Health Tip: Feeling a Flutter?

It may be nothing, or a serious heart problem

(HealthDayNews) -- Just about everyone has felt a "fluttering" in their chest or the sensation that their heart was "skipping a beat."

This can be a sign of arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, according to the American Heart Association.

Don't panic if you've occasionally felt this sensation. Arrhythmias are extremely common, especially as people get older.

Most cases are harmless, but some arrhythmias are serious and require treatment and management. Your doctor can tell the difference.

If your arrhythmia needs treatment, your doctor can prescribe medication. You also may be encouraged to avoid substances including caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, cold and cough medications, appetite suppressants, psychotropic drugs used to treat certain mental illnesses, or heart medications called beta blockers.

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