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Whole Grains Lower Risk of Heart Failure

Eating these foods and reducing intake of high-fat dairy, eggs improve odds against disease

Electrical Brain Stimulation May Boost Dexterity

Finding could lead to new treatments for stroke victims, study suggests

Rheumatoid Arthritis May Harm Gums

Periodontal disease rises as the joint ailment worsens, research shows

Cherry-Enriched Diet Cut Heart Risks in Rats

Study finds tart powder reduced inflammation, cholesterol and belly fat

Exercise Improves Stroke Outcome

Attacks are also less severe among people who are active, researchers say

Speedy Care After Heart Attack Key to Survival

Heart association says cooling body, checking arteries lowers risk of further injury

Health Tip: Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Things you can control ... and things you can't

Statins May Prevent Some Miscarriages

Mouse study finds cholesterol-lowering drugs could help women with antiphospholipid syndrome

Health Tip: Breathing Polluted Air

Suggestions to minimize symptoms

Western Diet Boosts Global Heart Attack Risk 30%

But study also finds 'Oriental' pattern little benefit either way because of salty sauces

Low Blood Pressure During Surgery Boosts Stroke Risk

Tighter control of levels may prevent complications, study suggests

Aspirin Doesn't Prevent First Heart Attack, Stroke

Study contradicts current recommendations; expert suggests change

Warfarin Underused in Atrial Fibrillation Patients

Study says blood thinner not prescribed often enough, but notes it's hard to manage

Embryonic Heart Shows Strong Capacity to Regenerate

Mouse study finds fetal cells compensated for loss of nearly half of cardiac tissue

Some Arteries Opened Safely Without Heparin

But Italian researchers warn only the lowest-risk patients can benefit

Blacks at Higher Risk for Brain Lesions Causing Stroke

They had 32% more microbleeds in several different areas, study finds

Blood Cell Genes May Signal Heart Disease

Small study finds their levels correlate with cardiovascular trouble

Group Urges Depression Screening for Heart Patients

They face twice the risk of second cardiac event 1 to 2 years later

Beta Blockers May Cut Mortality in COPD Patients After Surgery

Preoperative use was well-tolerated without adverse respiratory effects, study finds

Blood Thinner Linked to Increased Brain Bleeding

That raises risk of death from hemorrhagic stroke, researchers say

Physical Exam as Good as High Tech in Assessing Heart Failure

Estimates of fluid in body compared favorably to results of invasive procedure, study finds

Moderate Aerobic Exercise Lowers Diabetics' Liver Fat

Study cites benefits for type 2 patients seeking to avoid cardiovascular problems

Brain Aneurysm Rupture Risk Tied to Location, Size

Those greater than 13 millimeters in width twice as likely to burst, study finds

Surgery Unneeded in Most Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Cases

Study says drug therapy better option for 95% of patients, since stroke risk is low

Drug Coated Stents Better After Heart Attack

Death rate lower than for bare-metal devices, study shows

Angioplasty Not Cost-Effective for Chronic Coronary Disease

Study finds it could add $10,000 to treatment 'without significant gain' in quality of life

Stroke Prevalence Higher, Deadlier Among American Indians

More smoking, hypertension, diabetes may explain statistics, study says

Cholesterol Drugs May Raise Post-Op Delirium Risk

Patients on statin medications 30% more likely to experience trouble, study finds

Women's Peripheral Artery Disease Tied to Secondhand Smoke

They face 69% increased risk for heart disease, 56% risk of ischemic stroke, study finds

3-D MRI Helps Detect Patients at High Risk for Stroke

Technique accurately found bleeding within walls of diseased carotid arteries

Survival Rate Little Changed With Aortic Valve Disorder

Young adults with the common congenital heart defect don't have worse outcomes, study says

Too Few People Know Symptoms of Heart Trouble

And that lack of knowledge could cost you your life

2 Techniques Found Effective in Carotid Artery Narrowing

Angioplasty with stenting and endarterectomy successful in preventing ipsilateral stroke

Artery Plaque Rupture Can Occur Without Symptoms

But this makes build-up more vulnerable to future bursts, researchers find

Cholesterol Drugs Lower Stroke Risk in Older People

Atorvastatin as beneficial in those over 65 as in younger patients, study says

Drug Given 24 Hours After Stroke Helps Repair Brain Tissue

Bryostatin may also work in patients with Alzheimer's and traumatic injury, study says

New Type of Stent Appears Safe, Effective

Artery-opening device emits drug from a biodegradable polymer

Most Patients With Irregular Heartbeat Take Inadequate Blood Thinner Dose

Warfarin could cut stroke risk by 67%, but patients and doctors say drug is hard to manage

Fat Cells in Obese People Are 'Sick'

More likely to make insulin-resistant proteins, study says

Newer Blood Pressure Drug No Better Than Placebo in Preventing Stroke

Patients may need to be on telmisartan longer to see positive effect, researchers say

Angioplasty Scoring System Predicts Risk of Death

Clinicians use 7 simple variables to gauge in-hospital mortality after coronary intervention

Strokes Can Strike the Youngest

Brain attacks can even happen in the womb, and new guidelines address issue

Scientists ID New Proteins in Programmed Cell Death

Findings may lead to novel drug targets for stroke, infectious diseases, study says

Ultrasound Used to Predict Heart Attack Risk

Provides noninvasive way to identify plaques, improve effectiveness of therapy

Heart Drug Used in Ambulance Boosts Survival

High dose of tirofiban plus standard therapy had lower overall mortality, study finds

Air Pollution Can Damage Heart, Blood Vessels, Too

Beijing Olympics focuses attention on health problems outside the lungs, researchers say

Diabetes Onset, Severity Tied to Cognitive Problems

Disease may contribute to neuronal damage, brain atrophy, study suggests

Studies Refine Obesity's Risk for Heart Troubles

Not all overweight in metabolic danger, but waist size a factor even in the normal-weight

Turbulence Predicts Death Risk for Heart Failure Patients

Abnormal beating a marker for those most likely to die suddenly, study says

Fat Cell Protein Boosts Heart Attack Risk in Elderly

Higher adiponectin levels may indicate underlying disease, study finds