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Hip Fracture Patients Often Have Other Health Problems

They contribute to lengthier hospital stays, researchers say

Certain Seniors at Risk for Infection After ER Visit: Study

Going to hospital may spur respiratory, gastro illnesses in long-term care residents

At More U.S. Workplaces, Smokers Need Not Apply

Experts weigh in as another large health care provider decides to hire nonsmokers only

Outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease Traced to Hospital Fountain

Indoor decorative fountains should undergo periodic testing for bacteria, study says

Asian-Americans More Apt to Die in Hospital After Heart Attacks

However, program to improve health care reduced disparity

Dementia May Lead to Avoidable Hospitalizations

Two-thirds of admissions in these patients are for preventable illnesses, study finds

Kids Who Need Heart Surgery May Fare Better at Busier Hospitals

Higher-volume centers had lower death rate for patients with complications, study finds

U.S. Heart Attack Patients Readmitted Most Often: Study

Shorter hospital stays may be to blame, say researchers

Crowding in ER May Delay Pain Relief for Kids

Busy staff less responsive to needs of individual patients, researcher says

A Visit Can Bring Holiday Cheer to Hospitalized Patients

Time with family, friends is the best gift, expert says

Move to Hospital Isolation Unit Linked to Raised Delirium Risk

Mental status can deteriorate after patients moved from regular room, study finds

Higher Hospital Admissions Equal Higher Readmissions: Study

Quality of care after hospital discharge may not be the problem, researchers say

Med Students Need Hand Holding on Hand Washing

Too many don't know when they're supposed to wash up, study finds

Could Statins Help Those Hospitalized With Flu?

Preliminary study suggests they might boost survival rates

Angioplasty Safe at Hospitals Without On-Site Surgery: Review

In-hospital death, emergency bypass no more likely in non-specialty centers, researchers say

Depression, Disability Can Follow ICU Care: Study

Meals, phone calls become too difficult for some patients, study finds

Few With Acute Kidney Injury See Specialists, Study Finds

Researchers urge greater efforts to identify and treat these patients

Many Kids Seen in ER Have High Blood Pressure

Could mean children are scared and upset, but may signal more serious issues, researchers say

Common Hospital Infection Lengthens Patient Stays

An estimated 10% of those infected with C. difficile will die, study finds

Time of Surgery Doesn't Influence Results, Study Says

You're no more likely to die if operated on at 7 p.m. versus 9 a.m., researchers find

New Hip Implants No Better Than Older Ones, Study Finds

Not enough data to tell which device is best, researchers say

Angioplasty Patients May Be at Risk for Rehospitalization

Studies found one in 10 readmitted in first 30 days, risk remains three years later

Lengthy Hospital Transfers May Hamper Heart Attack Care

Recommended time is seldom met in switching patients to angioplasty or stent facility, study finds

More Blacks Die in Hospital After Diverticulitis Surgery

Racial differences in survival were seen even among those with health insurance, study finds

Surgery May Boost Survival With Dangerous Heart Condition

Heart valve replacement is better than drugs alone for some endocarditis patients, researchers say

ER Visits for Energy-Drink Ills Soar in U.S.

Many patients combined the caffeine-loaded beverages with alcohol, other drugs, report finds

Colon Surgery Linked to High Readmission Rates

Patients often return to the hospital for preventable surgical-site infections, researchers say

Older ER Patients Less Likely to Get Pain Meds, Data Shows

Researchers say doctors may fear side-effects in the elderly

Pneumonia Most Common Infection After Heart Surgery

Nearly half of serious infections occur 14 days after patients are discharged, study shows

Exclusive Breast-Feeding Not the Norm in U.S.

Personal and societal obstacles keeping rates lower than health experts would like

Flu Hits 90 Million Children Under 5 Each Year

Global tally also includes 20 million kids with flu who develop potentially deadly pneumonia

Drugs Slipped Into Drinks Sending Many to ER: Report

Majority of victims are women, but nearly 40 percent are male, researchers note.

Home Environment Affects Asthmatic Kids

Children from single-parent homes were more likely to be readmitted to hospital, study finds

More People Landing in the ER After Abusing Muscle Relaxant: Report

Carisoprodol, when misused or taken with other meds, can have dangerous sedative effects

Hospital Rooms Crawling With Drug-Resistant Germs: Study

Nearly half of patient rooms sampled tested positive for Acinetobacter baumannii

Drug-Resistant Infections in Hospitals May Be Less Deadly Than Thought

Study found patient's overall health, injury severity more likely to determine survival

Hospital Programs to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance Working: Studies

But not enough hospitals following the guidelines, research finds

Care for Mentally Ill Vets at VA Centers May Differ Across U.S.

More research urged to explore why discrepancies exist and how they should be addressed

Health Care-Related Infections Declined in 2010: CDC

While drop is encouraging, more needs to be done, experts say

Fewer Patients Hospitalized for Heart Failure, U.S. Study Finds

Number of cases is down, but there are still too many, expert says

Report Tracks Patient Outcomes at 5,000 U.S. Hospitals

Researchers also outline who is using the Internet to compare doctors, hospitals

Gun Injuries to U.S. Kids Likely Underestimated: Study

ERs treat 20,600 children on average for gunshot wounds a year

Many Don't Believe Their Obesity is Unhealthy: Study

Research involving ER patients finds poor communication with doctors a big factor

More Children Visiting ERs for Psychiatric Care

Lack of mental health resources might drive the increase, study says

After Stroke, Crossed Legs a Welcome Sign

Patients who crossed their legs within 15 days functioned better a year later, study shows

ER Crowding May Encourage Poor Hand Hygiene

Gloves are no substitute for infection-preventing hand-washing practices, researchers say

Many Medicare Patients Get Surgeries in Last Year of Life: Study

Wide variations seen in number of procedures, depending on region where patient lives

More Evidence Minorities in U.S. Get Poorer Hospital Care

Elderly black and Hispanic patients over-represented in nation's 'worst' hospitals, study finds

More Americans Face Longer Trips to ER

Closures affect disproportionate numbers of minorities, the poor, uninsured, study says

Hospital Readmission Rates on the Rise in Older Adults: Study

1 in 6 Medicare patients ends up back in hospital within a month after discharge, report shows