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Two Drugs Shown to Prolong Survival in Advanced Melanoma Cases

Experts say results are first big news in years for treatment of this deadly cancer

Melanoma Vaccine Shows Promise in Trial

Used with immune-boosting drug, vaccine extends survival by nearly 7 months, study finds

Skin Cancer Foes Declare May 27 'Don't Fry Day'

One American dies from the disease every hour, experts warn

GPs Lack Accuracy in Spotting Skin Cancers: Study

Non-dermatologists often miss the real culprit, researchers say

Teens Follow Mom's Lead on Tanning Beds

If mothers use indoor tanning, daughters are more likely to as well, survey finds

Too Few Teens Know the Dangers of Tanning Beds: Poll

39% of 14- to 17-year-olds incorrectly believe indoor tanning is safer than the sun, survey found

Survey Shows Dangers of Tanning Not Hitting Home

Majority of young women admit to using tanning beds, basking in the sun

Scientists Spot Key Gene Mutations in Melanoma

U.S. team expects its research to help improve diagnosis, treatment of this deadly skin cancer

Blood Test May Help Predict Spread of Melanoma

Researchers believe biomarkers elevate as skin cancer spreads

Parkinson's May Have Links to Certain Cancers, Study Suggests

Genealogical data shows higher odds for melanoma, prostate cancer

Health Tip: Protect Your Skin After Hair Loss

Skin is more vulnerable to sun's rays without hair's protection

U.S. Cancer Rates Continue to Fall

Report suggests that better screening, diagnosis and treatments are paying off

Drug Approved for Late-Stage Melanoma

Yervoy fights deadly form of skin cancer, agency says

Richer White Women More Prone to Melanoma, Study Finds

Greater access to tanning salons, sunny vacations appears to yield more skin cancer, researcher says

Better Laws Needed to Curb Teen Tanning Bed Use: Report

Parental attitudes toward indoor tanning influence teen usage

Laser Technology Might Help Doctors Diagnose Melanoma

In early trial, technique was 100% accurate in correctly identifying cancerous lesions

Education Might Help Kidney Recipients Spot Skin Cancer

Transplant patients should be taught about their higher risk, how to detect, researchers say

Surviving Melanoma May Take Different Toll on Women, Men

Females more likely to have long-term worry, but also be more sun-safe than males, study finds

New Therapies Offer Insight Into Battling Deadly Melanomas

Both use patient's immune cells to launch attack on malignant cells, but the research is preliminary

Thorough Exams a Must for Those at High Risk of Skin Cancer

Two studies highlight the importance of annual skin screens, even if patients are reluctant

Despite Claims, Many Daily Moisturizers Don't Shield Against Sun: Study

Only a few 'broad-spectrum' creams protect against glass-penetrating UV-A rays, researchers say

Tanning Beds Still Popular Despite Skin Cancer Risk

1 in 5 women uses the devices; many see spray-on tans as an adjunct, not a substitute, researchers say

Daily Sunscreen Use Does Protect From Melanoma, Study Finds

Australians who used it daily had half the rate of this most deadly skin cancer

Celebrex Shows Potential in Preventing Some Skin Cancers: Study

But possible links to cardiovascular risk may not make it a long-term strategy, experts say

Long-Term Statin Use Won't Up Cancer Risk: Study

New research on the cholesterol-lowering drugs supports recent findings

Winter Skies Still Pose Sun Danger, Experts Warn

Especially at high altitudes, skin protection is needed year-round

Long-Term Statin Use Won't Raise Cancer Risk: Study

In fact, U.S. team finds the cholesterol drugs might even lower odds for a few tumor types

Health Tip: Overexposed to the Sun

Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, other problems

Lower Income, Education Can Hamper Skin Cancer Care

Lack of knowledge might place patients at higher risk for recurrence, researchers say

Vigilance Against Skin Cancer May Lead to Lack of Vitamin D

But the sun-sourced nutrient can be obtained through a supplement, experts note

One in 10 Teens Uses Sunless Tanning Products

And those who do so are more likely to get sunburns and use risky indoor tanning beds, study finds

In Early Trial, Targeted Therapy Fights Advanced Melanoma

Experimental drug could help patients whose tumors carry particular gene mutation

Trial Therapy Improves Melanoma Survival

While gain was small, it marks notable advance against this deadly disease, researchers say

Redheads at Higher Risk for Common Skin Cancer's Return

Better-educated, richer people also have higher odds for repeat of basal cell carcinoma, study finds

Sunscreen Concerns Unfounded, Experts Say

Cancer reports questionable; skin protection essential, they note

Florida's Minorities See Unusual Melanoma Patterns

Statewide skin cancer rates for blacks, Hispanics differ from U.S. trends

Study Suggests Link Between HPV, Skin Cancer

Odds for squamous cell carcinoma seem to rise when the virus is present, but more research needed

Novel Drug Combats Advanced Melanoma

First in its class, ipilimumab showed 68% increase in survival, researchers report

Many People Still Don't Know How to Protect Against Skin Cancer

Myths about UV light exposure persist, survey finds

Tanning Beds Can Greatly Boost Melanoma Risk

Odds for deadly skin cancer rise more than fourfold with some devices, research shows

IV Treatment May Thwart Advanced Cancers

In studies, anti-tumor virus stops advanced disease, researchers say

A Tan Is Still Admired, Despite Risks

Survey finds conflicting opinions about suntans and skin cancer

Poll Finds Sun Smarts Vary From City to City

Hartford gets top grade for skin cancer awareness; Pittsburgh fares worst

Time to Remind Teens About Sun Protection

Young women are especially likely to develop skin cancer, experts say

Few Over 50 Get Skin Cancer Screenings

Older whites with less education least likely to be screened, study finds

Tanning Bed Use Might Become Addictive

Many hard-core tanners met typical addiction criteria, study found

Zyclara Approved to Treat Pre-Cancerous Skin Condition

Some 10 million Americans have actinic keratoses

FDA Advisers Urge Stricter Regulation of Tanning Beds

Citing skin-cancer risk, experts recommend potential ban on use by people under 18, among other measures

FDA Panel Weighs New Restrictions on Tanning Beds

Experts say devices' UV rays help spur skin cancer, but industry says it's not so clear

Health Tip: Check Your Skin for Signs of Cancer

Suggestions for performing a self-exam