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States Urged to Fill Gap in Helping Smokers Quit

U.S. health reform helps many, but more will benefit if states step up, lung association says

Health Tip: Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Here's how exposure may harm you

Smoking May Raise Risk of Death in Women With Breast Cancer

Likelihood of dying from breast cancer or other causes was significantly higher, study found

Smokeless Tobacco Use Widespread in Some States

Users who also smoke may find it harder to quit, U.S. study finds

Brain Difference Found in Smokers

Part of decision-making center less thick than in people who have never smoked, small study finds

Heavy Smoking Linked to Alzheimer's in Study

Risk soars for those puffing more than two packs a day, researchers say

Coming Soon: Smoke-Free Apartment Buildings?

Neighbors' secondhand smoke threatens nonsmoking residents, researchers say

Health Tip: Don't Smoke During Pregnancy

Here's how it can harm the baby

Workplace Noise Tied to Heart Disease Risk

Young men who smoke are among those at highest risk, study finds

Poor Health Habits Linked to Subpar Work Performance

Employees who smoke, don't exercise or eat right take more time off, are less productive, study finds

Pediatricians Want to Restrict Ads for Tobacco, Booze, Viagra

American Academy of Pediatrics would ban cigarette advertisements altogether

For Ex-Smokers, Some Cigarette Cravings May Never Leave

Urges triggered by watching others smoke may actually increase with time, study finds

Use of Marijuana, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine on Rise in U.S.

Experts blame recession, growing acceptance of pot

Helping Smokers Quit Could Save U.S. Money: Report

Each $1 spent on cessation would give states average 26% return on investment, study found

Smokeless Tobacco Products Can Be Deadly

Snuff, chewing tobacco come under fire from American Heart Association

FDA Sends Warning to E-Cigarette Distributors

Agency cites false claims, poor manufacturing processes

Heart Health Rises With Education in Rich Nations

But findings don't apply to low- or middle-income countries, study says

Decline in Adult Smoking Stalls, Alarming Experts

And more than half of U.S. kids exposed to secondhand smoke, CDC report finds

Smoking Seems to Backfire on Teens Hoping for a Lift

Instead, depressive symptoms likely to increase, study finds

Lung Damage From Secondhand Smoke Observed in Rats

Findings may aid efforts to develop new ways to treat respiratory diseases in people, researchers say

Teen Substance Use Seems to Differ by Race

California study finds Hispanics most likely to drink, smoke, use marijuana; Asians least likely

Youth Smoking Rates Now Stalled

After decade of big decreases, number of teens lighting up stays steady

Nicotine Can Fuel Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

Taiwanese researchers show a molecular connection

FDA Mulling Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Advocates say cool, minty taste masks harsh chemicals, lures kids, minorities to take up smoking

Breast Abscesses Linked to Smoking, Nipple Piercings

Other major risk factors include obesity and diabetes, study shows

Could Lifestyle Changes Cut Dementia Rates?

Eliminating depression and diabetes, consuming more fruit and vegetables could reduce new cases by 21 percent, researchers say

Using Multiple Tobacco Products Ups Hazards: CDC

Smoking cigarettes-plus greatly raises risk of cancer, heart disease, experts warn

Close Ties With Others Might Lengthen Life, Review Finds

Strong support system seems to have significant health benefits, researchers say

Cigarette Smoke May Up Cancer Risk By Interfering With Genes

'Entire networks of gene interaction' affected by such exposure, researchers find

Ban Point-of-Sale Tobacco Ads in Retail Outlets, Researchers Urge

Teens twice as likely to try smoking if they frequent stores plastered with cigarette ads, study shows

Decline in U.S. Teen Smoking Rate Stalls

Goal of reducing rate to 16 percent by 2010 won't be met, CDC says

Shorter Telomere Length Again Linked to Cancer

European research adds to understanding of biology of cancer, expert says

Women Urged to Declare Their Independence From Tobacco

U.S. health officials have created a Web site to help you quit smoking on July 4th

Minnesota Smoking Bans Didn't Lead to Job Loss

Twin City study finds policies didn't affect bars, may have even spurred employment in local restaurants

Patients Could Use More Help Quitting Smoking

Many health professionals suggest stopping but don't provide assistance, study finds

New Tobacco Regulations to Take Effect

A year after Tobacco Control Act signed, American Cancer Society lauds latest restrictions

Smoking Linked to Aggressive Colon Polyps: Study

Findings may explain earlier onset of colorectal cancer in smokers, researchers say

Quitting Smoking Before Pregnancy Could Save Babies' Lives

CDC study finds many deaths from prematurity, SIDS could be prevented

Fewer Heart Attacks After England Goes Smoke-Free

Researchers found ER admissions for cardiac trouble dropped in year after smoking ban

Sexual, Urinary Health Boosted in Exercisers, Nonsmokers

Cigarettes, sedentary lifestyle linked to urological problems, studies show

Women Smokers Targeted on 'World No Tobacco Day'

Smoking-related illnesses kill more females than males, organizers say

Moderate Drinking May Protect Brain From Alzheimer's

Non-smoking women seem to benefit the most, study finds

Hookahs an Unhealthy Hit Among Privileged Young Adults

Number of users nearly tripled in one year, study finds

Does Mom Need Help to Stop Smoking?

Online support program might be an appropriate Mother's Day gift

Smoking Ups Risk of Second Breast Cancer

15 years after treatment, smokers more likely to have a new tumor, study finds

Arteries Age Twice as Fast in Smokers

Study shows progressive stiffening, which leads to blockages

Smoking May Be in Your Genes

Findings may someday help in development of prevention efforts, experts say

Secondhand Smoke Boosts Sinusitis Risk

About 40 percent of sinus problems can be tied to exposure, expert says

Lung Cancer Increase in Women Tied to Genes, Estrogen

Findings could explain rise in non-smokers as well, researchers say

Depression and Smoking Go Hand in Hand in U.S.

Adults more likely to smoke, less likely to quit if depressed, CDC finds