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Hypertension May Hit Black Males Earlier

Different tests may be needed to detect rising blood pressure in these men, experts say

High Blood Pressure Stalks Many Americans

Seven in 10 don't do enough to protect themselves from stroke, heart attack

Vitamin D Deficit Could Lead to Heart Woes

Winter's lack of sun means adults at risk should be monitored, experts say

Education Program Spurs Blacks to Take Blood Pressure Meds

Studies had found blacks twice as likely to skip medicines, compared to whites

After Decades, Decreases in Heart Risk Factors Level Off

Researchers point to obesity epidemic in explaining the troubling trend

Lipoprotein Levels May Predict Women's Hypertension Risk

These particles carry cholesterol and triglycerides throughout the body

Poor Sleep, Hypertension a Dangerous Combination

Elderly who don't get 7.5 hours of shut-eye a night at higher death risk, study suggests

Heart Failure Hospitalizations Up Sharply

Epidemic linked to hypertension, obesity, diabetes, study shows

Lack of Potassium Linked to High Blood Pressure

The finding is especially true for blacks, study suggests

Green Areas Lower Health Inequities Between Rich, Poor

Having more parks, forests, playing fields affects health behaviors, study says

Too Few Americans Aware of 'Pre-Diabetes'

It's when blood sugar levels are rising, but disease can still be prevented, CDC says

Whole Grains Lower Risk of Heart Failure

Eating these foods and reducing intake of high-fat dairy, eggs improve odds against disease

Key Blood Test Protein May Not Cause Heart Disease

CRP may only reflect existing cardiovascular trouble, study finds

Women at Higher Risk for Pulmonary Hypertension

They are 4 times more apt to develop the lung artery disorder, study shows

Cialis May Help Ease Pulmonary Hypertension

Once-daily dose of the ED drug delayed disease progression, researchers found

Too Few Understand Diabetes' Dangers

Americans more fearful of shark bites than this common, potentially lethal disease, survey shows

Chicken Soup May Lower Blood Pressure

Collagen in some parts of chicken acts like a hypertension medication, study suggests

Drug Fights Diabetic Eye Disease

Retinopathy is a potentially blinding complication, but Atacand may help

Vitamin C Might Help Lower Hypertension

But delivery was intravenous, so implications for diet are unclear, experts say

Relaxation Tapes or Mozart Lower Blood Pressure

Approaches could supplement other therapies to treat the condition, study says

Tight Blood Sugar Control Helps Diabetics Long-Term

A period of strict management with drugs has effects that last long after therapy ends, study finds

Blood Pressure Treatment Can Be Used Against Stroke

Study finds the therapy can be given in tandem with clot-dissolving drug

Newer Blood Pressure Drug Better for Some Heart Patients, Diabetics

Study found telmisartan offered slight benefit for those unable to take ACE inhibitors

Most Patients With Irregular Heartbeat Take Inadequate Blood Thinner Dose

Warfarin could cut stroke risk by 67%, but patients and doctors say drug is hard to manage

Newer Blood Pressure Drug No Better Than Placebo in Preventing Stroke

Patients may need to be on telmisartan longer to see positive effect, researchers say

FDA Investigates Possible Vytorin-Cancer Link

But the agency says patients can still take the cholesterol-lowering drug

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Won't Cause Cancer

New analysis shows no effect from statin meds, which include Lipitor, Crestor

Poor Sleep Linked to High Blood Pressure in Teens

Similar results have been found in studies of adults

Exercise Reduces Blood Pressure...

... But too few doctors recommend it to their patients, study finds

Angioplasty No Better Than Drug Treatment in Long Run

Benefit disappears within three years, study finds

Too Much Salt Boosts Blood Pressure

Study rules out the effect of one genetic variation

Injected Drug Approved for High Blood Pressure

When oral therapy isn't feasible

Excessive Drinking Boosts Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

More than 2 a day for men, 1 for women, increases odds of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes

Mouse Study May Offer Better Diagnosis for Preeclampsia

Researchers find autoantibodies that block potentially fatal pregnancy complication

A Better Blood Test for Heart Risk?

Tracking 2 proteins might be more precise than cholesterol readings, experts say

Dietary Fiber Cuts Risk of Pregnancy Complication

Preeclampsia raises blood pressure, but the nutrient lowers the odds, study finds

Many Women Struggle With Uncontrolled Blood Pressure

But medications and lifestyle changes can head off threats like heart attack and stroke

Optimism About Heart Risk Pays Off

Study finds lower death rate for men with upbeat outlook, but same did not hold true for women

For Young Adults, Borderline High Blood Pressure a Threat

Study says it leads to damaged heart arteries later in life

Coronary Heart Disease Not a Cheery Condition

CDC survey found heart patients report lower quality of life, poorer outlook

Warfarin Safer Than Heparin for Some Strokes

When clot forms in heart and travels to the brain, heparin more risky, study finds

Finding Out How Flavonoids Protect the Heart

Meta-analysis shows specific cardiovascular effects of chocolate, soy protein, green tea

Ankle-Arm Blood Pressure Test Predicts Heart Disease Risk

Could improve current assessments, report says

Kids' Obesity May Lead to Epidemic of Adult Diabetes

Impact has yet to be felt, since type 2 course may take 10 years to show, study says

Omega-3, Some Omega-6 Fatty Acids Boost Cardiovascular Health

Reduce heart attack risk and blood pressure, studies show

Mom's Unhealthy Diet May Have Long-Term Impact on Baby

Rats fed junk food had higher cholesterol, blood fats into adulthood, British study finds

New Molecular Trigger Described for Hypertension, Diabetes

Out-of-control enzymes do damage in both conditions, study finds

'Silent Strokes' Strike One in 10 Healthy People

No symptoms, but some loss of brain function occurs, study finds

Blood Pressure Drug Shows Promise for Marfan Syndrome

Losartan slowed aortic enlargement, most life-threatening defect of condition

Going Online to Draw the Line on High Blood Pressure

Conferring with pharmacists permits quicker changes in drugs, improved management, study finds