concerns, experts note

Hypnosis Cuts Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Survivors

Patients using the technique saw episodes diminish by 68%, study finds

Researchers ID Ovarian Cancer Biomarker

Finding could advance new drugs targeting blood cells surrounding tumors, study says

Hormone Rx May Protect Women With Breast Cancer Gene

Patients with BRCA mutations cut their odds for malignancy when taking estrogen, study found

Blacks at Greater Risk of Precancerous Colon Polyps

Difference is most pronounced among black women, study finds

Hormone Therapy Not Best for Older Prostate Cancer Patients

Study found giving it before radiation raised death risk 20% in this group

Family History Key Player in Brain Cancer Risk

Having immediate relatives with tumors boosts one's risk for same, study says

For Some Doctors, Empathy Is in Short Supply

Study finds they miss patients' cues about fears of well-being, even death

Radiosurgery Proves Viable for Some Pancreatic Cancers

Team cites precision of robotic 'CyberKnife,' with therapy delivered in only a week

Shorter-Course Radiation for Breast Cancer Safe, Effective

New findings in cancer radiology also support 'seed' therapy for breast cancer, and a proton beam technique

Vitamin D Receptor Gene Variant Tied to Melanoma

People with the mutation may be at increased risk for disease, study concludes

Acupuncture Eases Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Ancient therapy bested antidepressant for relieving hot flashes in study

Breast Cancer Survivors Report High Quality of Life After Treatment

Even 15 years after lumpectomy, radiation, less than 5% complain of pain, survey finds

Group Works to Streamline Cancer Therapy Approvals

6-point flow chart seeks to clarify most productive research lines for FDA consideration

Drug Can Slow Bone Loss in Prostate Cancer Patients

Hormone-deprivation Rx erodes bone, but meds like Fosamax can help, study shows

Drug Combo Fights Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth

Researchers say trabectedin showed promise in Phase III trial, hope for FDA approval

Virtual Colonoscopy Effective for Average Risk People

Regular colonoscopy's long-term value is also confirmed, studies report

Patient-Reported Health Scores May Predict Head, Neck Cancer Outcomes

Study finds perception of well-being during first year related to long-term survival

Signaling Protein Could Be Target for Leukemia Chemo

GSK3 apparently plays double role in activating and inhibiting cell growth, study finds

Massage Therapy Helps Those With Advanced Cancer

It improved mood, pain symptoms more than simple touch, concludes study

Lifestyle Changes Boost Enzyme Regulating Cell Aging

Adjustments to diet, exercise increased telomerase levels 29%, cut 'bad' cholesterol

Immune System Biomarkers May Predict Early Lung Cancer

Method could prove effective in identifying other common types of disease, study says

Prosthetic Ears Boost Hearing After Injury

Not only restores aesthetics, but also improves speech recognition

Web Site Helps Cancer Patients With Fertility Preservation

Northwestern consortium's program features message boards, videos and advice

Breast Cancer Vaccine Blasts Some Tumors

In animal studies, it eliminated aggressive growths

Gene Boosts Resistance to Chemo Drug

SIRT1 was major factor in reaction to cisplatin, study finds

Broad Screening of Blood Clots May Find Cancers Earlier

Analysis suggests CT scan could boost detection 21% in those with unexplained masses