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Earlier Diagnosis Might Cut Cost of Teen Pelvic Disease

Advanced cases require $8,000 hospitalization on average, study finds

Many May Get Unneeded Implantable Defibrillators

More attention to guidelines could reduce unnecessary procedures, experts say

ER Visits by Underage Drinkers Spike on New Year's

Adults urged to talk to kids about dangers of alcohol use at this time of year

Doctors Urged to Admit Fatigue Before Performing Surgery

Proposed new rules suggest informing patients, requesting consent before procedure

Anesthesiologists Spreading Germs During Surgery: Study

Expert calls for more compliance with hand-washing guidelines before operations

Roundup: 2010 Advances in Heart Disease and Stroke Care

Improved therapies, research on lifestyle prevention expanded in past year

Carbon Monoxide May Be Greater Threat in Winter

This odorless gas causes 4,000 hospitalizations in U.S. each year, doctors say

Better Methods Needed to Measure Hospital Quality: Experts

Using patient death rates to assess care found to be unreliable in Massachusetts study

Electronic Health Records May Not Always Improve Care

Experts say better tools needed to assess effectiveness of new record-keeping

Timely Surgery Appears to Cut Infection Risk, Costs

Elective procedures should be performed on the day of admittance, researchers suggest

Most Trauma Patients Not Transferred Within Mandated Time Frame in Illinois

But study finds docs still making right calls on which patients need to be moved quickly

Heartburn Drugs May Raise Pneumonia Risk

One of every 200 hospital patients taking acid-suppressing meds will develop pneumonia, study finds

Health Risks Rise for Medicare Patients in Year After Stroke

Two-thirds return to hospital or die, emphasizing need for better after-care, experts say

ER Patients Put Faith in CT Scans

But most underestimate the degree of radiation exposure, study finds

Elderly Patients Who Get on Feet Leave Hospital Sooner

Even small amounts of increased mobility may speed discharge, researchers say

Severe Pain Can Trigger Suicide in Hospital ERs

Caregivers urged to watch for signs in people without psychiatric illness

New Method Might Raise Number of Donor Lungs

Experts predict that adopting procedure in U.S. could alleviate the shortage

Elderly Often Disabled After Mechanical Ventilation

Only 30 percent live a year and they are severely handicapped, study finds

Hospital-Acquired Infections a Serious Threat to ICU Patients: Study

But antibiotic resistance only increases death risk slightly

Trust in Doctor May Affect Reaction to Medical Error

They're more likely to forgive, but still might sue, study finds

Shortage of On-Call Trauma Surgeons in U.S. Hospitals: Poll

Survey of emergency department directors finds coverage in many facilities is inadequate

CT Scan Use Surging in Hospital ERs

Study authors extol benefits, but note concerns about increasing exposure to high-dose ionizing radiation

Despite Efforts, Study Finds No Decline in Medical Errors

But experts say some safety initiatives may take time to bring results

Kids' ER Visits Down After Cold Medicine Withdrawal

Cough, cold medications not meant for children under 4, experts say

Weekend Admissions May Raise Death Risk in Kidney Patients

Risk of death for end-stage patients 17 percent higher than on weekdays, study finds

Smarten Up About Antibiotics, CDC Urges

Knowing when to use, refuse can help prevent deadly 'superbugs'

Rare, Severe Form of Morning Sickness Appears to Be Genetic

Pregnant women have 17 times the risk if sister had hyperemesis gravidarum, study finds

Hospital Care Deadly for Some, U.S. Study Finds

About 15,000 Medicare patients die a month because of adverse events, researchers say

External Defibrillators Not Much Help in Hospitals

While effective in public places, study found differently in hospital setting

For Some, Care May Be Withdrawn Too Soon After Cardiac Arrest

Studies suggest that patients receiving therapeutic hypothermia need more time to recover

CPR Guidelines May Lower Out-of-Hospital Death Rate

One U.S. city gained a fourfold jump in patient survival since 2006, EMS director says

Setting National Hospital Standards Could Boost Cardiac Care

American Heart Association experts are proposing such a system

Hospital Checklists Reduce Surgical Complications, Deaths: Study

Every hospital should start using checklists to safeguard against errors, experts say

Uniform Methods Urged for Grading Hospital Report Cards

Inconsistent surveillance practices threaten validity of rankings, researchers say

Many Patients With Heart Attack Delay Hospital Care

Takes an average of 2.6 hours to get to medical center after first symptoms, study finds

Anti-Delirium Drug May Harm Critically Ill Patients

Exelon ineffective, raised risk of death in study

Program May Help Prevent Falls in Hospitalized Patients

Individualized plans reduced injuries during short-term stays, study finds

Long Hours Put Surgeons, Patients at Risk, Study Suggests

Many surgeons working more than 80 hours a week burned out, depressed, making errors

Weekend Admissions Worse for Stroke Victims: Study

Survival more likely for weekday hospital arrivals, but reasons unknown

Pandemic H1N1 Flu Hit Kids Hard in 2009

Experts doubt current flu season will pose similar threat, but urge vaccinations

Many Parents in the Dark About Drug-Resistant Infections: Study

Efforts to educate, reassure caregivers will benefit kids with MRSA, researchers say

Most Health Proxies Would Make End-of-Life Decisions Themselves: Study

Only 5% surveyed would cede full power to a doctor, poll finds

H1N1 Flu Linked to Surge in Pneumonia Complication

Rise in children's empyema infections corresponded with outbreak, researchers find

Brain Deficits Higher in Seniors Who Survive Blood Poisoning

Severe sepsis raises odds of some brain impairment, researchers say

GI Endoscopy Complication Rates Higher Than Suspected: Study

Although there were more problems than previously estimated, most were minor, researchers found

MRSA Strain With Outbreak Potential Among Reports at Disease Conference

Presentations also track antibiotic prescriptions, new drugs

Prior Hospitalization With Pneumonia Often Tied to Later Misdiagnosis

This results in overuse of antibiotics and increased health care costs, researchers say

Lessons From Flight Crews Can Help Surgical Teams Work Better

Pre-op briefings and checklists cut deaths at VA hospitals, study found

Web Site for Hospital Comparisons Is Faulty: Study

Data is insufficient for identifying high-quality surgical facilities, researchers say

Hospital Collaboration May Boost Surgical Patient Safety

Sharing data on successful medical practices helped cut complication rates, study found