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Poverty Does No Favors for Health

The less wealthy are more likely to become disabled or die early, new analysis finds

Taking the Stairs May Soon Get Easier

New high-tech steps 'recycle' climbers' energy, making the ascent less tough, inventors say

Young Adults With Autism Need Help Managing Money: Study

Many feel unprepared to handle responsibilities such as paying bills on their own

Disabled Kids at Higher Risk of Abuse, Study Finds

Certain conditions linked to greater odds for neglect, bullying

Should a Mental Disability Keep Patients Off Organ Transplant Lists?

30 members of U.S. Congress request clear guidance on this ethically fraught issue

Disabled Children Face Bullying Throughout School Years

More must be done to teach them how to respond to aggression, researcher says

U.S. Families Spend 1.5 Billion Hours Yearly on Kids With Special Health Needs

Care provided by parents adds up to nearly $18 billion in lost wages, study says

Healthy Living May Mean More Healthy Years for Seniors

Study found they enjoyed longer spans without disability even as they lived longer

Removing Part of Skull After Severe Head Injury Brings Mixed Results

More patients survived, but more were in vegetative state, and little difference was seen in long-term disability

Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. Seniors Has Some Form of Disability

But federal report finds most caregivers view their role as not a 'substantial problem'

Living Past 90 Doesn't Doom You to Disease, Disability

Study suggests life can be long and healthy, although good genes help a lot

Diabetes Doesn't Doom Seniors to Disability

Study found increase in 'good' years of life in recent decades

Americans Living Longer and Better

Improvements in heart and vision care likely behind the progress, study finds

Americans' Longer Life = Poorer Health

Life spans increased between 1970 and 2010, but disabilities also rose along the way, researchers say

Most Families Cherish a Child With Down Syndrome, Survey Finds

Only younger siblings struggled in some cases, which researchers said wasn't surprising

More Older Women Now Living With 'Moderate' Disability, Study Shows

Trend a reversal from the 1980s, researchers say

Stress of Caring for Sick Spouse May Raise Stroke Risk

Husbands, wives need support to reduce strain, researchers say

Monkeys Move Robotic Wheelchairs With Their Thoughts

Scientists say technology might one day help severely disabled people who have lost muscle control, mobility

Though Rare, Some Disabilities Seen Long After Newborn Heart Surgery

Study authors suggest a lack of oxygen before the procedure may play a role

1 in 5 U.S. Adults Has a Physical, Mental Disability: CDC

Race, poverty and less education linked to increased odds of having a disability

Study Shows Arthritis' Toll on Work, Social Life

Joint disease plus other chronic health conditions may keep up to one-third affected out of workplace

Older Mexican-Americans Often Disabled, Study Says

Findings highlight growing need for long-term care

40 Percent of Seniors Report Having a Disability

U.S. government analysis also found 15 percent had three or more problems

A Walk a Day Keeps Disability at Bay

Study links greater mobility in old age to daily strolls

Exercise Aids in Stroke Recovery

Regular activity, such as walking, afterwards improves memory and quality of life, suggest experts

Exercise Could Help Disabled People, But Too Few Are Active: CDC

Lack of workouts increases the risk of chronic diseases, experts say

Poor Fitness in Middle Age Tied to Early Death Risk in Study

Grip strength, ability to rise from chair and standing balance measured

Even Routine Housework May Help Stave Off Disability

Study finds benefit in light activity such as housecleaning or a slow stroll

Caring for Severely Ill Kids May Have Silver Lining

Many parent caregivers show signs of 'post-traumatic growth,' study says

Muscle Weakness May Persist for Months After ICU Stay

Hospitalized patients who'd been on mechanical ventilators were studied up to 2 years after discharge

Your Dog Truly Loves Your Scent

Brain scans showed greater response to owners' odor than to those of other people and pets

Stroke Survivors Deserve Team Care: Statement

Experts call for palliative care to improve patients' quality of life

Low Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide: Study

Nearly 10 percent of people are affected, researchers find

Partial Skull Removal May Save Older Patients' Lives After Massive Stroke

But disability after surgery is often severe, study finds

Do Job Hunters Who Stutter Face Bias?

Participants in small British study reported rejection, unsuitable work

Every Minute Matters With Clot-Busting Stroke Drug: Study

Every 60 seconds shaved off how quickly tPA was given meant patient had one less day of disability

One-Third of Young Stroke Victims Remain Disabled Years After: Study

Keys to improved function include preventing a 2nd stroke and continuing with rehab, experts say

Too Much Sitting After 60 May Lead to Disability, Study Says

For each extra sedentary hour per day, researchers found a 50 percent increased risk

Eye Condition in Preemies Hints at Risk for Later Disabilities

Study found 'severe retinopathy of prematurity' raised risk of motor problems, mental impairment, hearing loss

Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries: Study

Nearly a third of these shootings are accidental, study finds

FDA Approves Genetic Test That Helps Explain Developmental Problems in Kids

Experts caution that it should only be given to young children when problems first appear

Rural Cancer Survivors May Retire Sooner, Get Less Paid Disability

Vermont study compared their work lives to those of urban peers

Two-Thirds of Seniors Need Help With Some Part of Daily Living

Study finds they rely on other people or special devices to complete routine tasks

More Evidence Ties Obesity to Disability in Older Women

Studies found higher risks for heart disease, mobility problems and early death

Walking Speed a Good Gauge of MS Disability, Study Says

This measurement may reflect ability to perform everyday household activities