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Marijuana Use Up Among Eighth Graders

National report finds they're also turning to other illicit drugs, but drinking among teens is down

Even One Cigarette Can Prove Lethal, U.S. Surgeon General Says

Her report emphasizes smoking's immediate, powerful effects on lungs, heart

New Diet Pill Wins FDA Panel's Backing

Vote on Contrave came amid agency concerns it might raise heart attack, stroke risk among users

E-Cigarettes Should Be Banned Until Made Safe: Study

Researchers find the devices make false claims, leak nicotine

Treating PTSD and Smoking Together Best Way to Help Vets Kick Cigarettes

They were twice as likely to stop smoking as vets referred to cessation clinic, study finds

Depressed Smokers Less Likely to Quit Successfully

Hotline services should address both smoking and depression, study suggests

Watching R-rated Movies Ups Odds of Teens Smoking

Yet, only one in three is restricted by parents from viewing such movies, study finds

Heavy Smoking May Double Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk in Blacks

Those who also have a genetic risk factor have 4 times the risk for joint disease, study finds

Black Smokers May Face Higher Death Risk Than Whites: CDC

Missouri study shows significant racial gap in mortality from heart disease, cancer

Gruesome Cigarette Pack Images Make Smokers Want to Quit, Study Finds

But some experts say FDA's proposals may still be too mild to work

FDA Advisers Renew Review on Whether to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Opponents say cool, minty taste masks harsh chemicals, lures kids, minorities to take up smoking

Smoking Still Allowed at 1 in 4 Major U.S. Airports

CDC researchers say designated 'smoking rooms' do not shield nonsmokers from fumes

Smokers Urged to Join Thursday's Great American Smokeout

The annual event, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, focuses on quitting for one day

Few Make Lifestyle Changes that Could Keep Their Heart Healthy

Survey found only .01 percent heeded all seven recommendations from heart association

Minneapolis Study Points to Sharp Drop in Smoking Rates

Not only are more smokers quitting, but fewer people are choosing to start habit, 30-year study finds

'Stop Smoking' Ads That Target Emotions Seem to Work Best

Testimonials, graphic images evoke response, study finds

FDA Proposes Graphic Warnings on Cigarette Packs

Images would include emaciated lung cancer patients and a dead body in a morgue

States Urged to Fill Gap in Helping Smokers Quit

U.S. health reform helps many, but more will benefit if states step up, lung association says

Smokeless Tobacco Use Widespread in Some States

Users who also smoke may find it harder to quit, U.S. study finds

Brain Difference Found in Smokers

Part of decision-making center less thick than in people who have never smoked, small study finds

Healthy Living Can Prevent Nearly 25% of Colorectal Cancers

Study cites good diet, exercise, moderate drinking among key factors

Coming Soon: Smoke-Free Apartment Buildings?

Neighbors' secondhand smoke threatens nonsmoking residents, researchers say

Health Tip: Don't Smoke During Pregnancy

Here's how it can harm the baby

Workplace Noise Tied to Heart Disease Risk

Young men who smoke are among those at highest risk, study finds

For Ex-Smokers, Some Cigarette Cravings May Never Leave

Urges triggered by watching others smoke may actually increase with time, study finds

Smoke-Free Laws May Help Kids Breathe Easier

Scottish study showed 18 percent annual decline in childhood asthma hospitalizations

Helping Smokers Quit Could Save U.S. Money: Report

Each $1 spent on cessation would give states average 26% return on investment, study found

Smokeless Tobacco Products Can Be Deadly

Snuff, chewing tobacco come under fire from American Heart Association

Smoking Could Harm Sperm, Study Finds

Other research suggests women who smoke while pregnant impair sons' fertility

Decline in Adult Smoking Stalls, Alarming Experts

And more than half of U.S. kids exposed to secondhand smoke, CDC report finds

Can Fruits, Veggies Help Ward Off Lung Cancer?

The wider the variety consumed by smokers, the greater the benefit, study suggests

Youth Smoking Rates Now Stalled

After decade of big decreases, number of teens lighting up stays steady

Study Finds Even a Little Cigarette Smoke Harms Airway

Just a few puffs trigger genetic changes in cells that could spur disease, experts say

Bad Habits Tied to Recurrent Headaches in Teens

Study suggests quitting smoking, exercising, losing weight can cut their frequency

FDA Mulling Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Advocates say cool, minty taste masks harsh chemicals, lures kids, minorities to take up smoking

Breast Abscesses Linked to Smoking, Nipple Piercings

Other major risk factors include obesity and diabetes, study shows

Experimental Diet Pill May Bring 'Modest' Weight Loss

Contrave combines an antidepressant with an anti-addiction drug

Decline in U.S. Teen Smoking Rate Stalls

Goal of reducing rate to 16 percent by 2010 won't be met, CDC says

Women Urged to Declare Their Independence From Tobacco

U.S. health officials have created a Web site to help you quit smoking on July 4th

Minnesota Smoking Bans Didn't Lead to Job Loss

Twin City study finds policies didn't affect bars, may have even spurred employment in local restaurants

Smoking May Boost Risk of Certain Colon Cancers

Lighting up seems to cause gene mutations in older women that lead to disease, study finds

When Parents Smoke, Kids' Weight, Behavior May Suffer

Research suggests tie between lighting up and child's health, although cause-and-effect not clear

Patients Could Use More Help Quitting Smoking

Many health professionals suggest stopping but don't provide assistance, study finds

New Tobacco Regulations to Take Effect

A year after Tobacco Control Act signed, American Cancer Society lauds latest restrictions

Vitamin B6 Tied to Lowered Lung Cancer Risk

But cause-and-effect not clear, and supplements are no excuse to keep smoking, experts say

Lifestyle Changes Are No Guarantee Against Alzheimer's

Panel finds inconclusive evidence that diet, exercise, supplements prevent dementia

Least Healthy More Apt to Think Genes Explain Disease Risk

Survey also found these people were not as interested in information on lifestyle changes

Not Smoking After Bone Surgery May Speed Healing

Patients who quit within days of fracture operation recovered faster, study finds

Fewer Heart Attacks After England Goes Smoke-Free

Researchers found ER admissions for cardiac trouble dropped in year after smoking ban

Secondhand Smoke a Mental Health Hazard?

Study finds association with psychiatric woes, but experts say cause-and-effect isn't proven