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Smoking While Pregnant Linked to ADHD in Children

Expectant moms' use of nicotine-replacement therapy could also spell problems for kids, study suggests

Many Young Adults Misinformed About Hookahs' Harms

More than half surveyed said the water pipes weren't dangerous

Study Suggests Tough Smoking Laws Might Lower Suicide Risk

Rates dropped in states that enacted strict anti-smoking policies, researchers say

Graphic Cigarette-Label Warnings Work, Study Finds

The bigger, the better, researchers say

Health Tip: Quit Smoking, Especially While Pregnant

How smoking can harm a developing baby

Lung Groups: Governments Should Limit or Ban Use of E-Cigarettes

Statement says more research needed on health effects of the nicotine-delivery devices

Combo Approach May Work Best for Smokers Looking to Quit

Study finds drug Chantix plus nicotine patch beats use of the patch alone

Hookah Smoking Popular Among Well-Heeled Teens: Survey

Survey found one in five high school seniors had tried it; being affluent, well-educated raised risk

Screen Older Men Who've Ever Smoked for Aneurysms: Experts

Benefit outweighs cost of checking for weak spots in major blood vessel

Quitting Smokeless Tobacco May Boost Survival After Heart Attack

Swedish study found those patients were half as likely to die within two years

E-Cigarette Sources Soaring, Study Finds

About 10 new brands, 240 new flavors come out every month; some quickly disappear though

Doctors' Group Calls for Tougher Rules on Sale of E-Cigarettes

American Medical Association recommendations include minimum age purchase rule, flavor restrictions

Text Messages May Double Smoker's Odds of Quitting

Cellphone reminders and encouragement help people stick to smoke-free goal, study finds

No Drop in Smokeless Tobacco Use Among U.S. Workers: CDC

Mining, construction fields hotbeds for products like snuff, survey finds

Pot Isn't Harmless, Top U.S. Health Official Says

Addiction, brain changes in young users are proven concerns, according to head of National Institute on Drug Abuse

E-Cigarette Advertising Soars on American TV, Study Finds

Youthful audience exposed to pitches for the nicotine product has tripled in recent years

Fewer Americans Believe E-Cigs Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes: Study

But e-cigarettes continue to rise in popularity, with sales nearing $1.7 billion

COPD Patients Face Greater Risk of Heart Failure, Study Says

Blacks with lung condition were most vulnerable of all, researchers report

Exercise Linked to Improved Bladder Cancer Survival

But smoking and a delayed diagnosis might boost the risk of dying from the disease, researchers warn

Hookahs Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes, Study Shows

Water pipes still increased levels of nicotine, harmful substances in smokers

Stepped-Up Screening Would Uncover More Lung Cancers, Study Says

But the scans and follow-up care would be expensive

FDA Asks Public to Join Battle Against Smoking by Children

Reporting tobacco law violations helps keep cigarettes out of kids' hands, agency says

Early Menopause Linked to Heart Failure Risk in Swedish Study

Association was even stronger among women who had a history of smoking, researchers say

People With Mental Health Issues More Likely to Turn to E-Cigarettes: Study

Researcher notes they are more often smokers, and they try to quit smoking this way

Little Cigars Liked by Teens Are Still 'Candy-Flavored Tobacco': Report

Researchers found some of the cigars, which are unregulated by FDA, had more chemical flavoring than candy or Kool-Aid

Weight Gain Fears Keep Some Smokers From Quitting

Docs can help by addressing diet maintenance in cessation plans, researchers say

Smoking in Pregnancy May Be Linked to Baby's Heart Defects

Preliminary finding gives moms-to-be another reason not to light up

Young Adults Think E-Cigs Safer Than Tobacco Ones

Survey finds young parents and non-smokers among users

Smoke-Free Laws May Help Prevent COPD Hospitalizations

Kentucky patients 22 percent less likely to need to be admitted in counties with stricter laws, study finds

Smoking, Drinking Combo Raises Odds for Esophageal Cancer

Study found having both unhealthy habits doubled risk of malignancy compared to having just one

FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Regulations

Opponents of the increasingly popular devices worry about their impact on children

Health Tip: Secondhand Smoke Puts Babies at Risk

Of early death and other complications

Cutting Cigarette Scenes From TV Shows May Have Helped Reduce Smoking

Study analyzed popular prime-time programs, smoking rates since 1955

Smoking Bans Linked to Drop in Premature Births, Kids' Asthma Attacks

Smoke-free policies offer health benefits for people of all ages, study authors say

Smoking May Dull Ability to Sense Bitter Tastes

Buildup of tobacco chemicals could hamper regeneration of taste buds, researcher says

E-Cigarettes Won't Help You Quit, Study Finds

But research design was flawed, critic says

Nicotine Patches Don't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking: Study

Researchers also found those who used them had higher blood pressure than those who didn't

Rising E-Cigarette Use Tied to More Smoking in Teens

Devices may serve as gateway to tobacco use, study author says

Secondhand Smoke in Childhood Thickens Arteries

Measurements suggest raised risk for later heart attack, stroke, researchers say

Fire-Safe Cigarette Law Reduces Home Fires: Study

Massachusetts saw a 28 percent drop in cigarette-caused blazes since law took effect

Quitting Smoking Linked to Better Mental Health in Study

Over 3 years, people who stopped reported drop in mood disorders, alcohol and drug problems

Teens' Energy Drink Habit May Be Linked to Booze, Tobacco, Drug Use

But study doesn't prove that one leads to the other

CVS Caremark to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

Says sale of cigarettes is inconsistent with a pharmacy's mission

CDC to Launch Latest Graphic Anti-Smoking Campaign

It will include now-deceased North Carolina woman whose appearance in first initiative stunned many viewers

Much More Must Be Done to Lower Smoking Rates, Experts Say

American Lung Association points to legislative inaction by states, stronger push by Big Tobacco

Testing for Smoke Exposure May Predict Rehospitalization for Asthma

Study found kids subjected to secondhand smoke are more than twice as likely to be readmitted

U.S. Health Officials Urge Renewed Fight to Stamp Out Cigarette Use

Diabetes, colorectal and liver cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, erectile dysfunction among latest ills now linked to tobacco

U.S. Smoking Rates Drop to Historic Lows: CDC

Report authors credit increasing cigarette taxes, hard-hitting anti-smoking ads for decline

Smoking in Pregnancy Tied to Later Nicotine Addiction in Daughters

40-year study did not find similar risk in sons