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Wine Compound May Protect Against Radiation Exposure

Rat study finding could lead to human treatments that are effective, non-toxic

Whole Brain Radiation Not Best for Cancer That Has Spread

Study finds shorter survival time, reduction in learning, memory

Radiosurgery Proves Viable for Some Pancreatic Cancers

Team cites precision of robotic 'CyberKnife,' with therapy delivered in only a week

Shorter-Course Radiation for Breast Cancer Safe, Effective

New findings in cancer radiology also support 'seed' therapy for breast cancer, and a proton beam technique

Breast Cancer Survivors Report High Quality of Life After Treatment

Even 15 years after lumpectomy, radiation, less than 5% complain of pain, survey finds

Virtual Colonoscopy Effective for Average Risk People

Regular colonoscopy's long-term value is also confirmed, studies report

Some Hiroshima Survivors at Thyroid Cancer Risk

Radiation may have caused chromosomal change that raises odds for malignancy, study finds

Methadone Kills Resistant Leukemia Cells

Low doses of drug used to treat opioid addiction worked without toxic effects, study finds

New PET Scanner Could Improve Diagnosis

It offers much better image resolution, scientists say

Medicare Costs for Cancer Treatment Soar

Increased expenses for chemotherapy may affect treatment decisions, expert says

New Hope for Tough-to-Treat Cancers

Gemzar, everolimus almost doubled survival time with pancreatic, kidney cancers, respectively

Certain Tests in ERs Raise Cancer Risk for Some

Study found too many X-rays, CT scans and nuclear medicine tests led to radiation buildup

Cancer Patients Should Steer Clear of Antioxidants

Research review suggests they may help cancer cells resist chemo, radiation

Radiation Improves Survival for Advanced Prostate Cancer

But, it may not be for every patient, one expert says

Childhood Cancer Survivors Prone to Early Heart Trouble

Problems surface at younger age than in people who didn't have cancer as children, study finds

HPV Tied to Better Tongue, Tonsil Cancer Outcomes

Patients more likely to survive using chemoradiation, and new treatments may follow

Scan Detects Oxygen Levels in Tumors

Technology could one day guide individualized therapy for cancer patients

New Anal Cancer Therapy Fails to Improve Outcomes

Experimental use of cisplatin no better than standard treatment, researchers say

Space Radiation a Risk for Astronauts

Risk of colon cancer, premature aging poses worries for manned missions to moon, Mars

New Drug Protects Against Radiation Damage

Derivative of protein produced by bacteria blocked cell death pathway, study finds

MRI Can Be Predictor of Post-Treatment Prostate Cancer Spread

Those having radiation therapy may want to request more aggressive therapy, study finds

Full-Body Scans May Help the Highly Cancer-Prone

People with Li-Fraumeni syndrome have a 90% chance of malignancy by age 60

Fallout From Atomic Bombs Still Causing Health Problems

Survivors who were children prone to cancers; those not-yet-born a bit luckier, new research suggests

Treatment Combo for Pancreatic Cancer Has Limited Benefit

Chemo/chemoradiation therapy extended survival but not significantly

Study Finds Variations in Doses of Radiation Therapy

Researchers call for universal standards for new technology called IMRT

Protein Linked With Poor Prognosis in Early-Stage Breast Cancer

But expression of Ki-67 didn't predict who'd benefit from additional chemo

Surgeons' Characteristics Influence Breast Cancer Care

Gender, race, schooling influence likelihood of giving radiation, study says

Radon Gas More Deadly Than Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

EPA campaign in January heightens awareness, tries to reduce risk

3-D Breast Imaging May Improve Cancer Detection

Stereoscopic digital mammography cut rate of false-positive results, study found

PET Scans Could Boost Lung Cancer Diagnosis

In studies, the technology beat CT in spotting tumors early

Combo PET/CT Scan Helps Spot Breast Cancer's Spread

Technique helps detect metastases earlier for women with inflammatory breast cancer, study finds

Obesity Keeps Patients From Needed CT Scans After Surgery

Patients over 450 pounds are often too large for equipment, study finds

PET Scans Can Spot Cervical Cancer's Return

The screen is the first reliable follow-up for patients after treatment, researchers say

Doctors Report High Survival Rates for Hodgkin's Disease

Treatments are improving, and researchers even talk of a cure

Radiation Seed Treatment Helps Younger Men Fight Prostate Cancer

Technique just as effective in patients under 60, study finds

High Dose Radiation for Prostate Cancer Won't Raise Sexual Dysfunction

Technology ups treatment effectiveness without boosting this side effect, study finds

Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Won't Affect Sexual Function

New high-dose technology targets tumor tissue, experts say

Breast Cancer Radiation Won't Hurt Immune Health

Partial-breast method might leave women less tired, researchers say

Brain Radiation Treatment Boosts Lung Cancer Survival

It limits malignancy's spread, but safety issues remain, experts say

Scans During Radiation Treatment Help Lung Cancer Patients

PET imaging shows how tumors are responding, experts explain

Combining PET, CT Scans Can Improve Ovarian Cancer Care

This approach spots hidden disease, guides treatment, researchers say

High-Tech Imaging Might Advance Heart Disease Diagnosis

Two technologies assess cardiac function and arterial health at once, developers say

Herceptin Heart Danger Stays Same After Five Years

Breast cancer patients showed no increase in risk, longer-term study finds

New Treatments for Tough Cancers Show Promise

Studies found radiation, additional drugs slowed spread of lung, head/neck malignancies

Improved Delivery Shortens Breast Cancer Radiation Time

Highly targeted therapy takes 4 weeks instead of 6 or 7, experts say

Childhood Leukemia Survivors at Long-Term Risk of Second Cancer

Odds for a variety of tumors kept rising in 30-year study

Childhood Cancer Survivors Face Increased Sarcoma Risk

They were nine times more likely to develop secondary malignancy, study finds

Breast Cancer Stem Cells Seem to Survive Radiation Therapy

Discovery may help scientists develop drug therapies to better combat tumors

Treatment Beats Watchful Waiting for Older Prostate Cancer Patients

Death rate was 31 percent lower in group that got surgery or radiation, study says

Childhood Radiation Treatment Boosts 2nd Cancer Risk

Age and amount of radiation influences potential for secondary tumor, study finds