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Hospital Readmissions All Too Common, U.S. Studies Find

It's a complex, system-wide problem, expert says

Prolonged CPR May Boost Chances for Cardiac Arrest Victims

Performing resuscitation efforts in hospital for more than standard 20 minutes increased survival, studies find

Surgery Checklists Help OR Teams in a Crisis, Study Finds

Important steps were missed when surgical teams relied on memory alone

ER Visits Linked to Energy Drinks Double: Report

Most cases involved young adults, 42 percent involved drugs or alcohol, government survey found

Just How Severe Is This Flu Season?

It may be easing already in parts of the U.S., ramping up in others, experts say

Unneeded Antibiotics May Lead to Diarrheal Illness, Study Finds

Instead of helping hospitalized patients, treatment promotes infection in some

Which Hospital Patients Need Drugs to Prevent Gastrointestinal Bleeding?

New scoring system helps doctors decide when to prescribe antacids

U.S. Efforts to Boost Number of Primary Care Doctors Have Failed

New physicians still choosing specialties despite government efforts, billions invested in training

After Hospital Discharge, Other Ills May Land Seniors Back in Again

Expert urges medical staff, families to recognize 'post-hospital syndrome'

Flu Tightens Its Grip on U.S.

Boston declares state of emergency; 18 flu-related deaths of children reported nationwide

Hospital Type Linked to Racial Disparities in Kids With Appendicitis Complication

Cases of perforated appendix may signal inadequate access to health care, researchers say

Flu Cases Rise Across U.S., Severe Season Feared

It's not too late to get vaccinated, CDC says

Better Work Environment May Cut Hospital Readmission Rates

Cost of hiring more nurses could be offset by improved patient outcomes, researcher says

Car Crashes Common for Sleepy Doctors in Training: Study

1 in 10 report accidents, while 43 percent say they had 'near misses'

U.S. Children's Hospitals Treating More Complex, Expensive Conditions

Researchers find biggest increase in patients with special needs, such as cerebral palsy

Oxygen Treatment May Improve the Odds for Extreme Preemies

Follow-up study found it helped more of them make it to toddlerhood

Lifestyle Affects Outcome of Peripheral Artery Procedure: Study

Taking aspirin, statins and not smoking helps people with blocked leg arteries avoid complications

Survival Tripled for Hospitalized U.S. Kids With Cardiac Arrest

Study suggests better resuscitation methods made difference

Shorter Hospital Stays Don't Compromise Care, Study Finds

Earlier discharge corresponds with lower readmission and death rates in VA hospitals

New Guidelines Seek to Streamline Care for Worst Heart Attacks

Time is of the essence to avoid brain damage and save lives, experts say

Trained Beagle Sniffs Out Troublesome Hospital Infection

Dogs like Cliff are giving a whole new meaning to 'pet scan'

2-Year Period After Parent's Suicide Try Most Risky for Children: Study

Mother's admission to psychiatric hospital also linked to high teen suicide risk, especially for daughters

Gaps in Care Found for Sickle Cell Disease Patients

More effort needed to ease transition to adulthood, researchers say

Kids With Autism Common Users of ERs, Study Says

Findings suggest need for better outpatient psychiatric care

Acute Kidney Injuries Up Sharply in U.S.

Data likely 'just the tip of the iceberg,' researcher says

Antiseptic Products Can Be Contaminated: Study

They aren't always produced in sterile environments, can cause infections, experts say

'Protected Power Naps' Could Help Keep Medical Interns Alert: Study

Guaranteeing doctors-in-training a few hours of shut-eye each shift seems to help, researchers say

Study Foresees Shortage of Primary-Care Doctors

Reasons include medical students pursuing specialties, older physicians retiring

'Synthetic Pot' Sending Thousands of Young People to ER: Report

Users don't know what chemical mix they're getting or which complications can arise, experts warn

Nurses' Long Shifts May Have Downside: Study

Meant as a work flexibility option, extended shifts might promote job burnout and affect patient care

Patients Balk at Asking Health Care Workers to Wash Hands

Study found only 14 percent of hospital patients have actually spoken up

Many Surgical Complications Occur After Patients Go Home

In study, those with post-op problems both in and out of hospital had highest rates of reoperation, death

Sleeping Pill Linked to Hospital Falls, Researchers Say

Mayo Clinic phasing out Ambien because of study findings

Some Patients May Be Shortchanged During Hospital Shift Changes

Doctors spent more time discussing patients based on room location, not case severity, study found

Later End-of-Life Discussions May Mean More Aggressive Treatment

Study suggests earlier talks might contribute to care aimed at easing suffering

Some Smokers Light Up Even When in the Hospital

Health care facilities without smoking bans often find patients having cigarettes outside, study says

Smoking Bans Reduce Hospitalizations: Study

Significant cuts seen in heart attacks, strokes, asthma

Docs Make Push to Lower Kids' Pain, Stress in ER

Pediatric group recommends ways to better manage distress

Swallowing Nasal Sprays, Eye Drops Can Harm Kids, FDA Warns

Even ingesting tiny amounts of over-the-counter drops, sprays can have serious effects

'Off-Label' Use of Meds Routine in Pediatric ICU

But not enough is known about their safety and effectiveness in children, researcher says

Hospitals Should Test More Teen Girls for Pregnancy, Study Suggests

Tests are recommended for girls who have abdominal pain or are receiving X-rays, CT scans

More Antibiotic Use Tied to Rise in Diarrheal Infections in Hospitals: Study

Kids, elderly especially vulnerable to serious consequences from C. difficile bacteria

GI Bleeding Deaths Drop in U.S., Study Finds

As treatment improved over 20 years, costs most than doubled

Blood Infections in ICU Cut With Simple Measures: Study

Using antibacterial soap, ointment slashed number of MRSA cases

Nationwide Study Examines Common Heart Procedures

Patients undergoing angioplasty, stent placement more likely to be overweight, smoke, have high blood pressure

Wondering About Your Hospital's Quality? Ask a Nurse

Research finds they have accurate insights into level of care provided

Many Hospitalized Children Experience Severe Pain: Report

Pain assessment should be integral part of treating kids, researchers say

Medicare/Medicaid Policy Shift Didn't Budge Hospital Infection Rates: Study

Researchers found rates started dropping before reimbursements for such infections were withdrawn

Patients Gain When Hospitals Work Together on Infection Control

Study found benefits when nearby facilities cooperate to control spread of MRSA