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Herbal Extract Shows Some Benefit for Heart Failure

But it failed to meet primary goal in large European trial

Diabetes, Hypertension Explain Blacks' Higher Risk for Heart Failure

Controlling these two factors should lower disease rates, experts say

Experimental Drug Controls Cardiac Patients' Blood Pressure

Another study finds a quick way to spot cause of shortness of breath

High Trans Fat Intake Triples Heart Disease Risk

Fast-food component is even more dangerous than suspected, study finds

Long-Term Aspirin Use Cuts Death Risk for Women: Study

Two decades of tracking shows low to moderate use has major impact on heart disease and cancer

Drug Fails to Cut Deaths from Cardiogenic Shock

Tilarginine had no effect on 30-day survival, study found

Heart Pumping Variation Found in Racial Groups

Weaker contractions in black Americans could explain their higher heart-disease rates, study says

Studies Highlight Pitfalls of Drug-Coated Stents

For example, many patients don't take drugs that can ward off dangerous clots

More Diabetes, More Heart Disease: Study

Two-thirds of diabetics will die from heart attack or stroke, researchers warn

Drugs as Good as Angioplasty for Stable Heart Disease

A new study found no difference in rates of death or heart attack

Drugs That Boost HDL Cholesterol Not Ready for Prime Time

But researchers say the concept remains valid in fight against heart disease

Early Use of Cholesterol Drug Boosts Outcomes After Angioplasty

A second study suggests statins prevent plaque buildup in arteries

Heart Test Shows Who Needs Implantable Defibrillators

It also spots those patients who don't need the cardiac rhythm devices, study says

Depression Ups Heart Failure Death Risk

Doctors need to pay more attention to patients' mental health, study suggests

Low-Dose Aspirin Therapy Effective After Heart Surgery

Major bleeding was noticeably reduced after 8 months, Canadian study finds

Bypass Better Than Stent Use for Blocked Artery

Studies favor bypass, but experts say decision must be made on case-by-case basis

Heart Association Backs Statin Use for At-Risk Kids

Those with family history of heart disease, diabetes could benefit from cholesterol drug therapy, revised guidelines now say.

Cardiac Risk Greatest While Firefighters Fighting Flames

Study found they're most likely to die while responding to emergencies

Artery Disease Poses Immediate Risks

1 of every 7 patients suffers serious event, including death, within one year, study finds

Quitting Smoking Rejuvenates Arteries

10 years after last cigarette, vessels regain lost flexibility, study finds

For Heart Attack Victims, Skip the Mouth-to-Mouth

Results are better if bystanders perform chest compressions only, study finds

Obesity's Ties to Heart Disease Still Unclear

More research is needed, experts say, especially when it comes to gender differences

Weekend Heart Attacks Can Be Deadlier

Patients less likely to get artery-opening procedures, study says

Heart Disease Lower in Children of Parents Who Live to 85

But genes are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, one expert says

FDA Tightens Warnings on Anemia Drugs

Higher-than-recommended doses can be fatal to kidney, cancer patients

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression a Deadly Mix

People with the three conditions are 30% more likely to die, study finds

Invasive Therapy Doesn't Cut Deaths in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Patient's risk profile should determine best treatment, one expert says

Stress, Obesity Taking Toll on Latin Americans' Health

Changes in diet, society are boosting heart disease risk, study finds

Rising Blood Sugar Means Rising Heart Risk

The danger begins even before glucose climbs abnormally high, experts say

Majority of Drug-Coated Stent Use Not Approved by FDA

More research on the controversial practice is needed, researchers say

Lipitor Approved for Additional Uses

To reduce risks of heart attack and stroke

EKG Predicts Heart Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Even minor abnormalities can signal future trouble, study finds

Specialty Heart Hospitals Increase Rate of Surgeries

But the for-profit centers may be offering needed services, study suggests

Radiation for Breast Cancer in 1980s Ups Heart Risk

But the treatment's lifesaving benefits still outweigh the dangers, experts say

Cheney's Blood Clot Highlights Fairly Common Condition

Deep vein thrombosis can be life-threatening if not treated promptly, doctors say

Depression Worsens Outcomes for Heart Failure Patients

Study finds that those depressed are 50% more likely to die or be hospitalized for the condition

Sleep Apnea Increasingly Tied to Heart Risks: Study

Mounting data suggest causative role in cardiovascular disease

Heartburn or Heart Attack? Know the Symptoms

Experts offer useful pointers, urging people to err on the side of caution

Hispanic Women's Hearts at High Risk: Study

Contrary to popular wisdom, they develop signs of heart disease earlier than white women

Mom's Smoking Raises Kids' Adult Heart Risk

And Dad's secondhand smoke can cause long-term trouble, too, study finds

Vacuum Method Breaks Up DVT Blood Clots

Lingering deep vein clots can cause serious trouble, doctors warn

One Family's Gene Defect May Help Explain Heart Disease

Finding supports the notion of a 'metabolic syndrome,' scientists say

Drink a Little, Live a Little Longer?

Another study suggests that light alcohol intake, especially wine, boosts health

Do Early Growth Spurts Protect Against Bad Cholesterol?

Finding suggests adult heart disease may have roots in childhood

Infected Gums Can Harm the Heart

Periodontal treatment improves blood flow, study finds

Education Works to Lower Patients' Heart Risk

Simple intervention kept blood pressure, cholesterol levels down, study found

New Beta Blocker Drug Reduces Heart Risks

Coreg cut heart attacks, strokes compared to older drug, company-funded study found

Heart Experts Issue Guidelines on Use of Celebrex

Cox-2 painkiller should be last resort because of cardiovascular risk, American Heart Association says

Gene Variant Keeps Blood Triglyceride Levels Low

And it's much more common in whites than blacks, research shows

ADHD Drugs Need Better Warnings on Heart, Psychiatric Risks: FDA

All meds must now come with patient guideline inserts, agency says