Know the Signs of a Stroke

Lots of people don't

(HealthDayNews) -- Four out of 10 adults don't know that a stroke occurs in the brain, and 17 percent can't name a single symptom, according to a National Stroke Association survey.

That knowledge gap could be deadly, especially in light of t-PA, a clot-dissolving drug. Approved three years ago to treat ischemic stroke -- which affects 80 percent of victims -- t-PA must be taken within three hours to be most effective.

So recognizing stroke symptoms is essential. The early warning signs are: blurry or double vision or loss of vision in one or both eyes; numbness, weakness or lack of control in one side of the body or face; slurred speech or difficulty speaking or comprehending others; dizziness, lack of coordination or trouble walking; and severe, sudden headaches.

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