Heart Attack News

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Expanded Use of Plavix Approved

To prevent blocked arteries after heart attack

Heart Failure Patients Fare Better With Follow-Up Nursing Care

Researchers cite fewer hospitalizations, improved functioning for those enrolled in study

Heart Drug May Help Reopen Arteries After Stroke

Small study says low-dose argatroban used with intravenous rtPA may improve outcomes

Blacks, Hispanics Hospitalized More Often for Diabetes, Heart Disease

Many cases could have been prevented through better outpatient care, U.S. group finds

Coffee Might Trigger First Heart Attack in Some

Study found those at risk for coronary disease were most vulnerable

Breast Cancer Patients Should Monitor Heart Risks

2 studies find potential side effects from Herceptin, radiation

Alternative Test Uncovers Hidden Risks for Kidney, Cardiovascular Disease

Patients with high cystatin C protein levels were 50% more likely to die, study says

ACE Inhibitors Good for Hardened Arteries

While some doctors still debate the practice, new research finds benefits

Just a Little High-Saturated Fat Can Be Hard on the Arteries

Researchers find that even one high-fat meal reduces effects of 'good' cholesterol

External Defibrillator Warnings Not Adequate

FDA has issued warnings for one in every five devices, study finds

Lowering Blood Pressure Can Stop or Reverse Heart Disease

Keeping hypertension at bay as important as reducing cholesterol, study suggests

Blood Clot Threads Are Nature's Most Stretchable: Study

Fibrin fibers could be pulled more than four times their length before they broke

Guidelines Suggest When Resuscitation Works for Cardiac Arrest

Only about 1 percent of victims survive an attack, study says

New Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Hereditary Heart Conditions

In animal study, single injection into a vein hints of long-lasting treatment for humans

Men at Higher Risk of Recurrent Blood Clots

Deep venous thrombosis often occurs in the legs and can be fatal, experts warn

Heart Attacks Often Go Unrecognized

Some estimates run as high as 43 percent; women frequently under-diagnosed

New Test Identifies Blood Clot Risk

Could help spot people in need of blood-thinning therapy, study says

Light Drinking Cuts Risk for Death, Heart Attack

A drink a day may bring benefits, but experts aren't sure why

Head Online for Advice on Heart Attack

New U.S. National Institutes of Health Web site is aimed at seniors

Impotence Can Foreshadow Coronary Artery Disease

Doctors should monitor heart health of patients with erectile dysfunction, study says

Journal Editor Criticizes Authors of Migraine Study

Research on link to heart risk was OK, but writers' financial interests were not revealed

Adolescent Obesity Linked to Premature Death

But diet pill, not yet approved for children, works for teens, researchers report

Surgery a Lifesaver When Aortic Dissection Strikes

Cardiac condition that killed actor John Ritter mimics heart attack, experts say

Living Alone Boosts Heart Risk

Solitary seniors, especially, had much greater odds of heart attack, study found

Eyes May Provide Window on Heart Risk

Measuring width of retinal vessels predicts cardiac dangers, study finds

High Humidity May Be Linked to Heart-Attack Risk

But researchers say the findings are far from definitive

New Markers Won't Help Docs Assess Heart Risks

Blood levels of C-reactive protein, other markers, add little to known risk factors, study shows

Experts: Screen Most Older Adults to Prevent Heart Attacks

Panel advises regular arterial exams for even healthy Americans

Enron Founder's Death Linked to Heart Disease

While stress contributed, Kenneth Lay also had coronary-artery disease, autopsy shows

Hospital Ratings Don't Fully Reflect Patient Outcomes

Specific interventions help, but don't explain variations in heart attack survival, researchers say

Five Steps Help Men Live Longer

Exercise, healthy diet, no smoking, staying trim and moderate drinking are key, study finds

New Guide May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Government health experts offering up revised DASH diet booklet

Diabetes Brings Earlier Heart Disease, Death

Developing the type 2 form of the illness is like aging 15 years, researchers say

Two Technologies Together Spot Clogged Vessels

Noninvasive cardiac MRI plus contrast enhancement worked better than angiography, researchers report

Antioxidant May Prevent Kidney Damage, Study Finds

The organ can be harmed by imaging techniques to help doctors see inside the body

Nighttime Blood Pressure Linked to Heart Failure

Absence of normal drop more than doubles the risk, study finds

Secondhand Smoke a Threat to All, Surgeon General Warns

It increases risk of heart disease, lung cancer and SIDS, report finds

Testosterone Offers Women Benefits, Risks

Higher levels may boost sexual function, but increase heart trouble, studies find

Low-Fat Dairy Products May Fight High Blood Pressure

The more consumed, the bigger the benefit, study finds

Journal Corrects Vioxx Article to Reflect Short-Term Heart Risk

Experts call the change overdue, given the accumulated evidence

Women's Heart Care Varies Widely By Hospital

New survey finds a 40% difference between best, poorest performers

Blood Pressure Woes Start Earlier Than You Think

59 million Americans have prehypertension, a condition with serious health risks

Heart Differences May Explain Young Athletes' Deaths Despite CPR

Experts say underlying structural problems are probably to blame

Late-Life Job Loss Raises Heart Attack Risk

Older workers could benefit from stress reduction after layoffs, researchers say

Mutant Gene May Help Cause Abnormal Heartbeat

The finding could explain many cases of atrial fibrillation

NSAIDs Pose Death Risk for Heart-Attack Patients

The painkillers include cox-2s like Vioxx and high-dose ibuprofen, study finds

New Heart Guidelines Add Exercise to Healthy Diet

This combo is the best route to cardiovascular health, American Heart Association says

Veggies Do a Heart Good

Mice fed 30% vegetable diet were thinner with clearer arteries, study found

Gum Disease Can Harm Much More Than Your Teeth

Periodontal problems could aggravate other ailments, such as diabetes and heart disease

Fish Oil Won't Fix Abnormal Heart Rhythms: Study

But eating fish may still be heart-healthy, expert says