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Smoking Linked to Higher Rate of Psoriasis: Study

But it's not proven that smoking causes the painful skin condition

U.S. Will Push to Have Graphic Warnings on Cigarettes

Pledge comes after judge blocked FDA mandate, calling it unconstitutional

Nicotine Patches May Not Help During Pregnancy

Most women stopped using them early, making it harder to draw conclusions, study says

Mom's Nicotine Patch May Raise Baby's Risk for Colic

Behavioral therapy recommended over nicotine replacement during pregnancy, research says

Stop-Smoking Drug May Also Curb Problem Drinking

Small study found Chantix heightened alcohol's unpleasant aspects

Smoking May Up Cancer Risk in Barrett's Esophagus Patients

Study suggests that only quitting, not cutting back, might lower threat

Quitting Smoking May Halve Risk of Oral Health Problems

Smokers four times more likely to develop oral conditions, such as mouth cancers, gum disease, study finds

Fewer Teens Exposed to Tobacco Smoke in Cars: Report

But researchers add that too many are still breathing in secondhand smoke while in vehicles

Blood Pressure Differences Between Arms Could Signal Heart Risk

Peripheral vascular disease may lead to stroke or early death, researchers say

Poorer Folks May Find It Harder to Quit Smoking

Financial and social status seems to affect treatment success, study finds

At More U.S. Workplaces, Smokers Need Not Apply

Experts weigh in as another large health care provider decides to hire nonsmokers only

Could Nicotine Patches Help Stave Off Memory Loss?

Older people with mild cognitive impairment saw improvements while using them, researchers report

Nicotine Patches, Gums Won't Help Smokers Quit Long-Term: Study

Researchers say finding underscores real-world challenges facing those looking to quit

Health Care Reform Battle Tops Health News for 2011

Debates over cellphone safety, cigarette-pack images also grabbed headlines

Health Tip: Choose Your Day to Quit Smoking

Suggestions to help you stop

40 Years On, the Triumphs and Challenges of America's 'War on Cancer'

In many cases, what was a death sentence is now a manageable condition, although roadblocks remain

Life After Cigarettes Is Happier: Study

Three years later, quitters report less stress, better mood compared to smokers

Smoking Linked to Skin Cancer in Women

Non-melanoma malignancies twice as likely after 20 years of tobacco use, study finds

Electronic Cigarette Makers Must Prove Safety of Products: Report

Institute of Medicine details testing that should be done to back any claims of reduced disease risk

Some States Make Stopping Smoking Easier Than Others

Maine, North Dakota are quit-friendly; Georgia is not, lung experts say

Health Tip: The Risks of Smoking While Pregnant

Your baby can suffer serious complications

Lung Cancer's Hidden Victims: Those Who Never Smoked

More than 32,000 Americans who never lit up will die each year, with women at higher risk, experts say

Genes May Make Quitting Tougher for Smokers

Your particular DNA may explain why you can't break the habit, study suggests

Patches, Counseling, Persistence Can Help Smokers Quit

'Keep working at it' could be key to success, studies suggest

College Students Smoke When They Party, Drink and Work

Prevention programs should target students when they are most likely to smoke, researchers say

Smokeout Day: The Best Ways to Quit

Counseling plus medicine works better than going cold turkey, experts advise

Negative Anti-Smoking Ads Turn Off Anxious Viewers

Neurotic smokers more likely to avoid messages about health threats, study says

Most Smokers Want to Quit, CDC Report Finds

Drugs and counseling can double, triple odds of success, experts say

Public Smoking Bans May Spill Over to Households

Total tobacco bans in workplaces, restaurants linked to more smoke-free homes

Judge Blocks FDA Plan for Graphic Cigarette Warnings

Images of diseased body parts are designed to be part of packaging

Too Much Drinking May Raise Lung Cancer Risk: Study

Research also found extra pounds, black tea and fruit might all shield against the disease

Smoking's Effect on Lungs Similar to Cystic Fibrosis: Study

Some of the same treatments might benefit smokers, cystic fibrosis patients, researchers say

National Study Will Track Tobacco Use in U.S.

Findings will guide FDA in creating programs, policies to eliminate smoking

Cheap Drug Helps Smokers Quit, Study Finds

Cytisine has been around for decades, but is not available in U.S.

1 in 5 American Workers Still Smokes: CDC

Smoke-free workplaces and health insurance can help workers quit, experts say

Exercise Ups Kids' Quit-Smoking Success Rate

Approach much more successful than intervention alone, especially for boys, finds study

Lung Cancer Rates Begin to Decline for U.S. Women

CDC report also finds continued long-term drop in cases among men

Fewer U.S. Adults Smoking, CDC Says

But rate of decline has slowed to a crawl, report finds

Healthy Living Can Cut Chances of Developing Diabetes

Study finds risk can be reduced up to 80 percent, researchers say

Quitting Even Tougher When Smokers Battle Other Addictions

But counseling from doctors on ways to kick cigarettes is key, researchers say

Healthy Behaviors Will Help You Live Longer: CDC

Don't smoke, eat healthy meals, exercise regularly and limit alcohol, researchers say

Graphic Images on Cigarette Packs a Turn-Off for Smokers

In study, they were less likely to buy products emblazoned with gruesome photos

Bladder Cancer Risk Even Higher for Smokers Than Thought

Increase may be due to change in composition of cigarette smoke, researchers suggest

Menthol May Make It Tougher to Stop Smoking

Effect especially strong among blacks, Puerto Ricans, study finds

Women May Face Greater Heart Risk From Smoking Than Men

Researchers say biological differences may explain 25% higher risk compared to male smokers.

Elderly Lung Cancer Patients Can Gain From Two-Drug Chemo: Study

Finding runs counter to expert recommendations against use of the therapy by those over 70

Pumping Iron Helps Smokers Quit Without Weight Gain: Study

Those who lifted weights regularly were twice as likely to kick the habit, researchers found

Smokers Mistakenly Believe Vitamins Protect Them From Cancer

Taking multivitamins may encourage some to smoke more because they're less worried about the harmful effects of cigarettes

Smoking Withdrawal Shows Up in Brain Mood Centers

Imaging study may help explain why some heavy smokers who quit become depressed

New Guidelines for Spotting, Treating COPD Released

Their release highlights the growing prevalence of the breathing disease, experts say