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FDA Advisers Renew Review on Whether to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Opponents say cool, minty taste masks harsh chemicals, lures kids, minorities to take up smoking

OMG! Excessive Texting Tied to Risky Teen Behaviors

Kids who send more than 120 a day more likely to try drugs, alcohol and sex, researchers find

Pediatricians Want to Restrict Ads for Tobacco, Booze, Viagra

American Academy of Pediatrics would ban cigarette advertisements altogether

Use of Marijuana, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine on Rise in U.S.

Experts blame recession, growing acceptance of pot

Smokeless Tobacco Products Can Be Deadly

Snuff, chewing tobacco come under fire from American Heart Association

Smoking Seems to Backfire on Teens Hoping for a Lift

Instead, depressive symptoms likely to increase, study finds

Teen Substance Use Seems to Differ by Race

California study finds Hispanics most likely to drink, smoke, use marijuana; Asians least likely

Teen Survey Finds Gangs, Drugs Common in U.S. Schools

Over one-quarter of respondents say both problems infect their school environment

FDA Mulling Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Advocates say cool, minty taste masks harsh chemicals, lures kids, minorities to take up smoking

Cigarette Smoke May Up Cancer Risk By Interfering With Genes

'Entire networks of gene interaction' affected by such exposure, researchers find

Ban Point-of-Sale Tobacco Ads in Retail Outlets, Researchers Urge

Teens twice as likely to try smoking if they frequent stores plastered with cigarette ads, study shows

Decline in U.S. Teen Smoking Rate Stalls

Goal of reducing rate to 16 percent by 2010 won't be met, CDC says

New Tobacco Regulations to Take Effect

A year after Tobacco Control Act signed, American Cancer Society lauds latest restrictions

State Cigarette Taxes Not Spent on Anti-Smoking Efforts

None of the states that boosted taxes in 2009 earmarked funds for smoking prevention, CDC finds

Teen Girls Say Pink Camel in Cigarette Ads Caught Their Eye

Study finds link between catchy ads and whether teens smoke

Secondhand Smoke Starts Damaging Arteries in Childhood

Passive exposure tied to blood vessel damage in 13-year-olds, research shows

Young Smokers May Be More Apt to Try Pot

Behavioral problems are less indicative of future marijuana use, study finds

Discrimination May Lead to Smoking in Boys

Stress felt by minority teens can lead to unhealthy behaviors, researchers say

Living With a Smoker Puts Kids at Risk for Emphysema

Lung damage seen in otherwise healthy nonsmoking adults, study finds

Marijuana Use No Longer Dropping Among U.S. Teens

Federal report cites lower rates for meth and smoking, but concerns about prescription abuse

Movies May Tempt Teens to Smoke

The more smoking scenes viewed, the more likely they were to light up, study found

Smoking Exposure Now Linked to Colon, Breast Cancers

New studies also find that children exposed to smoke are at risk of lung cancer

Lung Cancer's Racial Gap Narrowing

Anti-smoking campaigns aimed at teens reduce differences in incidence, deaths, research shows

Even Light Smoking Affects Young Adults' Arteries

Damage makes it harder to run and climb steps, researcher says

Smoking Bans Good for Non-Smokers' Hearts: Study

Report could get more states to pass laws to curtail secondhand smoke, experts say

Phone Counseling Helps Teens Quit Smoking

Personalized, motivational calls succeeded in study of high school students

Smoking in Pregnancy Linked to Psychotic Symptoms in Kids

Study also connects heavy alcohol use to psychiatric disturbances

Program Curbs Teen Substance Abuse, Delinquency

Prevention efforts focused on the community pay off, study finds

Too Much Media May Be Tough on Kids' Health

Expert warns parents to limit access to computers, TV and more

Tough Laws, Higher Prices Mean Fewer Kids Smoke

Study finds that enforcing existing laws cuts rate by 21 percent

Poor Kids Exposed to More Secondhand Smoke

Wealthier households are less apt to include adult smokers, study finds

U.S. Asked to Do More for Kids' Mental Health

Report urges new role in coordinating, funding local prevention efforts

More Teen Boys Are Using Smokeless Tobacco, Survey Finds

But expert warns that it's not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking

Fewer College Kids Smoking, But Industry Tactics a Threat

Tobacco firms spend $1M a day sponsoring campus events, giveaways, lung association says

Home Smoking Ban Keeps Teens From Lighting Up

But parental behavior remains strong influence on kids' attitudes, study says

Tobacco Marketing Promotes Youth Cigarette Use

But landmark report also says mass media anti-tobacco campaigns work, too

Smoke-Free Policies Prove Effective

They not only cut secondhand exposure but also helped current users cut back, study finds

Decline in Cigarette Sales Offset by Use of Alternative Products

Low taxes on substitute tobacco items keep addiction affordable, study says

Waterpipe Smoking in Colleges Could Become Public Health Problem

They contain same toxins as cigarettes, but users think they're safer, study finds

Smoke-Free Workplace Laws, Cigarette Taxes on the Rise

But more needs to be done on federal, state levels to combat tobacco use, report says

Smoking in Movies Linked to Kids Lighting Up

Many youth-rated films show smoking scenes, study says, and that early exposure influences young people to start the habit

Nicotine in Breast Milk Shortens Baby's Naptime

Study finds a 37% reduction in total sleep when moms smoked before feeding

Smoking in Movies May Put Teens at Risk

Silver screen cues tend to reinforce positive associations with the habit, study says

School, Church Activities May Help Curb Youth Smoking

Kids less likely to light up if postive values are stressed, study suggests

Retail Tobacco Ads Boost Likelihood of Teens' Smoking

Price cuts, promotions lure casual users into regular puffing, study finds

Smoke-Free Workplace Laws, Cigarette Taxes on the Rise

But 34 states aren't spending enough on smoking-cessation programs, report says

A Checklist for Avoiding Common Holiday Dangers

Pediatric group urges families to wrap the gift of safety for children

Movie, TV Smoking Doubles Kids' Chances of Lighting Up

Study finding underscores need to have FDA regulate sale and marketing of tobacco products, expert says

Parents Often Naive About Children's Drug Use

Age a key factor as the older the child, the more likely moms and dads are aware