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Depression May Be World's Most Disabling Disease

Global study finds it takes bigger toll than other chronic conditions

Cutting Salt Won't Affect Foods' Safety

High-sodium processed foods are major contributor to heart trouble, researchers note

Fat Builds Up in Hearts Before Diabetes Onset

Technique giving researchers static image of beating heart could be new screening tool

Trial to Test Gene Therapy for Angina in Women

Novel treatment promotes blood vessel growth in heart muscle, researchers say

Blood Pressure Drug Combo Helps Diabetic Hearts

Large, long-term global study shows diuretic plus ACE inhibitor reduced risk of dying from heart disease

New Heart Pump Shows Promise in Trial

Smaller, simpler device can be used in more patients, expert says

Case Management Cost-Effective Way to Cut Heart Risks

California study shows such visits with patients reduced risk by 10% and also cut costs

Heart Attacks at School Involve More Adults Than Kids

Whether defibrillators should be available an open question, researcher says

Drug That Lowers Resting Heart Rate Being Tested

Slower heartbeat linked to better cardiac outcome, scientists report

Urban Smog Tough on Young Adults' Hearts

It affected 4 indicators of cardiovascular trouble, study found

Restricting Blood Flow May Help Heart Bypass Patients

The technique reduces levels of protein linked to poor surgery results, study says

Diet Still Important to Patients on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

They don't see medications as a license to eat fatty foods, study finds

Fewer Minority Men Have Undiagnosed Diabetes

Education efforts may be working for blacks, Hispanics, U.S. study finds

Pot Bellies Point to Heart Risk

This kind of fat was strong indicator of trouble ahead, study found

Antioxidants No Magic Bullet for Heart Disease in Women

No substitute for conventional medicines or a healthy lifestyle, study finds

U.S. Hispanics Focus of Free Cholesterol Checks

Up to half have not been screened in the last 5 years, group says

Obesity-Linked Woes Boost Kids' Lifetime Heart Risk

'Metabolic syndrome' includes higher blood pressure, cholesterol

Moderate Exercise Might Be Healthier Than Intense Workouts

Just a 30-minute daily walk can help stave off diabetes, heart trouble, study finds

Diet and Fitness: A Proven Path to Heart Health

Lifestyle changes can slash your risk for cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes

Hostility Puts Men's Hearts at Risk

Bad feelings may help spur chronic inflammation, study suggests

Two Diabetes Drugs Double Heart Failure Risk: Study

Avandia, Actos-linked danger occurs even at low doses and among younger patients

Clots Reduce Aortic Tear Survival

Ruptures in the aorta endanger 10,000 Americans each year, experts say

Defibrillators Can Control Dangerous Heart Condition

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a genetic disorder, often strikes younger people

Study Links Diet Soft Drinks With Cardiac Risk

Just one soda a day tied to higher incidence of metabolic syndrome

Simple Lifestyles Changes Can Produce Big Payoffs

The path to a better, longer life may be shorter than you think

New Drug Combo Fights High Blood Pressure

But cost, safety issues could keep Diovan, Tekturna from most patients, experts say

One Billion People Don't Get Enough Vitamin D

Expert suggests recommended daily intake be boosted to help prevent disease

Combining Drugs Doesn't Improve Arterial Disease Outcome

No overall benefit seen when blood thinner, antiplatelet agent used together, study finds

Scientists Spot Genes Behind Heart Disease

But doctor's office-based DNA tests are still a long way off, experts say

High Triglyceride Levels Linked to Cardiac Risk

Findings could lead to changes in cholesterol testing

No Danger Found in Blood Thinner-Statin Combination

Study detects no increase in heart attack, stroke, death

Patch Helps Heart Grow New Cells

Rat study suggests a way of repairing lost cardiac tissue

Cirrhosis Can Impact Heart Surgery Success

Two-thirds of those with severe disease died after cardiac surgery, study found

Blood Test Warns of Dangerous 'Deep Belly' Fat

This type of fat around organs boosts health risks, researchers say

Death Rate High in Drug-Coated Stent Trial

Small study of bypass patients found no such risk from bare-metal stents

Timing of Breast Cancer Drug Affects Cardiac Risk: Study

Giving Herceptin alongside -- not after -- standard chemo may be best approach

A Bite of Chocolate a Day May Keep Blood Pressure at Bay

Limited amounts of dark chocolate lower blood pressure, German researchers report

Men Put Their Health on the Back Burner

Survey finds more than a quarter wait 'as long as possible' before seeking help

Molecule Signals Heart Disease in Early Stages

Study found high levels of protein predicted development of cardiovascular trouble

Opening of Kidney Arteries Brings Dangers

Microscopic 'debris' is left behind with these angioplasties, study finds

Moderate Drinking May Boost Your Health

Women topped men, but both more likely than abstainers to report above-average fitness

It's Never Too Late to Get Healthy

Even starting in middle age reduces risk of heart disease and death, study shows

School Nurses Key to Preventing Heart Disease

They can help set kids on path to cardiovascular health, heart experts say

Women Have Double the Risk of Mid-Life Stroke

Study counters the notion that men are most vulnerable

Obesity Cuts Risk of Dying After Heart Attack

But being overweight boosts odds for an attack in the first place, experts warn

Pre-Diabetic Changes Double Heart Disease Risk

These early blood sugar trends can be lethal, study finds

Echocardiography Helps Identify Heart Disease

Test is more accurate than others when used in patients at risk, experts say

Heart and Kidneys Share Tight Medical Bond

When one system fails, so can the other, new research shows

Heart Disease a Risk Factor for Alzheimer's

Patients treated for vascular trouble had better cognition, study found

New Drug Fails to Improve Odds for Heart Failure Patients

Survival rates not better when compared with older medication, researchers say