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Keep Small Objects Away From Little Kids

If they swallow them, here's what to do

(HealthDay) -- Young children like to put things in their mouths and that can lead to swallowing harmful objects, from coins to small pins -- even batteries like those in hearing aids.

The University of Kansas Children's Center says the best way to keep kids safe is to make sure small objects are out of their reach. But accidents will happen. If your child does swallow a small object the center has some advice.

If she has trouble breathing, call 911 immediately. If she is breathing normally, call your pediatrician right away. Sometimes, your pediatrician may say it's safe to watch your child at home after she has swallowed something. But contact the doctor immediately if your child develops any problems, such as vomiting or breathing difficulties.

Finally, if your child hasn't passed the object within three or four days, contact your pediatrician.

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